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Giant alien spiders are no joke.
"It's okay," Kaidza said. She noticed Cain walking back towards the tents some distance away. Did he talk to Marion yet? He can be a really stuck-up bastard at times.

Haruka sat down, and emptied the sand that collected in her boots. Had she been about a hundred years younger, she might squeal at the thought of being in the world's largest sandbox. Who knew what kind of giant castles one could create with her telekinetic powers?

Yet, being somewhat of a realist, she knew that the sand here was too dry to attempt to do any of that. She sat around, bored, at least, until she saw Kaidza walking towards their tents, with a very bizarre character in tow.
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Amu turned to Mori and said, "it's... complicated. Magic is dangerous where I come from. Useful, but dangerous. It's ain't the pure evil shamans like the Red King would have you believe, but it'll eat you if you aren't careful with it, and I ain't ready to handle the responsibility of such power." He sighed. "But if even a child can handle magic... how do you do it?"

Okul had never heard of the UN, and knew nothing of whether al-Faddil meant they were certain to be bandits or men of honor. But that wasn't the pressing issue. "Don't forget," he said to al-Faddil, "if a tribute is cheaper than a victory, the tribute will be paid. The Yoth could wipe my raiders out with their damned crossbows, but given how soft their people get when their sons come home in coffins, it's cheaper for them to just pay us off every season." Recalling that he was not among friends, he added, "and before you ask, the alternative to banditry for my people is slavery, so do not judge too swiftly." Then he sighed. "Still, as interesting as a discussion of morals and survival would be... the treasures of the arrogant dead await ahead, and a horde of children eager for babysitters behind."

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78 PsychoFreaX17th Oct 2012 04:02:32 PM from Transcended Humanity
For the time being, Prisha just decided to listen in on the surrounding conversations while Rina decided to go back to Marion to ask, "Excuse me, so is there anything you can tell us about the tomb thus far?
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Weller paused for a a moment. Hearing Marion speak and pinning that voice to the... the individual before them was strange, but entirely mental. Seeing her speak directly to them was another thing to experience altogether. Trying not to look rude, or unprofessional, Weller kept his mouth pressed, and nodded slowly. He was thankful for his sunglasses, which disguised his wide-eyes and very rapid blinking.

Finally, he took a quick breath and spoke. "So you'll have some use for us? Good... good." He glanced at the two men in dark robes again, then noticed a young... possibly teenaged girl. "I guess you're pretty liberal about who you hire, huh-"

"AH-" Rune quickly interrupted him with a bit of a nervous laugh. "How is your current progress with the dig?"

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its john and abieyuwa! by peat
All three boys sighed with relief after Marion allowed them to stay. Heading back to their tent, Jackson decided to see if they brought enough supplies.

"Alright," He said, "Now that we're here, we have to be careful; after all, these are all still in beta." He glanced over at Adam, "And you...your parents and brother want me to keep a closer eye on you."

Adam sighed. "Yeah. I know. They always want someone to watch over me." He crossed his arms. "Every single time I hang out with you guys, they want you to babysit me."

"Don't worry, Adam." Nick said, pulling out a water bottle, "We'll show them that you're capable of this."

"Better hope." Jackson said, "Like Marion said, if any of us gets hurt, we have to take responsibility." He glared at Nick, "Ok?"

Rolling his eyes, Nick floated in mid air. "Alright, boss. I'll try to not break any of my bones. Now where do we start digging?"

Adam glanced over at Prisha, recognizing him from the University, "I think...we can start heading over to the tombs. I'm sure that-" Before he could say anything else, Nick had already flown off. "H-Hey! Nick!"

Jackson sighed and grabbed Adam's arms, running after him. "I have a horrible feeling that he's going to do that a lot."

The red-head nodded in agreement, "Me too."

I am so sorry for the late post. DX

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Given Rina's earlier vagueness, Marion wasn't particularly inclined to respond to her. Instead, she grinned slightly and said to Weller, "So liberal, in fact, that I'm willing to let her stick around even after she rather conspicuously didn't say what she was good at and abruptly left with her companion as soon as I brought the issue up." Her grin vanished as she looked down at Rina pointedly for a moment. Get the point?

She coughed slightly and turned to Prestegard. "As you can see, we've got some of the outer structures unearthed, although there's a door just inside the main tomb that..." She paused. "Well, we haven't actually tried to open it yet, but as soon as I saw it, I figured it'd be a good idea to bring in some professionals. Or semiprofessionals." Why not ask him? Worth a shot. "Given that you're the only Egyptologist here so far, do you think you'd be okay in a guidance or semi-leadership position, or is that too much too fast for you?"
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"Oh it's you," Is all the greetings someone like Prisha could give before witnessing the strange incident of Nick flying around.

