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Initial discussion is here:

RP is here:

The RP has started but you can still join.

  • NOTE** Enough time has passed now that I am allowing a new member of the main crew to be created. Apart from that, you can still supply NP Cs to interact with the players. These differ from player characters in they do not need profiles, they just need a short summary of what they do and what they are in your post. Is your character the Marine in charge of the island, or is he the mayor, a shop owner. You can have multiple, but I don't want people rping with themselves. NP Cs may or may not also be taken control of by me when the original poster is needed but isn't available. Again, we will see how it happens.

Story: One Piece. The treasure found by Gold Roger and now goal of pirates in the millions. One of the biggest challengers to the name, Monkey D. Luffy, has vanished, along with his crew, following the War of the Best. They were last seen on Sabaody but apart from that, nothing is certain. A month later, a new crew of pirates decide to find One Piece, and enjoy all that this journey entails. However, the war threw the world in chaos, and people now rebuild their reformed lives. For better or for worse, the world is changing, and the Marines are riding their victory in the War over the Whitebeard pirates.

The problem is, while Blackbeard is off rampaging in the New World, he has unleashed a new threat on the unsuspecting Blues and first half of the Grand Line, known as 'Paradise'. A group of special Captain Colourbeard pirates all vying for control over the ocean his own team of special pirates to seize control of the entire sea. Greybeard was the first attacker, raising up spirits of the dead who died at sea to take over the Blues that way. He failed, defeated by the first incarnation of the crew, and was succeeded by Greenbeard The Rotten, who encountered the new crew as they refueled in Loguetown.

Narrowly defeated by the main characters, and finding out Blackbeard's plot, the crew has continued onwards into the Grand Line, unknowingly facing off against their next opponent, the richest pirate in the Grand Line: Goldbeard. A venerable Mafioso type leader with his sights on total domination. Unfortunatrly, Foxy the Silver Fox has hijacked the crew for a game of Davy Back fight.

But behind all this, the shadow of Blackbeard falls over the One Piece world with his terrifying machinations. He's proven his conniving skill, so who is being manipulated, and who is genuine? Who can you even trust? Time will tell.


There are also positions open for permanent marines too. You can make anyone up to Vice-Admiral level. The crew currently is not ready for Admiral level, lol.

IN ADDITION: Many chances to make NP Cs of Foxy's crew. The current arc is known as a Davy Back fight, two pirate crews fighting a tournament style game in order to win crewmembers from the other. Foxy's crew is stolen from lots of other crews so there is ALOT of variety.

We're a third of the way in the Grand Line on Platinum Island, an island made entirely... of platinum. After this we go into the islands Goldbeard controls.

Up next after this brief (Or long) lull is the next Beard's island, Goldbeard, a man with the ability to turn anything he touches to gold, to either monetary or horrific and cruel effect. He has some crewmembers, but it's possible to slip some in. There will bne future beards too, I intend to either go for Bluebeard next or Redbeard. W

You can have Shichibukai now but they are premade ones, of a sort. No Warlords yet as we have no way of interacting with them. No bringing in canon characters.

The RP has now started but more can come. If you are unsure, please message me. I will do my best to accomodate you, and it won't be hard!

After the massive events during the Whitebeard War, the Straw Hats vanished and the world was thrown into chaos. The two years that followed were certainly wrought with turmoil and revelations. Near the beginning of it, however, a group of pirates decide now is the best time to go on a journey!

The only problem is, while Blackbeard is off in the New World causing chaos, he has assembled his own team of special pirates to seize control of the entire sea. Ghostbeard was defeated by some semblance of the original crew in one of the Blues, but this attracted the attention of Greenbeard the Pirate. As the crew docks at Loguetown before moving to Paradise, Greenbeard, bolstered by Greybeard's loss, is about to set his own plans into motion for East Blue.

Narrowly defeated by the main characters, and finding out Blackbeard's plot, the next opponent is Goldbeard, a rich man who controls the first quarter of the Grand Line. Or it was, but Foxy the Silver Fox has hijacked the crew for a game of Davy Back.

But behind it all, the shadow of Blackbeard falls over the One Piece world with his terrifying machinations. Who is being manipulated, who is genuine? Time will tell.


This is the third, i think, One Piece RP that has been attempted (Not counting the desert version one), so... third time's the charm! All characters can be brought back, and all non-canon Devil Fruits are up for the grabs (The movies are considered non-canon in this sense, along with promotional materials like games and some tv specials when applicable).

I will be your GM. Saiga will roleplay the Captain of the ship.

Here is the profile. You can make a Marine, Pirate of miscellaneous. There is a maximum of 2 fishmen characters at this time, and 1 giant race character. If you want to make a villain, then post him in a profile. Preferably I would like villains and NP Cs to be done by people who DON'T have main characters.

