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Misused: No Ending
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Misused: No Ending get usage counts

 26 Lionheart 0, Mon, 22nd Oct '12 8:42:48 PM from Tallahassee, Fl Relationship Status: Drowning in your pond, hoping you'll notice me
Grabbing my destiny
I think part of the problem is that No Ending doesn't seem to know whether it's a supertrope (which children like Author Existence Failure, Cut Short, possibly Bolivian Army Ending, and possibly Left Hanging) or a sister trope to those. I would think supertrope, but the description says "under this circumstance it's not this trope, it's that one", which implies a sister trope.

I would say No Ending is a sister trope to Bolivian Army Ending. The primary difference between the two is that No Ending resolves the main narrative of the story not having any resolution while Bolivian Army Ending revolves around the work ending in a cliffhanger with the viewer not knowing if the characters have survived.

 27 lu 127, Sat, 22nd Dec '12 2:49:04 PM from the Forest of Thorns Relationship Status: Loves me...loves me not
 28 lu 127, Wed, 26th Dec '12 6:26:04 AM from the Forest of Thorns Relationship Status: Loves me...loves me not
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