Meanwhile Rina walked back from her failure attempt to get information from Marion. Then saw a familiar face near the tent where Prisha is and greet him.

"Hey!" Rina waved at Adam. "I remember! You're Adam from that University right?"

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Weller raised his eyebrows. "Hmm. From the sound of it, you may have been infiltrated by a network of child spies. Better keep an eye out." he said, teasingly.

Rune took a moment to consider the proposition. Guide a semiskilled crew of trans-universal workers of all ages? But in return, he would have some influence over the proceedings, wouldn't he? The chance to see things first hand. It was possibly a risky endeavor- no, it was certainly a risky endeavor. He was hardly an experienced Egytologist, having fallen out of touch with his Egypt study since he was a boy. But... there was time to re-familiarize himself. To him, the benefit definitely outweighed the risk.

Unaware of, or perhaps ignoring his partner—who was frowning at him with a level of apprehension— Rune nodded. "Oh, gladly, though I'd like to take some time to survey the area first. Get in touch with the other workers- maybe take a few pictures."

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Kalogeros frowned at the two who approached Marion to offer their help, cutting him off before he could answer. He waited a while for their conversation to end, but not seeing one in sight, he impatiently interjected, “Our potions can heal any recent physiological damage…as long as it’s still bleeding anyway. As for poisons, it won’t actually purge them but you can outlast small doses. And…” he turned to Herakleios, “what were they worth again?”

Herakleios hesitated before answering, a bit taken aback by the question. He had yet to see a sorcerer whose budget did not consider potion costs…until he realized that Kalogeros must have been getting all his potions for free from Aethon. He wondered how he was going to manage now that the latter was, well, gone. “It’s an ounce of gold for 10 potions,” he said to Marion, “but given the nature of this job, we have a better offer – we can drop the price to a third of that in exchange for any information about this world.”

“Yeah, just put him in a corner and hand him a book and you get seven free potions,” Kalogeros said, "Sounds good to me."

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"What are you going to do, stab me?" - said the stab victim.
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"Okay," said Marion to Prestegard, nodding. "We'll get started as soon as I get a few last things sorted out. If you run into problems, come talk to me."

She turned to Kalogeros and Herakleios. "Sounds like a deal. If you'll just hang on for a moment..." She went back to her tent, picked up a book on the history of Egypt she had been skimming, and went back, handing it to Herakleios. "Here. This covers the past 5500 years or so of this country, although the first three thousand years are the most relevant to us. I'll come and see you if I need any potions, and if we never need any, consider it a gift. Now, if you'll excuse me, I should get this show on the road."

Marion ducked back inside her tent and grabbed a megaphone. After a moment's though, she put on her holstered pistol as well. It was unlikely that they would run into anything inside the tomb, but it didn't hurt to be careful. Of course, seeing how this has turned out already, it'll turn into some horror show.

Marion walked to the tomb entrance, looking over the outside site. Putting the ad out interuniversally may or may not have been a bad idea; she wasn't completely sure yet. Some of the people seemed competent enough, but the others... eh. It wasn't exactly the greatest crew she had seen.

Once she reached the entrance, she spoke in the megaphone to the whole camp. "Attention. Anyone interested in getting started on this dig should report to the entrance of the tomb. Please don't take too long to arrive. Thank you." She clicked the megaphone off.
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"Children are not born aware of their souls, which is what powers their magic. That is what my friend Rikos told me," he said. "Rikos was born a noble without his family's special magics. It caused him endless amounts of trouble throughout his life, so he sought to research magic and see what went wrong." Mori turned to Amu. "His explanations usually lose me, however."

With Marion's announcement, Vince headed back to the wall and tomb, undeniably more interesting to him at the moment, and looked casually into the entrance.

Huh. He couldn't see a damn thing, and if there's things to be found in there, it was going to be even darker. Might as well fix it now; consider it a favor.

Resting against the edge of the entrance, he opened his hand palm up as a glass medallion materialized in it, hovering and rotating slightly. He dropped his hand and the medallion flew into the middle of the entrance room, flooding the area with a bright, yet somehow gentle light, since it was possible to linger one's eyes over every little carved glyph, detail, and feather crest on its surface without straining.

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Giant alien spiders are no joke.
"Come, Haruka. I need you here with me," Cain said. They both heard the announcement. I want you to open yourself to me and let me Listen. She nodded in ascent, but her expression clearly showed that she was not happy with this.