If you would prefer to instead just supply NP Cs or some other 'add to the fun' role, just make ure you propose any potential NPC in this thread, or the discussion one. Perhaps people will wan to involve them in stories/plots.

As always, we're searching for One Piece. We will begin at Loguetown to take on supplies. You can be from the New World, Grand Line or Blues. Fishman Island is also possible. This is a... moderately intensive RP, being that we'll expect some quality to the posts therein. Not paragraphs of stuff but definitely no one or two liners and a bit of descriptiveness.

Without further ado, here's the profile to use.


Red Baron: Title or Nickname.
Allegiance: (Protagonist, Marine, Pirate, Warlord, etc). Appearance: (Don't go into Mary Sue details but we would like to know what he looks like. You may or may not want to include clothes. That's up to you. You can link pictures to what they look like too.)
Role on the Ship: (Not needed if Marine, instead put your rank here).
Personality: (Length of your choice, but be fair and logical)
Nationality/Race: (Alabastan, made up, fishman, mermaid, human, skypeian, iunno)
Devil Fruit power: (If they don't have one, leave this blank. If they do, please do not use canon ones. If a fruit you choose ends up becoming canon then you will still be able to use it. I don't want 5 people with the mera mera fruit, for example.)
Skills: May or may not be related to DF powers. Put rokushiki and other 'skillsets' including newkama kenpo and the like here. Custom styles will need some explaining to avoid New Powers as the Plot Demands.)
History: (Spoiler if you want, but give a basic definition of your character's background. Why they are what they are, how they got to where they are, etc. At least a paragraph (4-5 lines) please.)
Items: (What do they have with them at the the start. You can have up to 6 items but there is no hammer space in this RP! Be realistic in your character;s item use please unless their Devil Fruit power involves hammer space >.>
Extra/misc: (What it says. Stuff that doesn't go anywhere else.)

As GM I will be playing a side character who will be writing this all done.

Name: Max Saccharine
Red Baron: The Legend Writer
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Allegiance: Protagonist pirate.
Appearance: A cowboy hat, cowboy boots, casual jeans with normal belt and an open shirt. He wears a light pink jacket over it and has short spiky black hair.
Role on the Ship: Chronicler, Historian.
Personality: A bit aloof, very relaxed. Good at making quick decisions and good at reading people. Prefers to avoid combat when possible and either hide (If Marines) or stand back and let Koya his pen do the main battle. Sociable but wary of Marines; he doesn't want them to know what he does currently, and keeps his history 'You Never Asked' where his Marine history is concerned.
Nationality/Race: Sabaody Human.
Devil Fruit power: None, but his pen ate the Neko Neko No Mi model: Panther. It has many panther and pen/ink related abilities, such as being able to shoot jets of ink, make ink fountain cages, and grow wings consisting of feather quills. It's very loyal to Max but also self-reliant on it's own judgement. Can become a panther or a pen depending on what Max needs, and as long as the panther is fed regularly, he never needs to refill it for ink. It growls every now and then in pen form.
Skills: Basic marine combat. Very basic. An expert at improvised weaponry and 'Indy Ploy' fighting tactics. Mostly works in tandem with Koya or other crewmembers. Will often disassociate himself from the party and act as a 'civilian' to gather intelligence, but is a general normal guy. Mostly likes using wooden planks, sometimes with nails in them, to fight, or anything that comes to hand.
History: Born on Sabaody, he joined the marines at an early age and rose to the rank of Captain before deciding it wasn't for him. He became a non-combatant, becoming an administrator to the marines and eventually rising up. He then joined a reporting team in Sabaody and soon was reporting on stuff around his area of th Grand Line. When Luffy fought Blackbeard and the Marines at Marineford, he decided he would be the one to write about this epic drama. He'd be a legendary writer. To this end, he went around travelling a bit, got into some trouble, ended up taking a fake alias to hide from his marine buddies and now goes jaunting with pirates For the Lulz and meeting interesting people.
A journal made of Vivre Card.
An encyclopedia on Devil Fruits.
A blue Den Den Mushi.
One machete for when in jungle or forest.
A letter he won't let anyone else read.
Extra/misc: A reporter first and foremost, can be a bit oily at first like a used cars salesman but genuinely nice and patient with people. Loses his temper rarely, and will skip battle lots of times. He makes up for it with some degree in cooking and being the most educated of the gathered party.\\

