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Ok, so I've been making this world for this Mega Crossover fanfic that's been floating around in my head for some time. I've made a little map, but of course you can't see it, because I don't think a can do that. Anyway, the crossover is between (deep breath) Transfomers Prime, Chronicles of Narnia (mostly movie version), Super Mario Bros., Age of Empires 3, Guardians of Ga'hoole (mostly movie version), and How To Train You Dragon (mostly movie version). Whew! And by the way, I do NOT own any of those. They belong to their respective owners. The names of various places came from the original media, with a few exceptions made by me.

Anyway, the world is flat, with three major continents: the largest one taking up the entire western side, the second largest taking a good portion of the northeast corner, and the smallest taking up a small area of the south. In between these is the Great Sea, with two smaller seas flowing into it: the Sea of Hoolemere, and the Everwinter Sea. Narnia, the Wild Lands of the North, and Ambala are the nations on the largest continent (although the Wild Lands of the North isn't so much a nation as it is a large area with a few mostly nomadic tribes that otherwise doesn't belong to anybody), the Mushroom Kingdom and Bowser's Land take up the second largest continent, and the smallest continent has the Pure One's territory and two large chunks of the Ga'hoolian Kingdom. The Viking's territory on a group of islands in the Everwinter Sea. There are lots of other little islands in the seas, but I'll get to them later.

Creation The world the story takes place in was created by Aslan, this world's god, by his singing everything into being. After Creating organic life and bringing humans from our own world, he created the Cybertronians, in particular a planet sized Cybertronian named Primus, who would be the home for the living robots. However, one of the humans had accidentally allowed two evil beings, Jadis, the white witch, and Tash, this world's equivellent to Satan, to enter the world. Tash created his own planet transformer, Unicron. Unicron was soon defeated and forced into a 10,000 year sleep.

Geography The southern part of the largest continent has two deserts. The larger of the two, the Great Desert, has a river flowing through it, and has more canyons, mesas, mountains, etc. The smaller desert, the Desert of Kuneer, has only a few oasises, and is virtually flat. To the east of the two deserts is The Barrens, a large grassland. Also to the east of the Great Desert, is a large area that is significantly wetter that the land west of it. I have rather un-creatively named this area "Coastal Plain", despite the fact that it has enough trees to be considered a forest rather than a plain. Further north, on the east coast of this continent, is the large, primarily deciduous Eastern Forest. It stretches nearly the whole length of Narnia's coast, with a small portion in Ambala. To the west of this is the Plains of Beruna, the largest grassland in this world. It has a large river flowing through it. The northern coast has some marshlands. The northern part of the plains has a large group of mountains called the H'rathghar Mountains. In the northwest is the primarily coniferous forest Lantern Waste. The Western Mountains range make up Narnia's western border. In the far north is Ettinsmoor, a large tundra with short grasses and other tundra type plants. two the east and west of this is N'yrthghar, a region covered by snow almost all year, so there is even less plant life. The northeastern-most part of the continent is the H'rathghar glaicier.

On the second largest continent is a range of mountains (haven't found a name yet) with a single pass, that is the only thing separating the inhabitants of the mushroom kingdom from Bowser and his minions. In the far north of the Mushroom Kingdom is a large tundra, with the northeastern-most area an icecap called Snowman's land (don't blame me for the Incredibly Lame Pun, I got it from one of the Mario games). There is a large, as of yet unnamed mountain range near that region, where one of two major rivers on the continent begins. On the north eastern coast is the Ice Talons, a strange formation of permanently frozen ice that from the air looks like a set of talons made from ice. Further south is the Bay of Fangs. The plain that makes up most of the Mushroom Kingdom has yet to be named. Near the south western border is the Goomba Forest, a primarily deciduous forest. Just north of this is Lake Ilkeen. Bowser's Land is mostly a grassland with a one month long rainy season and the rest of the year is the dry season. The northern region has a small area called The Beaks, which has multiple rocky formations that look like (duh) beaks. the southwest coast has the Dark Forest, a forest with trees so close together that the bottom is dark nearly all the time. The weird thing is a lot of the trees look dead. In the center of Bowser's land is Lava Land (I made that name up, I think. creative, right?), an extremely volcanic region.

