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If youre going to say a Satellite Character But Black is not a trope, then we also have to say A Lead Character, but White is not a trope either.

The Black Best Friend is the typical counterpart of the White Male Lead because the Black Best Friend makes the White Male Lead look less biased as a person, and makes the show look more diverse and possibly more marketable.

Same is true of when the trope is inverted when you have a Black lead with a White Best friend. But notice how rare the inversion is in comparison to when its played straight. The Black Best Friend is complained about sometimes because it implies that blacks are always second to whoever the main character is. It's less common that blacks are main characters that aren't attached to a white person unless the show is explicitly about race or about black people as a category. The White Male Lead gets to represent people generally.

If something is played straight consistently in the media, its a trope. Because more than likely its intentional.

have you ever thought about the work that goes into coming up with a concept, script writing, pitching, casting, production, marketing etc. that people do each and every day for months at a time, and get paid for and have to convince other people that run companies and have millions of dollars to jump on board and put down their money and invest in the project too, and they are all depending on it to do well enough with an audience that's used to seeing and responding well to certain images(for Western media, and its international markets) to make that money back? And you think its just a non-noteworthy coincidence that a pattern shows up so many times, especially one concerning race dynamics (especially concerning blacks)? In American media at least? You're kidding yourselves.

Tropers didn't invent any tropes, its a platform that recognizes them.

Both are tropeworthy. both shouldn't get axed.

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The current trope name is a phrase I usually see used off-wiki to describe the Some of My Best Friends Are X excuse, which is a related, but somewhat different trope, since I don't think this trope is necessarily about, since, while it operates on the same principle, doesn't actually require invocation of Some of My Best Friends Are X.
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