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  • Name: Oscar. Just Oscar.
  • Nickname: Ehhh...
  • Age: 22
  • Gender: Male
  • Allegiance: Protagonist
  • Appearance: Handsome. Tall, well proportioned, face somewhere between "Good Ol' Boy" and "Bit of a Douche."
  • Crew Rank: Mans the main line while underway, storyteller and entertainer while resting, grifter and spy.
  • Personality: Lazy. Sleepy, except at night. Unfocused. Loud when he thinks he knows what he's talking about. Deferential, except when he thinks someone else is being hurt. Thinks being a pirate is the route to an easy life. Talent as an actor and storyteller.
  • Origin: Definitely human.
  • Skills:
    • No Devil Fruit
    • Acting skills give him some ability as an infiltrator and grifter.
    • Unarmed skills about average for a GL ready pirate. Big guy, which he uses to his advantage. Specializes in a boxing form.
    • No haki yet (predisposed towards observation).
  • History: Oscar isn't fond of talking about where he comes from. He's just a drifter. He is pretty well known to the marines from the southern part of the South Blue and bears a slight resemblance to an actor of note from the same area. (will hash out the details with the GM if need be, but would like to keep as much from the others players as possible 'till it becomes relevant.)
  • Items:
    • Book of notes and stories he's cribbed from folk he's met.
    • Pair of light sandals he exchanges with a pair of heavy boots when needed.
    • Necklace of braided rope and a few small shells. (Small tone dials that have short, possibly useful sounds. Six useful in total with:
      • gunshot,
      • woman's scream,
      • creaking wood boards,
      • dog barking,
      • distant foghorn,
      • and a reminder to brush his teeth
      • as well as a seventh he hasn't gotten to work.)note 
    • Locket
  • Extra:
    • Height: 6' 5'' (196 cm)
    • Weight: 250 lbs (113 kg)
    • Blood Type: -O
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  • Name: Carl/Charlotte Loften
  • Epithet: nothing yet.
  • Age: 25
  • Gender: Trap
  • Allegiance: Protagonist Pirate
  • Race: ye normal human from the normal seas
  • Role on the Ship: Cook. Very good in general, special sort of genius with desserts.
  • Appearance: Petite, girly, looking younger than his age boy. As a side-effect of his Fruit, his skin is permanently coloured deep brown, contrasting with his medium length golden-blond hair and bright blue eyes. Generally wears a white blouse with black skirt (Wholesome Crossdresser and is good at it).
  • Personality: Despite rough childhood, pretty optimistic. He doesn't hold much attachments to anything in the world, even taking the dream of his life easy.
  • Backstory: He comes from a West Blue island that housed a large confectionery, to which most of the island's industry was connected. Both his parents were enamoured by the fever of the Great Age of Piracy and left him with his grandmother, leaving him to a quite poor childhood. He started working menial jobs as soon as he was able, even being reduced to begging occasionally. During these times he discovered that people are generally more kind to girls than boys and got into habit of crossdressing as one, with it eventually becoming second nature. Working part-time as a fruit-sorter for the factory, on one fateful day he had found a very strange fruit, mixed up with regular ones. The factory was letting the sorters to take the refuse they found, so it was his - and to surprise it tasted most foul, turning out to be the Devil Fruit. Using his newfound power to learn more about the chocolate helped him get a better job at the factory and for the following years his life was looking up. Then the blows came. Not long before the reignition of the Pirate Era, his grandmother passed away, leaving him with nothing chaining him to his old life. Soon after the Whitebeard War he got fired from the factory due to slander heaped on him by his rival and decided to screw it all. First time using his powers to full extent, he broke into the factory, stole the most secret recipes and masterwork and got off the island, intending to travel the world, master the art of confection and start his own factory somewhere.
  • Powers:
    • Cocoa Cocoa Fruit. Allows one to become and control chocolate. In detail, it is not just a "general chocolate", it allows him to become specific sorts. Combining the greater insight into the nature of chocolate with his already impressive knowledge of it, he learned how to create very special sorts, imbued with unnatural effects so prevalent on the Grand Line - however the effects rarely have combat uses (until he gets into the New World with the really weird stuff). Currently has only one really useful: a very light chocolate that floats in water, giving a chance to avoid watery doom in some cases.
    • Agile, acrobatic fighting, using his Fruit for makeshift weapons (spikes for the basic example) and adding special tricks. Basics of Roukishiki (think Nero, though with all six skills), going to gradually develop with training.
    • At later time will begin developing Armament Haki so as to be ready for the New World.
  • Items: rather big and heavy suitcase with portable chocolate maker he uses for producing and researching new sorts and a change of clothes (including pants just in case)

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Name: Hartley Hale Bopp

Epitaph- "Shooting Star"

Age: 24

Gender- Male

Allegiance- Protagonist Pirate, possible Protagonist Revolutionary(will assist them if asked, has in the past)

Appearance- Long, shoulder length brown hair, blue eyes, slightly pale skin, 5'10. Wears skinny glasses at the top of his face that disappear in comet form. Clothing varies.

Role on the Ship- Astronomer, Navigator, a decent Sniper

Personality- Intelligent, cruelly logical, antisocial, but loyal to those he cares about. Tends to be rather apologetic at times, and has low self esteem.

