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Happy Wars, XBLA's first free-to-play action-strategy MMO:

Jonah Falcon

Coming out Oct 12. It's free to play for Gold members, but considering a massive chunk of it is online...

It's been getting raves from beta testers.
Jonah Falcon
So any news on what the pay content is going to be?

 3 Recon 5, Sat, 6th Oct '12 10:28:42 PM from Southeast Asia
Avvie-free for life!
[up] Gold members are already paying...

Jonah Falcon
Yeah, it's basically a bonus for being a Live subscriber, though, really, you need a Live connection to play any multiplayer on anything anyway. If you're already playing other games multiplayer, it really is free.
Jonah Falcon
Jonah Falcon
So, who's been playing? tongue
Jonah Falcon
 6 Known Unknown, Thu, 18th Oct '12 9:06:34 PM from Here. There. Everywhere.
Fresh For 2014
I can't really get a good idea from the trailer as to what the gameplay's like... what should I expect?
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