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I'm ready.
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Reading the other character sign ups, I just noticed that Henry and Max might get along pretty well.

Also, would it be possible to add Observation Haki to be learnt at a later date to Henry's powers?

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I'm back, baby.
[up] I did that with a bit about his predisposition.
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If you haven't snagged a character yet, we need our first group of NP Cs. That is, civilians or marines in Loguetown, and subordinates to Greenbeard. His crew fear him, and are revolted by his power, but they all agree on one thing: the man get's results.

Alright, smoke 'em if you got 'em. We're off.

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SO we're okay to post or we wait a bit more? I'm ready, but I don't want to rush healong and cause unnecessary confusion.

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What a Wonderful World!
I guess the discussion board will tell who will go.
The Reaper Games starts anew.
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Post away, in no order . Just introduce your character doing something and I'll respond with NP Cs and events.
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Name: Alexandre Boggs
Red Baron: Greenbeard
Age: 38, looks 49
Gender: Male
Allegiance: Pirate Commander under Blackbeard.
Appearance: to come.
Role on the Ship: Captain.
Personality: Bitter and sadistic, due to the history of how he got his powers. Quite the psycho, but keeps a cool head in battle, mostly from overconfidence of his Devil Fruit. Very proud, very vain.
Nationality/Race: Human
Devil Fruit power: Hōkai Hōkai No Mi (Decay fruit). He became a Hōkai man, with the ability to cause rotting and decay in anything his influence touches. He appears to just think about something, and it will begin to corrode to it's base elements. His body is also affected by the Devil Fruit, but thanks to numerous seastone pieces placed around his body's main points, he is decaying slowly, but keeps his flesh. Anything can be corroded, dissolved, turned to dust or made putrescent with this power.
Skills: Combat experience in the furthest part of the Grand Line before the New World.
History: Once known as Alexandre Copenhagen, the heir to a grand estate of the Honourable Lord Ezekiel Copenhagen, he grew up surrounded by wealth and enjoying the finer things. He ended up loving gold, and after his father died, he used up the rest of his money to find the rumoured Devil Fruit that could allow him to turn things gold instantly. Near to the end of his squandering, almost landing him in poverty, one of his contacts came back with the fruit. Or so he thought. In his eagerness, he ate the fruit there and then whole without first checking the validity. The apple he tried to turn gold became maggot infested, however, as did the clothes he wore. He killed the one who brought him the fruit and ran screaming from his empty manor in rage, defiance and denial, mind broken by the tragic irony and damnation brought to him by the fruit. He later changed his name of Copenhagen to Boggs, and was recruited by Blackbeard, who promised to use his devil fruit to remove Boggs' Devil Fruit powers when the blues were under his control. Nothing is known between when he vanished and when he worked for Blackbeard, nor until he arrived in East blue on a mission. Items: A stone cane of petrified wood, and a long wooden sword.
Extra/misc: The first boss of this RP.

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Name- Vice Admiral Akanasu

Epitaph- Tomato Tosser


Gender- Male

Allegiance- Marines. Stationed near the end of Paradise.

Appearance- red skin, red and green eyes, a leaf growing out of his head which he has a Marine cap on top of, and swollen hands resembling a tomato with fingers.

Personality- believes in Moral Justice, which is why he despised having to go through with the Buster Call. He cares greatly for his men, and enjoys growing tomatoes on his ship. His catchphrase when he eats a tomato aboard his ship is “Now that I've eaten, I'm all tomatoed up!” He has a pet wolf that enjoys peaches.

Nationality- born and raised in the village on Enies Lobby, human.

Devil Fruit- Banka Banka no Mi, Tomato Tomato Fruit. Allows him to generate and control tomatoes, raising acidity, making them large as a ship, etc. Abilities include...

Tomato Mutation!- makes a tomato, and then grows to a much larger size, before bringing it down. Rotten Tomatoes- hurls a barrage of tomatoes at his foe, that splatter for confusion. Acid Rotten Tomatoes- enhances acidity of tomatoes, and repeats the above attack. Poison Leaf- uses the poisonous leaf atop his head to harm enemies

Skills- Knows Rankyaku, Shigan, Soru, and Geppou, as well as Busoshoku Haki.