Nationality/Race- Suburan

DF Power- Sekki Sekki no Mi(Comet Comet Fruit) He got this DF from a Marine Commodore slaughtered by the Albion Pirates. It allows him to turn his body into a comet, or to turn parts of his body into a comet. The full body attack has a twenty second warm up and cool down, while his individual body parts have varying lengths based off of size.

History- Hartley was born to two prominent astronomers on the South Blue island of Subura. This island is responsible for most of the knowledge about astronomy in the OP world(Can we name the OP world Eichiro?). Hartley is top of his classes relating to intellect and long-range fighting, but lowest in physical education, and close range. He enters the army as a researcher and sniper, learning how to use the Planetary Spheres. He becomes a prodigy, reshaping part of the army's practices. However, his mother, Marie, rejected a Tenryuubito's appeal for marriage. Out of disgust at a commoner disgracing him, Saint Skardi ordered a miniature Buster Call fired on the island. Headed by Vice Admiral Galilei, but with only two Vice Admirals aboard and three ships, they warred with the small island. Each citizen received an immediate bounty of 5,000,000, paid for by Skardi. Galilei killed most of the island's physical fighters, but Hartley shot him with a Solar Sphere, which was weak, due to his low experience and lack of emotion. However, it still blinded him, allowing the more experienced warriors to run him through.

Vice Admiral Akanasu, who used the Banka Banka no Mi(Tomato Tomato Fruit) with a combination of Busoshoku Haki, killed the lucky ones that ran through Galilei. Hartley was forced to flee his burning home, but not before stealing a veritable treasure trove of Planetary Spheres, and seeing his mother shot personally by Saint Skardi, and his father die valiantly against Akanasu. He escaped on a research ship known as the Mercurian Rampager due to its metal composition. He was assigned a bounty of 56,000,000.

At nineteen, he defeated Rear Admiral Manakaru, which rose his bounty to 88,000,000. He attained the epitaph of Shooting Star, and gained minor notoriety, but not to the extent of Eustass Kidd and Jewelry Bonney.

At twenty-two, he was a brave man of the seas. Two years matured him greatly, especially with Commodore Tyson's death granting him the Devil Fruit. Now, he is a member of a certain pirate crew, hoping to attain a higher goal.

Items- Two of each of the ten planetary spheres organized on his person in a pack, a prized telescope gifted from Pierre and Marie.

Extra- His hated enemies are Skardi and the Tenryuubito, as well as Akanasu. He hopes to kill those men eventually, and visit each of the moons, which were his parent's dreams. I would like him to fight Albion, if that is possible.