No, he answered. Too early. We must wait until we know these people better.

The pair of them grabbed knapsacks and stuffed flashlights, archaeological gear, and canteens filled with cold water. He left his rifle in the tent. If trouble arose, he wouldn't need it. Tombs were dark and shadowy. In there, he would have the greatest tactical advantage, compared to the rest.

He didn't need the flashlights. They were only for Haruka.

He slipped a low-range electromagnetic pulse device. It would be able to fry all electrical devices in a 15 feet range, but keep all the expensive equipment on the surface functional. You never know when you might need it. He also slipped in some noisemakers—just throw them on the ground really hard, or step on them to activate them. Good for distractions.

He slipped in a crystal pendant that would act as a focus. Not as good as his staff, and it doesn't really make a good melee weapon, but inconspicuous. That was the most important thing. With equipment in hand, the pair set off to the entrance to the tomb. He nodded to Marion, and said to her, "I suppose you are thinking about my offer. Do you accept?"

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Sewer Croc
Sorry for taking so long, I've been out of it and feel asleep when I got home.

Gnaiih-hupadgh-n’ghft turned toward Marion when he heard the announcement and then turned toward Kaizda, "Shall we get to it then. I should have all my supplies, so you just need to get your's and we should be prepared."

He removed his backpack to make sure he had everything, as well to let his wings, which were still smaller than when he was flying, stretch out a bit. He pulled out and put back in a myriad of strange technologies, some clothes and two water canteens before putting it all back and re-zipping the backpack.

"Well, at least I'm ready."
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its john and abieyuwa! by peat
As soon as he caught up with Nick, Adam smiled, "Rina! It's been a while."

Jackson and Nick looked at each other, confused.

"Uh, Adam?" Nick said, "Are we missing something here? How do you know these people?"

"Oh! This is Rina and Prisha. They were with me back at the University before we all went back home." The redhead explained, "I haven't seen them since then."

"University...?" Jackson asked, "That's where the bloody hell you and brother vanished off to? You were making friends while the rest of us were worried sick?"

Adam's cheek turned pink, "I-It's a long story-" He was interrupted with Marion's announcement. After she was finished, he looked back at everyone else. "Should we start going? This is your chance to shine, Jackson."

The blond shrugged. "I suppose."
Amu considered this, still feeling a bit puzzled. Was this why the Lightbringer had sent him here, perhaps? To learn more of magic, from those who used it in different ways? Indeed, the mages here did seem very different from the ones of his homeland.

He let the thought go, and said, "looks like we're finally moving, so I'm going to go meet up with Okul, see what he's up to."

When Amu reached Okul, Okul smiled — revealing a number of gold teeth — and said, "ah, Amu! Congratulations, by the way: your Uelane are no longer the motliest band I have ever seen!" He swept his arm out towards the gathering throng.

Not totally sure what to do with Okul and Amu right now, so if you want someone to pester, talk to them. Otherwise, I'll find something interesting for them to get involved in, or cause it if necessary.
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"Well it's nice to meet you two," Rina greeted both Jackson and Nick as well before the announcement. "Yay! It's time to get started!

"So guys ready for some adventuring? Like in those Indiana Jones and TheMummy movies?" Rina shouted energetically.

"I'm ready to take a shower when I get back," Prisha replied flatly.

"Oh come on!" Rina grabbed Prisha's arm and pulled him in the direction of the tomb. "I can see which one of us is the girl."

"Rina we're still not sure!" Prisha tried fighting Rina off. He'll stand a better chance with his PSI. But he'd rather not use it at this time. He decided to reply calmly, "We can at least get close."

"Huh?" Rina stopped for a moment.
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(Crap crap crap, disregard this post for now. Accidentally hit send. Will post in the discussion thread when I've revised it.)

"I'll do that." said Rune. With that, Weller stepped away and waved at his partner to follow him. Once they found a part of the premises that seemed to be out of earshot, Weller stopped and took off his sunglasses.

"Well, that was surreal." he said, eyebrows still raised. "I think I might be able to get used to it though, with time..."

"You're going to have to around here, there's no telling what kind of people we'll meet. Not to mention your cousin-"

"Joe is different." cut in Weller, giving Rune a very austere look. "I know who he was- who he is. He just looks different..." He held the stare for a second or so longer, then looked around at some of the other workers and continued, "Anyway, most of the other workers are at least human, chichi outfits aside."

