Justifying Giant Gems.:

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Hi there. I had an idea always cooked up that revolved around an entire society that uses large Power Crystals for just about everything. Like for example, flight or magnetic anti-gravity can be achieved by having a huge emerald stone underneath the vehicle.

Now I know gems are NO WHERE that size in real life, but I was wondering if there was a way to justify a world where there is just a bunch and bunch of gems to be cut and refined for society beyond "Magic".
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Actually, I am sure giant crystals of that size exist in RL. Wait a moment...

Here we go. Up to 12 meters tall and 2 meters wide.

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Crystals can get huge in real life. What's unusual is gem-quality crystals — with the right color, translucency/transparency/opacity(depending on the gem), clarity, lack of contamination or structural flaws, and such like things that keep a crystal from being sufficiently attractive to be used as a gem.
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Gunpla is amazing!
So just justify it by having the world have a bunch of large unrefined gems and the refining part be a huge industry?
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Something like that'd work, yeah.

It's worth noting that in real life, there's really no process for taking a less-than-gem-quality crystal and making it, well, gem quality. But you can use gem shards as "seeds" to grow bigger gems through artificial means, so if the society is hypertech-y enough, you could possibly justify it by saying that they've refined the means to make large, gem-quality crystals artificially.
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^ Well considering you can make diamonds literally from scratch...


This occurs in reality. A number of fairly hefty gemstones have been unearthed before. Likewise the crystal caves like that mentioned in Mexico.

There are a few theories/hypotheses that what was found in Mexico is a lot more common than thought, particularly in geologically active regions (mountain ranges, volcanic areas, plate boundaries).

Also this has occurred in space. One recently discovered exo-planet is believed to be a giant diamond. No not covered in diamonds, the whole planet is one diamond. (This one.)

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