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  • Name: Jack Boars
  • Nickname: “Bear-Killer”, “The Ultimate Hunter”
  • Age: 25
  • Gender: Male
  • Allegiance: Protagonist
  • Role on the Ship: Sharpshooter, Cannoneer and Look-out. Also a Scout when it comes to exploring islands.
  • Appearance: He is a tall, athletic guy who looks a little bit wiry for his height. It is not usually visible as he wears several various furs and leather clothes on him, making his over-all figure hard to guess. He is quite handsome, but he would look a lot of better without his pathetic attempt to grow a beard that is barely thicker than a 5 o’clock shadow. He thinks it makes him look rugged. Everyone else think it makes him look as if he splashed a bit chocolate on his lower face. He has brown hair, brown eyes AND a brown skin, while wearing mostly brown clothes. Ironically, his favorite color is green.
  • Personality: Jack is usually the calm, cold-headed type. He is extremely phlegmatic, even lazy in most of circumstances and can be relied upon fulfilling his duties reliably. There is however one subject where he shows a surprising enthusiasm (if it can be called that way) and almost ominous flair for drama. That subject is... "Bears". Jack considers bears to be an incarnations of pure evil, devils in disguise, harbingers of apocalypse and more. His fear of bears verges into a realms of phobia, as he has a panic attack whenever there is a bear nearby. As a result, he considers his devil fruit an ultimate curse, something akin to a mark of anti-Christ and really dislikes using it. The fact that most of the world seems to be unaware about dangers of those vicious animals fills him with despair, and he tends to go onto a long rants about the evils of bears whenever he has a chance to do so. His far-sightness is another sore spot for him – while it annoys him greatly, he is far too hard-headed to admit that he needs glasses. As a result, pointing out that he is almost blind when it comes to anything close, or trying to help him will cause him to explode into another rant.
  • Nationality/Race: Human originating from Grand Line
  • Skills:
    • "Bear Bear Fruit (Kuma Kuma no Mi)" Type: Paramecia. This paramecia fruit allows its user to transform any object he touches into a bear after several seconds. The resulting animal will usually be a hybrid of said item and a bear (ie. Sword-bear will have claws made of sword-blades and an iron skin, Table-bear will be really wide, have square legs and be partially made of wood etc…). Its behavior will be that of an ordinary animal, except that it will consider the user in vaguely friendly terms. It wont really obey any commands from him, but it will protect him from any obvious threats and attack his enemies. If used on human, they will enter the state similar to a hybrid shape of bear-zoan fruit: They will become anthropomorphic bear, with greatly increased strength and endurance, while their skills, personality and allegiance will remain intact. Good thing to use on allies, bad on enemies. The bears will always have a size at least equal to a grizzly bear, but objects bigger than grizzly will create bigger bears. However the size of transformed object is sharply limited by users skill, and Jack is unable to transform objects bigger than he is. At least at the beginning.
    • Jack is also an excellent marksman, skilled in shooting from all manners of ranged, gunpowder-based weapons, from pistols to cannons
    • He is also extremely competent tracker, capable of tracking almost any creature through wilderness and masking himself completely in foliage. Those skills make him excellent hunter, but are useless in cities and at sea.
    • He is far-sighted, giving him excellent vision at large distance, while making him almost blind if he has to focus on anything close to him.
  • History: Jack is one of the inhabitant of an isle on Grand Line known as “the Hunter Paradise”. It is a gigantic island almost completely covered with forest within its all manner of beast and animals lurk and are hunted by a small, but extremely capable human population. A certain quirk is that animals on Hunter Paradise never stop growing, nor die of age, so there are animals that are ancient and are truly gigantic in size. The island is also inhabited by bears who are apex predators and don’t like humans and their settlements one bit, usually maiming and destroying them when they encounter them. As a consequence, for people on the island, bears are considered equal with “demons” and everything related to them is considered as a “curse”. And in contrast: everything and everyone that opposes or battles them is considered “blessed”. Jack Boars was one of the greatest and most celebrated hunters on the island, who led a ruthless campaign against “the demons”, trying to eliminate them and push them out of the inhabited zones. That was until one day, when he ate a Devil Fruit he found in a forest, in an attempt to gain even more power for his anti-bear crusade. In a turn of cosmic irony, he ate a “Bear-Bear fruit” becoming a conduit for the very enemy he sought to fight. From that point on his fall was swift and merciless – his inability to precisely control his power led him to create several bears in the settlement, creating panic and terror between fellow villagers who quickly branded him as an “Ultimate Evil” and exiled him from the island. Jack thus boarded a first ship out of island and wandered through the world of One Piece ever since.
  • Items:
    • One rifle, modified for long-range shots and sniping
    • Several pre-loaded pistols worn on bandoleer on his chest
    • Clothes made from leather and hides of incredible quality.
  • Extra/misc:
    • He is almost completely unaffiliated towards the whole Marine/Pirate/Revolutionary/Noble conflict, being part of the crew pretty much just because it was first ship that took him and he liked it there. If it was a Marine ship he would be a marine
    • He hates Bartholomew Kuma and considers him his arch-nemesis and an Ultimate Evil he has to vanquish. He had never even saw him, it was just his reaction to one of the shichibukai having a “bear” in his name. He imagines him looking as a gigantic, Sea-King sized bear. (Kuma doesn't even know he exist, of course)

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Name: Remy Le Grande

Title: None yet

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Allegiance: Protagonist

Appearance: Of average build. Moderately attractive, with black hair tied back into a short ponytail and thin mustache to give him an air of roguishness. His eyes are also black. Wears a black tuxedo with a wide-brimmed parson's hat (similar to Burton's Joker).

Role: Swordsman, Carpenter, Diplomat

Personality: Cheerful, with a flair for the dramatic. Remy plays things close to the vest, and will politely steer the topic of conversation away from himself. Polite and well-mannered, Remy does not get angry or offended very often.

Nationality: East Blue

Devil Fruit: None

Skills: As a skilled magician, Remy is proficient in sleight of hand, escapology, and misdirection. During his time as a performer he also studied special effects, optical illusions, and ventriloquism. He has also learned the basics of metalworking, carpentry, tailoring, and engineering.

Remy is also a skilled, if self-taught, swordsman, whose technique is mainly based around saber fencing, with elements of misdirection and showmanship thrown in. He is also a decent shot with a pistol.

History: Remy Le Grande has always wanted to be famous. He grew up in on Mirrorball Island, home of dance parties and general revelry, and always felt that one day he, too, would be able to draw crowds of adoring fans. A natural quickness of hand and eye prompted him to develop into a promising young magician. At age 16 he was the opening act for a number of East Blue celebrities, and by 17 he was touring the East Blue. At some point during this time, however, Remy angered someone important. Though Remy declines to speak of it, wanted posters with his name on them began circling the East Blue. Remy chose to drop off the radar and spent the next year or so on the run before throwing his lot in with the crew. He seems to have given up his dreams for fame and is content to travel with the others on their search for the One Piece.

