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As the original topic is already closed: The favicon is now a 64px graphic.

Edit: Fixed now, although still has the wrong version.

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For me, it was fixed for a while, but then this has happened again and now the icon is tiny again. surprised
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New tabs I open to TV Tropes have the tiny logo. When I last opened Chrome on Thursday or so, all tabs opened with the normal-sized logo, though that may have been based on what was in cache.

Edit: And now I think it may have been Friday or even Saturday. In any case, Chrome just restarted on me and now all TV Tropes tabs have the small logo.

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Good to know that I'm not the only one.

When I left school today at 3 PM EST, the icons were normal-sized. When I checked my watchlist four hours later, they were tiny. This is the first time it's happened to me.

Does the cache still store pages when you're browsing incognito in Chrome?

EDIT 9 Oct 2012 21:09: Just cleared it for the past four weeks; nothing has changed.

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Is this problem only happening in Chrome? surprised
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Stopped happening for me at some point Saturday.
The icon's normal-sized in Safari, at least. I'm installing Firefox right now to see what's going on there, as well.

EDIT: Normal in Firefox. Still tiny in Chrome, though. Chrome asked me to restart my browser for an update, so I did, and my previously normal-sized bookmarks for my Thread Watch, Watchlist, and Writer's Block became tiny. ; _ ;

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For me, the icon is normal sized in Firefox, but when I use my ipod, the browser I use shows it as really tiny.
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Is this happening mostly in Chrome? surprised
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As far as I can tell, yes.
Hey, the icon's back to normal now! (For me, at least.) Yay!
Mine's still tiny. sad
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For now, it seems to have gone back to normal. surprised
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And now it's tiny again. WHOO
And now it's tiny again. sad
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Yeah, the tiny icons suck. :C No clue how to fix that, they're not like that on other browsers.
For a while the tvtropes icon wasn't showing up on my browser at all. Showing up again, and it looks like icons are fixed. Normal size now.

EDIT: ...And weirdly enough it seems to be working for everything else, but Walkyverse shows up as tiny. Odd...No no, it's all of them. ;~; Mostly. Wait, it seems to be switching a lot. >_>

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