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[Pit Interior]

Phew. Nick thought. "That's...almost a relief. Still, Marion should check this out."

[Branching Hallway]

Adam's eyes widened as he listened to Tucker's words. He looked at a worried John, then at Rune, then at al-Faddil.

"Um..." he said, unsure what else to do. "W-We have Mr. al-Faddil! H-He's a mage!"

John put a hand on Adam's shoulder. "How long has that...well 'something'' you mentioned been there?"
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The Lich's manner seemed to subtly change. It lowered itself further on it's sinuous legs, folding them double such that what used to be it's "knees" now rested directly over it's feet. Pod was now standing at about Marion's height.

It didn't seem offended. Indeed, as well as could be told, it seemed almost gleeful, almost as if it was relishing the opportunity to explain itself- at least, with regards to this particular topic. Whether this apparent jumping between emotional states was an affectation intended to unsettle, or a genuine symptom of the mental degradation it insisted was impossible, none could tell.

"A living mind is composed of two aspects. A person's intellect, proceeding from their rationality, and their emotions, proceeding from their physicality. For undead, that is not the case. We are not alive, and so none of the processes typically associated with a living being apply us. We have no pulse, no neural activity and no metabolism. We don't respire because we don't need to breathe. Likewise with the brain. The thousand niggling impulses and biological directives, fight-or-flight, dopamine uptake, serotonin- all gone. The mind stands alone, pure and clear, the body a mere vessel. Subordinate to the mind's will, instead of the other way around, as is the case with mortals."

A mischievous tone slipped into it's voice. "Allow me to demonstrate." A whiplike finger coiled out and touched Marion lightly on the forehead. Upon contact, she was instantly filled with an overwhelming feeling of undirected, completely irrational lust. Apparently, it's manner had returned to vaguely playful, and this was it's way of playing a joke on Marion.

The Lich pointedly ignored the large collection of weapons aimed squarely at it. Maybe it didn't notice them, or maybe it did and simply didn't care. After all, it had conquered death, hadn't it? Men with guns would prove no obstacle.
Oh, finally something interesting.

Vince smirked and followed the Lich to his side for a better view. Thus far, he had been left completely unnoticed in favor of his flashier, more visually impressive compatriot. It was vaguely amusing to Vince that he fit every criterion of undeath as stated by the Lich, but he was still quite human by the standards of many, still affected to some degree by primitive instinct for no reason other than habit. Such things would have to cease by his departure.

{ I somewhat eagerly await this result, } he communicated to Cain and the Lich as waited to see how Marion would react.

...It can be so bothersome to communicate emotion like this.

It's something...

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[The Lair]

Through the connection, Cain answered, {The entire thing is a kind of comedy,} Although he didn't say why he thought it was funny.

He liked watching the proceedings, both learning about everyone in the room. Only Marion was speaking, but why? Did the others in the room not have the darning she has to speak? Surely if it came to it they would fight, but did they simply did not have enough initiative to ask questions? Or too simple-minded? Cain doubted it was the last reason, but it was an intriguing thought. They took a long time to group up to confront the Lich. It was definitely a sign of caution, but he wondered what would happen if a situation where a more swift reaction was necessary. Would the people here be able to cope with that?

He felt as if he were being watched. His amusement at the situation quickly switched to sudden unease, and he shrank back into the shadows until he was almost completely invisible, just barely maintaining the connection to Vince.

He wanted to talk to the Lich, but preferably alone. He wanted to know the full extent of the Lich's knowledge, something that he came here for.
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[Branching Hallway]

"I was hoping they wouldn't talk to it." al-Faddil said. "Such entities are not to be dealt with unless you have experienced help." He grimaced. They might need him there.

But they might need him here.
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[Tomb: Branching Hallway]

"You know, I couldn't say." Tucker shook his head, "Knives and I only stumbled across the thing about a half hour ago, and we weren't the first ones there. Two others, Stellark and that man in the mask, Crescent Raptor— they were there before I wandered in, and that thing itself could've been in here for years. Probably lurking around and waiting for someone to dig this place up. Lucky us."

Tuckers eyes fell upon al-Faddil. "Did you... want to go help them? I mean, if you think that they could use you, I could take Rune off of your hands for—"


Rune's voice was made strong, despite his weak body and the ever-present fatigue weighing him down. He had caught Tucker off guard with his loud interjection, having remained quiet for so long, and left his partner staring at him while a confused look grew upon his face.

When Rune spoke again, he didn't address Tucker immediately, "al-Faddil, we should go see this thing. I am well enough to last for a while, and it's presence here is of interest to and concern for the dig."

"Rune... are you sure?" Tucker asked, a patronizing tone creeping into his voice. "Look at yourself— that thing could be dangerous. It probably is!"

Rune gave it a moments thought, then nodded. "Yes, but this is more important. I am sure."

Shaking his head again, Tucker turned his sights back on al-Faddil. "You've been looking after him, haven't you? What do you think?"

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[Branching Hallway]

"No, Mr. Rune!" Adam said, worried. "You're not well! If you go to that...whatever it is, it can hurt you!" He looked at al-faddil and John for help. "It could be dangerous!"

John gave his brother a quick message on his watch. "Thomas. It's urgent. Come back to the top as soon as you can."

[Pit Interior]

Thomas heard a beep, then looked at his watch. After hearing his brother's message, he turned to everyone in the room. "We're needed back at the top."

"Really?" Jackson asked. "What for?"

