80% of the universe is made of ninjas:

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1 Carciofus11th Oct 2012 06:36:52 AM from Alpha Tucanae I
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Dark matter, as we know, constitutes more than 80% of the mass of the universe, but it is surprisingly difficult to detect — apart from gravitational effects. apparently it is silent, elusive and unseen.

You might notice that these are are the same qualities that ninjas traditionally possess.

Therefore, we can only conclude that dark matter is made of ninjas, lurking around in every corner of outer space and swooping down on Earth (or other planets) in some rare occasions.

As an aside, this easily answers Professors Foglio's Universal Ninja Puzzle.

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2 Pentigan13th Oct 2012 03:26:22 AM from The Underverse
I see one flaw in your theory. You state the only way to detect Dark Matter is by it's gravitational effects, ninjas possess no such method of detection. Therefore Dark Matter is not composed of ninjas, but is in fact composed of an imperfect variety of ninja. This of course defeats the theory that Dark Matter is one of the Platonic Ideals as it is not ninjas exhibiting attributes of Dark Matter in a faded state, but Dark Matter exhibiting the attributes of ninjas in a faded state.

And thus I submit to you the following conclusion: Ninjas are one of the Platonic Ideals.
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3 OmegaShadowcry17th Feb 2014 02:26:39 PM from The Surface , Relationship Status: Longing for my OTP
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Ninjas: Made of Dark Matter and Dark Energy.

Why is the universe moving away from?

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4 MaplePlatoon26th Feb 2014 05:19:21 AM from Middle of Nowhere,Canada , Relationship Status: Above such petty unnecessities
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[up][up]Actually, ninjas should have mass. Otherwise there particles would fly apart. It's basic physics. Maybe.
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5 Frishman31st Mar 2014 09:57:18 AM from Baton Rouge, LA , Relationship Status: We finish each other's sandwiches
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No, ninjas have mass and therefore have detectable gravitational effects. It's just that their gravitational effects are so weak individually that it becomes nearly impossible to detect them without specialized equipment which we don't have, or by detecting the combined incompetence of several ninja at being undetectable, which results in the gravitational effects we have noticed and attributed to Dark Matter.

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