History- Akanasu was born in Enies Lobby, raised by the Marines around him to become a perfect soldier in the war on piracy. He is a good friend of Vice Admiral Jonathan, and has been since childhood. He ate the Banka Banka no Mi at eighteen, already a Lieutenant, and rapidly rose through the ranks. Akanasu was one of the leaders of the Buster Call on Subura, along with Galilei. He killed Pierre Hale Bopp, Degrasse, Anura Merrum(Kaeru Kaeru no Mi, Model Poison Dart Frog), and Raven Raccion(Tori Tori no Mi, Model Pelican). 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000- 000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

Name- Huyen Vu

Epitaph- Minotortoise

Age- 35

Gender- Male

Allegiance- CP 7 Marines, Commodore

Appearance- In base form, a red eyed, black haired man who is 6'9. He wears black and red rags coated in symbols of all religions. In Zoan mode, he grows nine feet and four inches, and grows a spiked shell upon his back.

Personality- As an Awakened Zoan, he has no personality, replacing it with power instead. In base form, he is a cold Marine with a personality similar to Akainu.

Nationality/Race- Human/Awakened Zoan, from Huajing in the New World.

Devil Fruit- Kame Kame no Mi, Model Xuanwu. Allows him to turn into a large black tortoise.

Skills- excellent fighter with an axe, knows Tekkai, Rankyaku, Soru, Geppou, and Kami-E.

History- As a child, Huyen was sent to a Marine training camp, where he was force fed the ideals of Akainu and the G-5 Marines. He ate the Kame Kame no Mi, Model Xuanwu at age fourteen, and trained himself in its power. At twenty eight, he was turned into an Awakened Zoan, sacrificing personality in his Zoan form for power. At thirty, he was rescheduled for CP-7.

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Nidoran needs love!
The two captains for the next arc:

Name: Mimi

Age: 31

Appearance and Personality: Mimi is really, really big. She's about nine feet tall and pretty wide, making her appear like The Brute or even a Giant Mook, but she's much more than that. In addition to her marine coat and hat, Mimi wears a large fur scarf, even in warm weather, along with a bathing suit, even in cold weather. Her hair is a messy dirty blonde and her face is constantly smudged with tar and grease from sailing, giving her the appearance of a male lion. Her nose is permanently blackened, her canines are unusually large, she has a low voice for a woman and the distinctive laugh of Raarararara. With this, you can tell she's kind of a Large Ham but mostly she just has fun chasing and beating down opponents. Despite this brutality, she has a very kind side, especially with children. She's sweet, just she also really likes beating people up.

Skills: Mimi is a bruiser and a sailor. She has enough knowledge and skill to sail most marine ships singlehandedly and often does just that. She's not a navigator, but besides that lack of knowledge she could pilot a whole fleet. Her biggest combat strength, though, is her raw power. She's a bruiser who, although lacking in the Haki of her superior officers, can hit hard enough to knock out most Blues captains in a single hit without resorting to her Fruit power. This power is only magnified by her Zoan Devil Fruit.

Devil Fruit: Ushi Ushi no Mi, Model: Sheep. Despite her lion-like appearance, Mimi is in actuality a sheep-woman. In her hybrid form, she has boosted combat ability, especially with the power of her now hardened punches. Her full sheep form is incredibly durable and defensive much like a certain human-reindeer we're all familiar with. She can also grow and shed the hair gained in this form at will and is quite good at surprising opponents with it. In addition, her distinctive laugh changes to match this new form.

Oh and much like Gazbiyya she has a meaningful name matching her powers.

Name: Captain Porrom

Age: 19

Gender: Androgynous

Race: Unknown


Personality and Appearance: Porrom is pretty dang short. They wear two marine hats, one stacked on top of the other, and big gloves. Besides that the regular marine uniform is worn. Porrom is androgynous but showboating, kind of like a "magician" character with lots of Ham and Cheese and fancy movements. They prefer the pronouns they and their.

Skills: Porrom claims to be the new owner of the Mera Mera Fruit, but of course they aren't because that would be god-modding. In reality, they use flint, powder and slight-of-hand to produce fire, doing it well enough to create a flamethrower effect. Besides this, they're a competent illusionist, so they can distract fairly well and create an afterimage to evade foes and pretend they're a fire-man. Porrom doesn't just use fire stuff, though. They have other tricks up their sleeve, such as the use of Dance Powder and Breath Dials to wrap up opponents.

They're allied with Mimi and will fight with her (the two even have a combo attack) but if y'all don't want me playing two characters at once I'd rather play the sheepwoman I think.

