The Master:

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1 Kentok2nd Oct 2012 04:23:01 PM from Where it leads me , Relationship Status: Above such petty unnecessities
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I'm surprised that there hasn't been a thread about The Master already.

I'll just say that Joaquin Phoenix deserves Best Actor for his role in this.

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2 Nohbody2nd Oct 2012 04:38:27 PM from Somewhere in Dixie , Relationship Status: Mu
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Having been previously involved in Chanologynote  and how it's been mentioned that the eponymous Master bears more than a passing resemblance to Hubtard Hubbard, I am interested, but it's like an hour and a half to the nearest theater carrying it. I don't care how good a movie is, I'm not doing a 3+ hour round trip to see it. tongue

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3 johnnyfog2nd Oct 2012 08:15:09 PM from the Zocalo , Relationship Status: They can't hide forever. We've got satellites.
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I'd sooner go see a remake of The Wizard.

There doesn't seem to be much point to the movie. It's not meditation on the nature of cults, and it's not a character study. It's kind of arthouse.
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