He looked from the people to Rune, briefly forgetting what he had really pulled Rune aside to ask about. He practically slapped his forehead once he had remembered and immediately set in on his bald partner. "Right- what's this crap about you being an Egyptologist? You told me you were a biologist- everything I've seen you do has been related to biology." At least as far as he could tell. "Now you claim to be an Egypt-buff?"

Rune bit his lip. "Well, no. I'm not really. It was an interest of mine as a kid, but you're right, I never went anywhere with it." He shrugged. "It's not as though it matters."

Weller squinted at Rune in disbelief, his eyebrows pressed together. "What do you mean it doesn't matter? You just accepted a leadership position based on the fact that you know a lot about Egypt!"

"So? I still remember a few things, quite a bit more, I think, than most of the other yokels here. Plus, I brought a book!" Rune unzipped the bag slung over his shoulder and pulled out a small but stout hardcover book titled A History of Ancient Egypt: Abridged. "See?"

"Oh that's good. And what about when Marion notices that her prime Egyptologist has to consult his little history book every time he needs to remember something about Egypt?"

Rune shrugged again, and removed the book's dust jacket, leaving it a blank, dull blue volume. "It's my journal."

Weller wanted to press him further, but before he could think of something good enough to reinforce his point, Rune returned his book to the bag and pulled out a medium-sized Polaroid camera with a neck-strap. He handed it to Weller. "Here, take some pictures of the site before we go in. Try to get a few shots of the particularly strange workers too."

"Wait a minute, wait a minute, we're not done discussing-" began Weller, but he was quickly interrupted.

"Sure we are. I've got it under control. Well... enough control. If Marion asks more about my expertise, I'm sure I can talk my way through it. Now go on, there's not a lot of time left before we get to business."

Weller didn't look happy, but he wasn't sure what else he could say... well, beyond obstinate refusal to go along with any of it, and that wasn't really in his interest. He sighed irritatedly, and said, "I resent this." before marching away with the camera.

Rune, now alone, reached back into his bag and withdrew a notebook and a ballpoint pen. Now that he had sent Weller off to take care of pictures, he could focus on something of greater interest to him: The people.

Hand over his eyes, Rune wandered around the dig, looking for someone applicable. He noticed the two in armor that Weller had pointed out earlier. One looked rather young, a teenager perhaps, but his companion was much older, with a face that bore extensive ravaging. Both looked perfectly out of place, and seemed as good of subjects as any.

Rune strode towards them at a level pace, with a friendly smile upon his face. "Hello sir, sirs." He said, nodding at each of them. "I'm Rune Prestegard, and I'm doing a little study of the workers here. Care to answer a few questions?"

Weller, meanwhile had marched closer to the entrance of the tomb, where people had already started to congregate. He took a few photographs from different angles, noting with further irritation that he didn't have anywhere to store the instant films except for his own pocket.

He wandered around the rest of the site, taking pictures of the tents and a pair of camels, waiting for some indication that things were about to get rolling.

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Amu and Okul looked Rune over. He had shaved his head bald, like the Yoth, but neither could recall seeing a living human quite so pale as him. Amu thought he vaguely matched the description of the Meyil of the far north, though. So he was an odd sight, but not the oddest here.

"Sure," Amu said. "Can't see a reason not to, within reason of course." He was curious to see what the stranger wanted to know — if he was anything like the other inquisitive outsiders Amu had met, he'd be full of questions about things Amu considered boring. But it was a way to pass the time and make a friend, and Amu felt he'd need those here.

Okul added, "but we may have questions of our own after." After all, Okul reflected, nothing in the world was free.

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Huh. Thought Rune, they're more open than I expected. He made a mental note to write that down once he had gotten their names.

"Oh, absolutely." He said to Okul. "If you want, we can even take turns." Rune flipped open the notebook and readied his pen. "First, just a couple preliminary questions. Your names, where you're from, and if you're willing to oblige; your ages." He waved his pen-hand around with boredom and explained, "These are all purely for categorization. I'll get to the more open-ended and ah... individual-based questions next."

He lowered his pen onto the notebook's open page, looking up at them with one eyebrow raised. Rune prepared to write absolutely everything he could garner from the two. After all, this was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.
Of course. The simple questions first. Pointless minutiae, as far as Okul was concerned, and his annoyance showed. Amu was more tolerant, figuring that Rune had to start somewhere. Though he doubted the names of their birthplaces would help Rune quite as much as Rune might expect.

Okul said, "Emperor Okul of the Qexane. I have seen forty cycles, and..." he paused to consider. "I am from the Qexane empire. I do not remember where exactly I was born, nor ever asked, for it is not relevant. We have a few sacred sites, but my people do not grow as attached to places as city-dwellers and villagers."

