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Pick a war. Pick any war and then write a story about it. It doesnít matter if the story is fictional or Based on a True Story. It doesnít matter if the war in question actually happened or not. The point is to write a story that is meant to entertain and, usually, to make a point. For obvious reasons, people from countries that participated in a war are more likely to write about them. Thatís why Americans write more about WWII than WWI. Usually media will focus on one unit whether itís a regiment, a company, or something smaller, like a squad or platoon. If the media is live-action, then it is usually based on foot soldiers due the expensive nature of filming aerial, tank, and naval combat. There are exceptions that use CGI, models, and stock footage of course.

Note: The correct pronunciation is "JYEW-rin-na WAW-ah".

That... was harder than expected... There is not much to say since the whole thing is basically just saying when the war is taking place. The Description might as well be "The following examples take place in this war or this type of war."

EDIT: Sorry about the double post. I kind of figured someone would post by the time I was done... My bad.

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27 SeptimusHeap2nd Feb 2013 12:09:03 PM from Laniakea , Relationship Status: Mu
That looks good enough for me.
28 nrjxll2nd Feb 2013 01:23:28 PM , Relationship Status: Not war
It needs some work for English issues ("exceptions", not "expectations", for instance) and flow, but the general gist looks about right.
Changed "expectations" to "exceptions", capitalized the last "the", and removed "either".
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Out of curiosity, where does that def come from?
The def? What do you mean?
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32 SeptimusHeap3rd Feb 2013 01:46:14 AM from Laniakea , Relationship Status: Mu
Definition. I was typing from my phone - can't write long stuff from there.
Yes I know that, but the definition of what? The description, the word "exception", "expectations","whether"?
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The one you wrote up.
Ah that. I took some of the details from the original description that made sense. Things that I thought were relevant. I also read a lot of war books (mostly Warhammer 40000) and watch a lot of war movies and TV shows. They are mostly about foot soldiers or, if it's older periods, cavalry, infantry, archers, etc. There has been one recent American movie that focuses on Aeriel combat and that was a WWI movie and a few based on submarine combat (if a B-movie about attacking giant sharks and squids can be counted). Tank, air, and sea battles are mostly depicted with CGI on the history channel now-a-days with some old live footage for back-up.
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Description swap is done. Anything else to do?
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