Iron Man & Hulk: Heroes United:

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Marvel Animation Studios is launching it's first solo DVD effort since the Lionsgate movies.

Interesting. He says it isn't necessarily set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe but it seems like it might at least partially be inspired by the friendship between Stark and Banner from The Avengers.
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Looks pretty good and it's always nice seeing the Hulk and Iron Man's dynamic together.
That's some ugly-looking artwork...
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“The two heroes meet up, thinking of each other as to blame.”

Aaaaaaaaaaand leeeeeeet meeeeeeeeeeeee gueeeeeeeeeeess...

They fight?

[up] Is Loeb writing it?
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@Napoleon They are teaming up and i'm pretty sure the Let's You and Him Fight trope is older than Loeb, so what are you talking about? The trope isn't even limited to superheroes. Where does it say he's writing this anyway? He's just a producer.

Besides, Hulk beating up Iron Man is always fun.

Here's the trailer. Hulk and Iron Man team up to fight Zzzax who is possessing several of Stark's armors.

Also, there's a brief scene with Wendigos.

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Why does Tony sound like Spider-Man? This is an odd choice of voice for the character.
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