Items: Remy carries the following in addition to several spare changes of clothing:

  • One black magician's tuxedo with secret pockets and other accoutrements
  • One black wide-brimmed parson's hat, similarly outfitted
  • One pistol, with normal shot and special shot for bullet-catching
  • One saber, forged to withstand extreme temperatures
  • One toolkit containing average tools as well as a needle and thread
  • One magician's kit for creating special effects and simple illusions

Extra: Remy's bounty was issued by a private individual and is currently for 21,000,000 berri. Thus far he has not drawn much notice from the WG.

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Name: Itsuki

Red Baron: Bad Breath

Age: 29

Gender: Male

Allegiance: Protagonist

Appearance: 6'2" tall, lean but muscular. Has a stern face except for when he smiles or laughs. Reddish-brown hair and green eyes.

Role on the Ship: Fighter, Doctor

Personality: Coolheaded and calm, but prone to tranquil fury when aggravated. He is merciless in combat, but off the battlefield he is kind and as a Doctor he likes to help the sick and injured.

Nationality/Race: Human.

Devil Fruit power: Iki Iki no Mi (Paramecia). Gives the user the ability to generate a vacuum with their mouth and "inhale" substances, absorbing them and allowing them to replicate that substance through exhaling. They won't be adversely affected by the substance while inhaling it, and they'll never be damaged by their exhalations, but they don't gain an immunity to what they absorb.

Skills: Itsuki posses the following "breaths"
  • Wind Breath (essentially a default ability, since the user only needs to inhale air to acquire it)
  • Fire Breath
  • Smoke Breath
  • Icy Breath
  • Anaesthetic Breath
  • Minty Breath
  • Alcoholic Breath

Itsuki fights barehanded, relying on kicks, punches and his Devil Fruit in combat. He has phenomenal strength due to dedicating himself to harsh training. He's also a Doctor, though without the formal qualifications due to his inconveniently timed kidnapping.

History: While studying medicine abroad, Itsuki and a group of his fellow students were kidnapped by pirates who wanted crew members with first aid knowledge. The pirate crew was completely incompetent, save for the Captain, who the crew depended on for everything. The crew were so incompetent they accidentally let a Devil Fruit get mixed into the prisoner's meals, and Itsuki unknowingly ate the Iki Iki no mi. One he discovered this power, he freed himself and the other prisoners and slaughtered the pirates on board. However, the Captain was not present, and never returned to the ship. Itsuki began training rigorously, preparing himself for the day he would cross paths with the pirate Captain again.

Items: Itsuki carries around a bag with his medical equipment inside. Bandages, scapel, etc.

Extra/misc: Itsuki has a bounty of 47.000.000, issued for his killing of marines.
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@jcw, I figured on discussing both the size of the bounty and the cause of it with the GM. If he has no preferences, I've a few ideas I can work with.

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Name: Henry Reide

Age: 23

Title: None

Role on ship: Navigator, survival expert.

Allegience: Himself

Appearance: Wears a pith helmet, a rumpled and torn brown button-up shirt will rolled-up sleeves, frayed green shorts and a leather satchel to hold his stuff. His hair is a coppery colour and wild and reaches just past his neck. He has dull brown eyes.

Nationality: Human

Powers: Reach Reach fruit (Oyobu Oyobu No Mi). He has the ability to manifest invisible hands and feet that correspond with his already existing ones. He can then change the angle and distance of them which allow him to do many things such as, climbing high, unscalable objects by reaching with his phantom hands, hitting people at a distance or multiple people at once, manipulating objects from a distance.

Personality: Seems a little on edge at all times, as if he is constantly watching his surroundings for danger. Is still relatively friendly and finds great passion in his goal of researching and cataloging every devil fruit. Will talk on end about ones he has encountered. Dislikes and mistrusts pirates as a rule, having encountered many in his search and knowing what they are like.

Skills: A decent navigator on land and sea. An explorer with good survival skills and instincts. Knows basic history. Can draw and write well to help document devil fruit. A fairly decent fighter put of necessity and thanks to his devil power.

History: When he was a child a strange fruit washed up on the shore of his island while he and his brother were playing. Having heard of the awesome Power of the devil fruit and already being curious about them, he willingly took a bite and gained the Reach Reach power. Unfazed by this and more than a little excited, he began researching devil fruits more and more, and Practicing using his own. Once he reached 18, he set off to find and research more of them.

Items: Compass, charcoal, sketchbook, canteen, med kit, rations.

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Saiga, would you be able to roleplay a good active Captain? Your character seems to fit the role best, and with the more ambivalent power it works.