And the smallest continent has the St.Aegolious Canyons, a semiarid region. On the northwest peninsula is the shadow forest, made up mostly of coniferous trees. Again, the trees are so close you can barely see at the bottom (think the Dark Forest, but only slightly less creepy). On the east coast is Silverveil, a temperate rain forest, and the Kiel bay.

While there are no notable islands in the Sea of Hoolemere in the south, the Everwinter Sea in the North has five. The first three have yet to be named, Because two (the one where the Green Death dragon... thing lived, and the second is from the little short where all the dragons went to hatch their eggs), were never named, and I can't remember the name of the one where the vikings live. Names aside, The viking's home island is covered in dense coniferous forest, and is somewhat mountainous. It is cold in the winter, and relatively mild in the summer. The one where the Green Death lived is rocky, and devoid of plant life, as is the third island, although it lacks the dense mist/fog. The fourth island is the Ice Dagger, a rocky island that has a gigantic chunk of permanently frozen ice. The fifth island, belonging to Ga'Hoole, is Stormfast Island. This island has little plant life, mostly lichens, short grasses, some moss, and other typical tundra plants. Somehow this is able to support small animal life, which in turn supports the owls living there. In the Great sea, we have the Seven Isles, an archipelego with cold winters and warm summers. Even then however, There are few forests, and only on the southernmost islands. Directly (but very far) south of that, off the coast of Ambala, is the archipelego of Calorman, with a mediterranean climate, and the islands are slightly hilly. North east of that is the Lone Islands, also with a mediterranean climate. South east of that, we come to the islands Galma and Terebinthia, two small(ish) islands covered in tropical rainforest. They are somewhat hilly, but not enough to be considered mountainous. Another set of tropical rainforest covered islands are the Tridents, a group of three mountainous islands. all except one of the volcanoes are either dormant or extinct.

Religion The vikings believe (for the most part) in the traditional Norse gods (Odin, Thor, Freyja, etc.), most Narnians believe in Aslan, while the Ga'Hoole owls worship Glaux. A few of the people of Ambala, worship Tash, others worshiping Aslan, and still others worshiping other deities. The Autobots are evenly split between Aslan and Primus (Primus has a slight majority), and the Decepticons worshiping either Unicron or nothing at all.

Language The languages spoken in this world include, but are not limited to, English, Norse, Krakish, Hoolian, Italian, French, Galman, Terebinthian, Jouzhen, Kuneerian, and Yoshi (facepalm).

Sentient Creatures Other Than Humans, Toads, Dwarves, etc. While there is a large amount of ordinary animals, many animals with the ability to think and speak also exist, living mostly in Narnia. They tend to live in the same kind of habitat their non-speaking counterparts do, for example a talking mole will live underground, a talking polar bear will live somewhere cold, etc.

The Cybertronians live scattered throughout this universe, although there are several on the world in question, mostly in a base outside of a town in the Great Desert, and the Nemesis. I can't tell you exactly where the Nemesis is because it's a ship. It moves.

Phoenixes tend to stick to grasslands or deserts, particularly areas of those regions that have many rocks, where they may build their nests. They are somewhat solitary, given there are very few of them.

Dragons, talking and otherwise, are a fairly even split of solitary and gregarious. Usually they live more isolated from humans, with many of the dragons on the islands belonging to the vikings being the major exception. Dragons will live anywhere except for tundra areas.

Gryphons will usually stay in the mountains or forests, often living in groups of as little as four to as many as seventy.

For the most part, the "world building" in this case is more like "attempt to make all the timelines and worlds fit together" although there are a few cultures and places I made up. A vast majority of this does NOT belong to me.

Okay, that's all I could think of for now, I will update this post, but until then, please tell me what you think, but please TRY to be polite about it, i.e., no flames or flame wars.

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