Amu said, "King Amu of the Uelane. Been around for fifteen cycles." His voice took on a note of anger as he finished, "born in Xayushu."

Then Okul tersely said, "your turn. We have your name, I doubt your homeland would be familiar to either of us, and your age is irrelevant. Tell me, then, what is your trade, and how does it relate to your desire to ask questions of us?"

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The individuals of the dig accumulated in the hole. Somehow, Mori had shoved his way through, then promptly went into the entrance of the tomb to escape the crowd. In the meantime, Vince simply waited, with his light-up medallion just inside, for the dig to get underway. He was... a little bored,

Been a little busy... that's all for now.
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Marion glanced to Cain. "No, I haven't been thinking about your offer," she said, and her voice sped up. "I've been trying to coordinate the sudden influx of twenty cross-universal travelers into an archaeological dig." You moron. "I've been a bit busy, and as you can see, I'm now trying to organize them into a coherent structure. Give me a few minutes and then we can discuss it."

She glanced at Vince and grinned slightly. Leaning down, she reached to a coil of wires on the ground, leading into the tomb, and flipped a heavy-duty switch. Immediately, lamps her team had set up came on within the tomb. You think we'd be here this long and not set up a lighting system for where we've been?

Marion gave a quick look over everyone who had assembled. Now was as good a time as any to bring them in. "All right, everybody, come on," she said. She turned and walked into the tomb. The entrance hall was a bit narrow — barely two people could fit side-by-side — but it wasn't long. It soon opened up into a large, pillared gallery that gave the feel of having been obsessively picked over. The walls were fairly plain, but at the very end was a large door, covered in carvings. It was colorless, but color wasn't needed to illustrate the scenes of akhs descending to Duat. Thick wires coiled around the walls like snakes, leading from the outside and connecting to various lights scattered around the room, illuminating it.
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...Where did those things come from? Last he checked, it was sand, sand, and more sand.

Whatever, he didn't care. Vince drew back his medallion and, waiting for some others to go ahead, followed, glad to be out of the sun. He actually liked heat, though.

Up ahead, Mori found himself right behind Marion and her massive wings. Finding this a convenient time to do so, he looked over her form- just like a dragon, like there was a human hiding inside, except for the tail that swished as she walked. The only dragons that he had heard of were the gliding lizards that showed up out east... even then, those were almost kind of cute.

The paintings on the walls were delicate-looking, like they were going to flake away any second. The way they were painted reminded him somewhat of the frescoes back home that Eli and Risa painted for a living- angular, stark, clean, though brightly colored where there was color -or the propaganda of old that showed such scenes as Anakalis against sharp, spiked flames as warnings against revolts.
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The future of warfare in UC.
al-Faddil made his way down into the tomb close to the head of the group, wouldn't do to have anyone trigger a trap and get mulched when they didn't have to. He went direct to the door and examined it. Fine work, for the tools they'd had available. Tempting to put a hand on it, but...

The blade shimmered briefly again. Safe enough.
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"An emperor and a king," murmured Rune as he wrote furiously, "How terribly interesting."

He wrote down how their names and the names of the places they were from sounded phonetically, unsure of how to spell them at all, let alone in English. Off to the side, he wrote cycles = years?, which seemed to make sense, if forty and fifteen years were their ages. Everything he heard he wrote down, scarcely organized. He figured he could order things properly once he had more time and all the information he needed, or could get, anyway.

As he wrote, Rune thought about Okul's question for him. Probably best to tell him something that was in line with his Egyptology schtick than the truth. Rune didn't think he would need to display his actual skill set here besides, so it wouldn't matter if he took on a slightly different persona, so long as he knew what he was talking about.

"Myself? I'm a professor of cultural studies at the state university of Chicago. That's why I'm here, and I'm asking you these questions because..." he leaned forward and lowered his voice to a conspiratorial whisper, glancing around before saying, "I don't know if you've noticed, but this dig is a big fountain of cultures; some I don't even recognize." That said, he pulled back and returned to his normal speaking voice. "It's an opportunity too good to miss, you understand?"

There, at least there was some decent measure of truth in his words, even if inconsequential things were changed a bit. "Alright, next questions..." he began, but was suddenly distracted by a large movement out of the corner of his eye, near the tomb's entrance. "Oh damn, they're going in, aren't they?" He closed his notebook, and tucked his pen into the pocket of his shirt.

"I'm really terribly sorry." said Rune, "You'll have to excuse me, your Imperial and Royal majesties. I can't really miss this."

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