If no one has any objections, of course.
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13 Saiga10th Oct 2012 06:37:00 PM from Sunny Australia Get RP Mod , Relationship Status: Hoping Senpai notices me
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Sure, how active would I need to be?
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At least 1-3 posts a day.
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As requested by Big Daddy P, I'm bringing back Gharb and Cooper~

  • Name: Gharb Zenatta
  • Title: "Destroyer"
  • Age: 45
  • Gender: Male
  • Allegiance: Marines
  • Rank: Vice-Admiral
  • Appearance: Wears a small turban, has a bushy white goatee, extremely muscular, dark-skinned, wears the usual Vice-Admiral uniform.
  • Personality: A rather jovial man. His bravery and strength in battle has won him the loyalty of his subordinates. He's not very good with paperwork and such, so he lets his apprentice deal with it. Likes to play pranks and drink wine. Has a tendency to break more stuff than he ought to. Aligned with Aokiji's Lazy Justice, though not as lazy.
  • Nationality: Galan (Random South Blue country)
  • DF Power: Bura Bura no Mi (Stagger Stagger Fruit)
  • Skills:
    • Brawling, with lots of flashy moves.
    • His aforementioned stagger beam, which makes anything it hits unstable. It can:
      • Make people lose their balance
      • Cause small-scale storms ("unstable" wind and water), earthquakes and landslides ("unstable" earth)
      • Note: Gharb can't control his DF power that well, and he likes fisticuffs more anyway so don't expect him to use his DF power much outside of pranking people.
    • Haki, of course. Mostly uses the Armament type.
    • Know-how on working on a ship— steering, navigating and so on.
    • Knows how to cook!
  • Items:
    • Wineskin.
    • Water bottle.
    • Sword he rarely ever uses
    • A shield keychain with the word "Hero" engraved on it, given to him by his younger sister.
    • Two bronze bangles given to him by his younger brother. Wears them on his right arm.
  • Extra:
    • Unique laugh: Hic hi hi hi.

History: 12-year old Gharb was orphaned after a pirate crew ransacked their village. He was forced to resort to thieving and mugging in order to support himself and his two younger siblings. Finding the stealing to be more trouble than it was worth, he began to work as a gladiator of sorts in various arenas, before settling in Macherinn City.

Several years later, another pirate crew attacked Mascherinn, and Gharb decided to join the city guard. There were a hundred of them. The pirates outnumbered them 15:1.

But they managed to hold off the pirates for two straight weeks, long enough for the Marines to get to their city. Gharb was one of the eight remaining survivors. The leader of the Marine crew was impressed by what they did and said, "We could use men like you." Gharb took their offer, started sailing, arrested criminals and rose up the ranks 'til he became a Vice Admiral. His exploits will be a story for another time.
  • Name: Cooper Woodbrygg
  • Title: None
  • Age: 21
  • Gender: Male
  • Allegiance: Marines
  • Rank: Chief Petty Officer
  • Appearance: Well-kept fair blonde hair, narrow rimmed glasses he likes pushing up, usually a stern and serious expression on his face, pocket watch in his chest pocket, usual Marine uniform save for his classy black leather gloves.
  • Personality: Hates pirates with a passion. Dislikes the World Nobles too for being "barbaric and disgusting". Loves books and classical music. He is very thorough with procedure and so usually ends up with Gharb's paperwork. He is competitive, so good thing he has the strength and smarts to come out on top. Aspires to become Akauma's right hand man. Never give him wine, for both your sakes. Regularly props up his glasses and checks his pocket watch, often simultaneously.
  • Nationality: West Blue
  • DF Power: Nada.
  • Skills:
    • Savate.
    • Has some skill with swords and guns. Emphasis on some.
    • Really good with paperwork.
    • Rather good with planning and strategic thinking.
    • Can cook, play the violin and piano, dance, draw and paint.
  • Items:
    • Aforementioned pocket watch.
    • Robin egg blue handkerchief.
    • Whatever book he's reading at the time.
    • Mini Den Den Mushi.

History: Cooper grew up in a big mansion, where his father was raising him to become a proper, noble gentleman. He was however more interested in becoming a "hero", and loved to hear stories from his ex-Marine grandfather. Eventually he decided that he wanted to become a Marine despite his father's wishes and started training in the Marine HQ close by. He also had Savate lessons alongside his usual lessons in painting, writing, etc.

Why a Marine? Well, Cooper doesn't like pirates. He thinks they're too wishy-washy and carefree, not to mention all the trouble they cause for everyone. He likes the Marines for their Absolute Justice. This was right, this was wrong, things were mostly clear-cut. He liked clear-cut. This was also why he liked Akauma; guy got things done. Yeah.

