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There's nothing specifically wrong with Japanese School Club as a page in itself but it seems rather pointless for it to be so narrow. Why not just "School Club(s)"? I know there's School Clubs Are Serious Business but that's another trope.

Basically I don't understand why it's Japanese specific.
2 DannebrogSpy2nd Oct 2012 01:59:59 PM from Copenhagen, Denmark
Do you have any examples of school clubs in other nations? And are there any noticeable differences? School clubs are nearly unknown here in Denmark (except from ocasional theatre groups), so I am a bit curious.
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3 nrjxll2nd Oct 2012 02:18:16 PM , Relationship Status: Not war
They're quite plentiful in the United States, although I think there's some legitimate cultural differences.

If anything, the problem with this trope is that it sounds (and partially reads) like a Useful Note on those differences.

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In America, is is not uncommon for schools to have an Art club, a Computer club, a Chess club, a Glee club, Bible study, a Yearbook staff, a school newspaper, Debate team, Theater/Stage crew, Band/Orchestra, student congress, and branches of DECA, Amnesty International, National Honor's Society, and more. My former high school had something on the order of 20+ such after-school clubs. However, I grew up in the suburbs, and American schools run the gamut of super-elite to dirt-poor, so obviously YMMV.
I don't think such things are actually important in American schools though. And apart from stuff like band how much does this come up in America media? I honestly don't know.
6 nrjxll2nd Oct 2012 08:15:49 PM , Relationship Status: Not war
The way I see it, there's a couple questions here:

  • Should this really be Useful Notes? Should we have Useful Notes on the topic even if not using this page for them specifically?
  • Are Japanese school clubs distinct enough - both in real life culture and in how they're treated in fiction - to deserve a page of their own? If so, is there a missing School Club supertrope?

For the record, I know almost nothing about the subject at hand. The page certainly sounds distinct, but that's been known to be exaggerated in the past.

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I see no reason for this to be Japan-specific.
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Seconding Dannebrog Spy; Japanese clubs seem nothing like the ones where I come from (Ireland; they're mostly sports teams and run completely by the school), though maybe the US is closer.

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9 CobraPrime3rd Oct 2012 08:35:01 AM from Canada , Relationship Status: Robosexual
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If Japanese Clubs are different from those here in Canada, the article makes no effort to explain it. We have clubs here. Run by students. They also get room or facilities from the school.

I am not saying there's no cultural difference, but if there is, the article's not telling.

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I often see anime depicting schools with rooms or large buildings exclusively for clubs; is this commonplace in Japan or is it just an example of Elaborate University High/Absurdly Powerful Student Council?

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I think the difference is that people actually care and they show up in the plot. Now, I don't think that means the trope needs to necessarily be about Japanese school clubs, but it's possible that said type of club simply shows up with greater frequency in Japanese stuff.
12 Willbyr4th Oct 2012 10:15:23 AM from North Little Rock, AR , Relationship Status: Pining for the fjords
[up] Exactly. Showing club activities is very prominent in a lot of anime and manga, and I assume in Japanese live-action shows too, but they hardly ever show up as really prominent in American shows, at least that I'm aware of.
13 AnotherDuck4th Oct 2012 11:13:05 AM from Stockholm , Relationship Status: In season
No, the other one.
Is how people relate to the club important to the trope, or is the trope about the club itself?

Though if you pick American examples, sports clubs are probably the most significant, though they are perhaps often more school teams than clubs. I'm not personally too familiar with it, though, since we don't really have clubs in Sweden (sports clubs aren't usually tied to schools, but to the professional league teams). The closest here is probably the extra subjects you can sometimes pick.
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Smallville, Buffy, Freaks & Geeks and The Simpsons have all had episodes about school club stuff, especially Smallville which revolved around the student newspaper in its early years. I can't think of any US shows dealing with school as a major subject that didn't have such an episode, in fact.

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15 nrjxll4th Oct 2012 04:31:28 PM , Relationship Status: Not war
For the record, American school sports tend to be sports teams, not "clubs" as such, though I admit I'm not quite sure what the difference would be.
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Isn't Glee an American show focused on a school club? (Granted, I've never watched it.)
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[up][up]That might be no more than a difference in terminology.
18 Heatth6th Oct 2012 10:47:19 AM from Brasil , Relationship Status: In Spades with myself
Virtually every Japanese school story will, at some point, depicts school clubs at some points. And said clubs will be very varied in nature. There will be sport clubs for the msot common sports, but there will also be 'cultural clubs' for the a whole range of random thing. Music, cooking, theater, computer, shogi...

In the American high school I've seem*, not only clubs were not as present, but it were almost always centered around sports. There is always an American Football team and, sometimes, a Baseball Team as well, as well as cheerleaders around them. But that is it.

Also, the way I understand, Japanese school incentive is students to be part of clubs. Hell, apparently it is somewhat common being mandatory to be a club member.

Finally, when watching American school shows, there sport teams never seemed weird to me. The cheerleaders were, natrually, but only them. All the rest seemed very natural. However, I found Japanese clubs to be a very foreign in concept. It caused me weirdness. So, yeah, I think a page clarifying the issue to be useful overall.
[up]If "clarifying the issue" is the info Japanese School Club really needs to provide, then it should be turned into a useful notes page, not a trope page. And that should not mean simply moving the description and examples into a new namespace and changing some wicks.
20 nrjxll6th Oct 2012 03:29:35 PM , Relationship Status: Not war
In that case, we would need to create a "School Club" trope to replace it.
21 Heatth6th Oct 2012 03:59:26 PM from Brasil , Relationship Status: In Spades with myself
[up][up]Sure. I feel Japanese School Club to be broad to be used as a trope anyway. There are tropes using the dynamic of a school club, however, there shouldn't be a page for "insert here work in which school clubs appear".

So, I propose spiting the page. One page, probably with the current name, describing the concept and showing its difference and similarities to other extra class school activities from around the world. Then we can make specific tropes, if needed.

On the top of my head, I can think on:

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[up]Those sound like good ideas. They should be written up.
23 Noaqiyeum6th Oct 2012 07:25:11 PM from the October Country , Relationship Status: Showing feelings of an almost human nature
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Those subdivisions make sense (the WISC should get a link to Weird Trade Union), but it doesn't seem to me that the current page would remain a trope. I support moving it to a Useful Notes page; we can probably combine it with club systems internationally, as well.
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24 Heatth6th Oct 2012 07:55:10 PM from Brasil , Relationship Status: In Spades with myself
[up]Yeah, I agree. I intended to propose to transform it in a Useful Note in my previous post as well*. End up forgetting, though. ^^; Even the way it is written now, it doesn't seem like a trope. Most of examples are just "club X appear in this work", without any meaningful elaboration.

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If we need useful notes about how Japanese School Clubs are different from American ones, we also need an American School Club trope or something similar for audiences who aren't from that culture. While it may not come up as often as in Japanese shows, clubs do come up quite a bit in fiction about American schools.

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