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A 100-man group of mercenaries/bounty hunters for whenever you need them, three of them notable:

  • Name: Ool Brin
  • Age: 35
  • Gender: Male
  • Allegiance: Mercenary/Bounty Hunter
  • Race: Longarm
  • Appearance: Has shaggy brown hair that completely covers his eyes and a pointy chin. Has three piercings on each ear. The length of his arm is covered in steel bands.
  • Personality: An avid bookworm. He is a very curious person and frequently gets overexcited when learning about something new. His trademark gesture is clapping his hands together while exclaiming "How interesting~!". Likes soup.
  • Skills:
    • Intelligent. A competent tactician, and keeps up to date with information. Has very good memory. Knows the theory behind a lot of fields (medicine, engineering, drawing, etc.) but has little practical experience.
    • Fairly skilled in a style of martial arts wherein he uses his long arms as if they were a jointed staff. Said martial arts lacks in range but is fast and strong.
    • Can cook soup.
  • Items:
    • Reading materials: books, journals, pamphlets, what have you.
    • A couple of spoons.
    • A notepad and pencil.
    • A mini Den Den Mushi for contacting his subordinates.
  • Extra:
    • As a side effect of his curiosity it's his tendency to drag out fights with opponents with interesting abilities.
    • He likes soup enough that he'd be distracted by the sight or smell of it. Even in the midst of battle, as long it's not a life-endangering one.
    • Constantly has to hit Scritch to stop him from stealing his stuff.
    • Originally started sailing the seas to satisfy his curiosity.

  • Name: Albadan
  • Age: 64
  • Gender: Male
  • Allegiance: Mercenary/Bounty Hunter
  • Race: Giant
  • Appearance: Has graying seaweed green hair in a multi-knotted ponytail that reaches his hips. Wears big round glasses though he doesn't need them. Usually has a blank expression (:|)
  • Personality: A yes-man to Ool through and through. Basically, he'll follow his orders, no question. He's not dumb, but he thinks it's better to let the smarter ones do the thinking.
  • Skills:
    • Handy with his studded club.
    • Will follow orders to the T. He will not stop until he's unconscious/dead.
    • Really really really tough.
    • Overall, nothing special when it comes to offensive power, but really hard to actually beat due to his high DEF and resilience.
  • Items:
    • Studded club.
    • Big round glasses.
    • Mini Den Den Mushi for communicating with his group.

  • Name: Scritch
  • Age: 45
  • Gender: Male
  • Allegiance: Mercenary/Bounty Hunter
  • Race: Longarm
  • Appearance: Has a broad, squarish skull. Is bald and has wide black eyes. Muscular for a longarm. Has four or five "utility belts" wrapped around his body at any given time. Except, of course, when bathing or something.
  • Personality: He likes collecting. Shells, rocks, rings... you get the idea. He rates everything he collects on a ten-point scale. Somewhat of a kleptomaniac and shopaholic. Cheerful.
  • Skills:
    • Adequate at close-range combat. To make up for it, he's agile, though not quite at the level of someone using Soru. He's also a sturdy guy.
    • Specializes in throwing projectiles— it's as if he's using a gun. Very high upper body strength, so if he gets a hold of you he can probably throw you.
    • Skilled in stealing and haggling.
    • Can maintain a Motor Mouth persona for a full hour!
  • Items:
    • Mini Den Den Mushi for communication with the group.
    • A variety of trinkets which can serve as blunt projectiles. Stuff like shells, rocks, action figures.
    • Bombs: fire bombs, flashbangs, cluster grenades, mines, sticky grenades, acid bombs, the works.
    • Knives, shurikens, kunai, darts, foldable boomerangs
    • Rubber balls, iron balls, steel balls
    • Rope, bolas, sling
    • Flechettes. Which he throws like darts.
    • Sand, flour, pepper other dustlike materials
    • Bottles full of water, oil, medicine (which he doesn't know how to use)
  • Extra:
    • He's the reason why everyone in the group save for Ool tend to not carry much.
    • His mother is a pirate, whereabouts unknown, and Scritch isn't interested in finding out where she is at the moment.
Name: Mozambia

Red Baron: Bull Headed

Age: 41


Allegiance: Marines/Antagonist

Rank: Vice Admiral

Personality: A firm believer in Absolute Justice, but not to the extent of Akauma or Akainu. He is a rather brutish man, but prefers combat that is man to man, rather than straight up warfare.

Nationality/Race: Human, from Alabasta

Devil Fruit Power: Ushi Ushi no Mi, Model Ankole-Watusi. Mozambia ate a Zoan that allows him to turn into an Ankole Watusi. He grows eight foot horns that he uses as defense, and massive muscular strength, able to at his best chuck a building, especially with Haki.

Skills: Skilled with Busoshoku Haki, knows Soru, Rankyaku and Tekkai.