Anyway, in chasing after Akauma's footsteps, Cooper trained hard, did stuff, rose up the ranks until he became a Chief Petty Officer. He was unfortunately assigned to the oaf Gharb though. Still, it was a chance to make some good impressions.
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[up][up] That sounds easy enough for me to manage.
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What a Wonderful World!
  • Name: Alexander Cross
  • Nickname: None
  • Age: 20
  • Gender: Male
  • Allegiance: Outlaw
  • Appearance: 5'10, Shaggy Brown Hair, Stubble Beard,Brown Eyes, Wears a Long Jacket That Covers The Whole Body, Body Is Tone.
  • Role on the Crew: Helmsman and Lookout.
  • Personality: Short-temper when push, very sarcastic, A little too serious, has a strict sense of justice.
  • Origin: Human, North Blue
  • Skills:
    • Monomane-shi Monomane-shi no Mi(Mimic Mimic Fruit). Type:Paramecia. This allows the user the ability to force anyone caught in its range to copy the user's movement. It only works on living thing, (ie: If used on a tree. The tree will copy the movement, but will snap because it can't follow the movement perfectly. Same if the person can't copy the movement.) It don't cancel out the ability of other Devil Fruit. The range is only 2 feet. Range can increase depending on the GM(Will delete if asked). The user can hold items when ability is in effect. Can make the effected hold weapons found on body or force to pick up weapons when in range.
    • Sneaking:Can go unnoticed during battle, but once spotted hard to hide again.
    • Has basic in marksmanship, unarmed skills, and weapons handing.
  • History: From Winter Night, a small island in the North Blue. Crime was out of control. The island was ruled with an iron fist by the mafia. At 18, Alexander got his devil fruit. Using its power, he killed the mob boss to free his island. He left the island after being hunted by hit-men from the mob. Travel around the North Blue until he ran into Fork Isle, a island that is being run by a Corrupted Marine Captain. He ended up killing the Captain in the name of justice leading to his Bounty. He still being hunted by hit-men. He dreams to return to the North Blue and clean up his island.
  • Item:
    • A knife in his boot that switches for each day.
    • A pistol that is not loaded on his left side.
    • A saddle bag on his right side that holds: Bullets, Gun Powder, Telescope.
  • Extra: Bounty:45,000,000

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@Saiga I would like you to learn towards 3 though. Not all at once but to have an active presence of things. I should have asked for a bit more, heh but erm. Yeah. Please do your best and take it as seriously as you possibly can. Now, just to give you a bit of extra, how did you become captain, and what is your boat called? If you don't mind?

[up]Hmm, accepted but now we have a few too many characters. Well, we'll see who ends up being active in the RP and who doesn't, and see what happens. If you have some way of sliding your character into a non-protagonist group area, please say so.

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Well I would most likely do five or more each day.tongue

Can I use one of the colourbeards as part of my character's backstory and rise to captaincy?

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Per discussion, I've updated Remy's post with his unofficial bounty amount.

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[up][up]Sure. I will message you their individual powers which you must keep to yourself, except for the one you use, although ask me first which.
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Is Henry accepted?
Name: Howard P. Carter

Age: 27

Height: 195 cm

Weight: 86 kg

Gender: Male

Bounty: 60 mln Berries

Nickname: Gnome Hunter

Appearance: Tall and well built man in his late twenties. Khaki pants and pink Hawaii shirt. Testosterone poisoned.

Role: Archeologist. Of sorts

Personality: Howard is a boisterous and passionate man who tend act quite hammy. His eyes burn with determination to retrieve his stolen gnome law collection and punish the perpetrator(s) for his sin. Due to the pain of his loss he has developed a habit to drink and smoke heavily as a coping mechanism.

Nationality: Hails from West Blue.

Skills: In battle, Carter relies on his psychical strength and martial arts prowess, having none of powers that Devil Fruits bestow. He has learned elements of Rokushiki such as Shigan and Soru but he is still far from the mastery exhibited by CP 9 agents as he is amateur who learned said techniques' principles on his own. By observing Fishman Karate practicioners he attempted to mimic their style as well, but with lesser success. He managed to incorporate his own version of Water Shot, oddly utilizing wine he loves to drink instead of water. As he claims, he works with what he is familiar the best.

History: Howard used to be relatively law abiding archeologist and adventurer who managed to cross the first half of Grandline and reach as far Fishman Island, but never ventured into the New World part of GL. After excavating numerous artifacts of the past, including his collection of lawn gnomes, he settled down and opened up a private museum. He donated his lawn gnomes to charity, and they were purchased by a Marine official on the auction. unfortunately, and accident that involved stairs messed up his head and caused partial amnesia. Having forgot about the fact that his gnomes were voluntarily donated, he vowed to reclaim them even if he had to wreck Marine Headquarters in the process. [I could elaborate more tomorrow, I'm damn tired after journey]

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[up]Format your shit tongue
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[up][up]Accepted. I'm starting the RP soon once we have a ship from Saiga. I hope you're ready.

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