"I don't know; John said it was urgent."

"And uncle wouldn't tell dad things like that for no reason." Nick said, looking back at Kadiza and Amu. "You guys wanna go up?"
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[Branching Hallway]

"I think his dedication is admirable, though his sanity is perhaps questionable." al-Faddil turned his head to address Rune. "There is a distinct possibility that whatever is down there is beyond any of us, and that if it is hostile I may be required to enact methods of containing or destroying it that will result in all our deaths. I cannot recommend this course of action, Rune, but if you wish to go I will go with you."
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[Tomb: Branching Hallway]

"I appreciate the support Faddil, even if you do believe that I'm just smoking my socks... I can see you still have some confidence in my direction. I do indeed insist that we take this course of action." Rune wore a tired look as he gazed at his naysayers— a look that was unnecessarily made-up for the moment. "Tucker. Adam. Please." He spoke calmly, with an edge of certainty; like a man who was under the impression that what he was doing was the right thing, even in the face of adversity. "Clearly there is more at stake here than... the well being... of one person. If this creature truly poses a legitimate threat over everyone here, then it's our responsibility to confront it. Especially... especially if al-Faddil has doubts about the rest of the team's foresight going into this... hefty situation."

Tucker's face was rattled withe discontent, and the feeling eventually broke into words. "That doesn't mean you have to go! Hell, why don't you get some rest and just let me take your place?"

"Because, Tucker, I didn't come here to rest. And... I don't mean to hurt your feelings, but you're not so much the best at facing... ah, unusual things. Are you? Otherwise, you'd be in there now."

This left tucker glaring, trying to find the right words to arm his retort but failing over and over. When he finally began to speak, spitting out, "Because of— well, with Knives—" he was cut off before his word mess could go any further.

"Besides, there's something else I need you for." Rune's eyebrows leveled, his face now awash with sincerity—the kind needed when a request must seem absolutely necessary. Tucker's only response was a slight softening in his glare mixed in with the fold of his arms, which seemed enough to invite Rune to continue. So he did, "The path that we came from— at the end of it... there's a hole that reaches much deeper into this 'tomb' or whatever it may really be. And it doesn't stop... at the bottom. There's something important down there... I'm sure, but I can't return there myself; not in my current condition.

"I want you to go for me, Tucker. Join the others still down there, find whatever there is to find. This is important too." Rune's mouth pulled slowly into a tired smile, and he peered more intently at Tucker. "Okay?"

Tucker made a noise that was a cross between an exasperated sigh and an annoyed groan. "A huge hole. Do you want me to jump?"

"Of course not, there's a secure line reaching to the bottom. It's not so hard."

"Okay, 'great', but look, I—" Tucker indicated Knives with a glance, looking between the young man and Rune. "I can't."

Rune bit his lip for a moment, then he plain and lightly stated, "You'll have to." following this with a big, piteous bite of chocolate.

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[Tomb: Branching Hallway]

Knives's head sharply turned towards Tucker. "What'd you say about me?" For the first time, he sounded harsh, because he had a feeling he knew what Tucker wasn't saying.

It always had to come to this, didn't it?
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[Branching Corridor]

"He will be safe enough with us." al-Faddil said softly. "In as much as safe has any meaning here besides a box with a lock on it. Either I can protect him, or he does not need protecting, or we are all very much doomed and the best that can be said is that twelve hours from now this site and several hundred kilometers in every direction will be utterly destroyed with dimensional distortion weaponry." al-Faddil's grin might have belonged more properly to a skull. "Let it never be said that the Bureau screws around."
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[Tomb: Branching Hallway]

"It's nothing Knives. I was just trying to explain to Rune here that I didn't want to go risking both our lives by hanging around a deadly mind-reading tomb monster." Tucker turned to Rune and, pointing a finger at him, said, "And you shouldn't be doing it either!"

Rune wore a bored look that was only partially from physical weariness.

Tucker moved his finger to point at al-Faddil, "And that seems excessive! Several hundred kilometers? Look— I've seen the thing, it's not huge! And I know I've said my bit, but as far as I know, it hasn't actually attacked anyone. I can't see why the situation should ever reach that point."

"Which is why we are going to help ease the situation: to stop a calamity before it can spring up. Let's not circle through this talk again. You've got a job to do too Tucker." Rune sounded almost as bored as he looked.

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[Tomb: Branching Hallway]

It's nothing. Riiiight.

Tucker hadn't really given Knives a reason to mistrust him. But he hadn't proven his sainthood either, and as many others before Tucker made clear, a saint was needed to put up with Knives.

Well, he'd already been through this area once, right? Yeah, the pattern of green cracks was familiar. So that meant the way out was... that way. He could do it. He could show Tucker that he wasn't just a chatty sack of potatoes.

Knives took about eight steps before walking straight into a wall.

Okay, maybe he didn't know the place as well as he thought. But he could still do this! He could totally still do this. He carefully measured the angle of his turn and started walking again, and this time made ten steps in the wrong direction before another wall collision.

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[Branching Hallway]

al-Faddil gestured and a faint blue barrier appeared in front of Knives, with Faddil's sword intoning "Shield" at the same time. "This is not a place to wander alone, sir."

He glanced to Rune. "The thing down there is sustaining an energy discharge that, if focused for one second, could produce a blast capable of leveling a block of suburban houses. If it has anything like the range of spellcraft to match that power, letting it out could be as bad as a full-scale nuclear exchange for this world, or a dozen others."

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