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Accentuating negativity
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Accentuating negativity:

Who made Monsters Resurrected (You know how i feel about it)? Clearly it's a cash-in, right? Why is noone here accentuating the negative about it?

 2 Nohbody, Mon, 8th Oct '12 10:43:31 AM from Somewhere in Dixie Relationship Status: Mu
Just zis guy
First, no we don't know how you feel about it. Furthermore, I'd be willing to bet 99.99999(etc) % of the world doesn't care.

As for Accentuate the Negative, that's not what the wiki is for. If you're just looking for complaints/complaining about the show, you'd have much better luck finding it elsewhere, especially since forum threads made to complain about things are explicitly prohibited..

edited 8th Oct '12 10:44:29 AM by Nohbody

 3 Madrugada, Mon, 8th Oct '12 10:46:40 AM Relationship Status: In season
With Mod Hat On
Thank you, Nohbody. You took the words right out of my mouth.[awesome]

Locking the thread.
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