History: An Alabastan who saw the Marines taking down a 16,000,000 beri pirate in his youth, and decided to join the Marines to protect the world and beat up bad guys. He runs into Calcia, Andrew, and the rest of their merry band during the first cover arc of Blackbeard's Plan.

Items: One Marine issue katana, pair of boxing gloves, emergency rations.

Extra/misc: Canon character repurposed for future boss in a cover arc.

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[up]Try a different devil fruit.


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Name: Ronald Mc Donald

Red Baron: King of Clowns

Age: 33

Gender: Male

Allegiance: Shichibukai

Appearance: What a good Samaritan.

Role on the Ship: Everything (he travels alone)

Personality: Ronald is sometimes erratic, switching rapidly between happiness and sadness (and vice versa). He is also insane, and believes that destruction is a form of love. He is just as likely to tear your face off as he is to give you a handshake. He is generally very cheerful and friendly, even while he's killing you. He does, however, have a deep loathing for Monkey D. Dragon.

Nationality/Race: Human

Devil Fruit power: None


  • Mc Magic: A powerful energy that Ronald can manipulate with destructive results. He has named all his attacks after food from a certain fast food restaurant chain. All "burgers" create explosions of various size, all "nuggets" are projectiles with delayed explosions, and all "fries" are lasers of various strength, for example. His strongest attack is the Big Mac.

  • Ronald is a very strong fist fighter. He doesn't have a style or techniques, but can be rather surprising in his movements and attacks. He will sometimes say the names of what might be techniques, but he's bullshitting and/or made them up on the spot.

  • Ronald can use the Busoshoku color of Haki.

History: Ronald was born and raised on Happy Land Island, where everything was great and nothing hurt...on the outside. He learned early on that Happy Land had its fair share of criminals, and so he began training to protect his friends. He discovered that he could use a powerful energy, which he dubbed "Mc Magic", and immediately began devising ways to use it in combat.

For a time, Donald was able to live peacefully with his friends, only occasionally needing to fight. This changed the day that Monkey D. Dragon graced his island with a visit. The World Government heard about the Revolutionaries presence in Happy Land, and decided not to take chances. The Buster Call was used, and Happy Land Island was destroyed, with only Donald surviving.

Ronald couldn't take the pain of losing everything he had ever known and loved, his hatred for Dragon, and his guilt for not being able to save anyone. He snapped and became a murderous psychopath, using his Mc Magic to destroy everything he came across. He racked up a bounty of 343,000,000 Beri before he was approached with an offer to join the Shichibukai. He accepted on the condition that they always give him the latest intelligence on Dragon (whom he still wanted to kill), and has been gleefully slaughtering his way through life ever since.

Items: A list of the latest up-and-coming bounties

A portable Den Den Mushi

Extra/misc: Don't compare him to Buggy. He believes the East Blue pirate is a disgrace to clown pirates everywhere.

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[up][up]What's wrong with the current one?
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[up]It's just not Devil Fruit power I ee existing. The ability to become a forest or something.

It doesn't sound realistic to me as Devil Fruits go.
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[up]How about I use it as a final form of sorts? In his base,he could be like Daz in terms of producing steel blades, only with trees and stuff. In his final form,kinda like Gia Sado, he would turn into the thirty foot forest.
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So Donald was rejected?
"Allow me to show you how a real whale does battle!"
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[up]I'd much prefer him to be actually called Ronald Mc Donal. And the magician bit... eh, can you give him a different nickname?
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[up][up]I sure hope not. It sounds like an awesomely hilarious idea. Although, this is just my personal recommendation, there is no need to change it,but Gecko Moriah already had a bounty of 320,000,000 beri before his induction into the Shichibukai,as does PT Basil Hawkins,so maybe you should change it? I dunno, just a thought.

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Change the devil fruit please JCW 3
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[up]So does this mean that you have accepted my newer idea? I want to know before I edit my post.

[down]Ooh. I like it. Sorry. I'm a big bounty fan. Probably one of my favorite parts of One Piece. I seriously remember almost everyone's bounty. evil grin

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Edited. I'll edit the rest of the Donald's to Ronald's when I get home.

EDIT: OK. Every Donald has become a Ronald, I replaced my description of him with a picture, I increased his bounty, and I changed his nickname.

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[up]OK sounds good.

With that, though, I won't allow anyone else to put a buster call as their backstory, heh, because now we have 2p oeple with that event in them. The Buster Call is meant to be something rare and destructive, but so far it seems to have been called 4 times (Two RP and two canon) in the last 25 years, or something.

[up][up]Choose a different Devil Fruit completely.

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[up]Any opinions on his new DF?

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