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1 Wheezy2nd Oct 2012 01:04:47 AM from South Philly
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I think most of you know me. For those of you who don't, I write - usually comics, but sometimes short stories or nonfiction essays/advice/rants - and draw, although most of my drawings that aren't directly tied to my writing goes in the Visual Arts forum.

Anyway, I work on so many things - and flip so many projects in and out of hiatus - that continuing to maintain threads for each one would be stupid. So here's every writing-based project I work on, wrapped into one thread.

So, here's what I've finished so far...

  • Tom: A collaborative short story about a guy trying to rescue his crush from a Dark World filled with Eldritch Abominations. It's still missing a scene, but this is probably as finished as it's going to get, considering Max is the only person who knows how to write that scene, and he's moved on to other things.
  • Ganzfeld Pilot Script: One scene from a medium-length comic serial I'm planning about a (very thorny) conflict between a secret society of psychics and The Men in Black who hunt them. I have very big plans for this story, but we'll get into those later. I'm not spoiling this one.
  • Burning Bridges Pilot Script (1st draft): Another pilot script, for another comic contest, about a Hot Scientist who gets blown up, then turns into a jetpack-stealing, flamethrower-MacGuyvering badass. As a side note, don't get too attached to this idea. Apparently, there was some fine print that specified that by merely dragging their eyes across my script, the people that run the contest now own all the property rights to it. So if I don't make the top three, the series will end with this issue. Kind of a shame, because it's refreshingly different from my other stuff.*

And what am I working on now?

  • The actual chapter one of Ganzfeld. It takes place before the pilot, and involves two guys trying to rob a casino. Well, sort of. (About 60% done.)
  • A final, edited, actual first chapter script for Yume-Hime - this webcomic thing about an anime fangirl who has dreams about... Shit, I'm sick of talking about it. It's been in Development Hell for two years now, so it would be embarrassing to hype it anymore without having anything to show for all that talk. So either read the last abandoned thread on it or wait for the final project. As a side note, the reason it's taken so long is because I've had to sort through three hundred pages of notes and do a total re-arrangement of the 100-page script, twice. Either way, first chapter script's about 20% done.
  • The final draft of that Burning Bridges pilot. (95% done.)
  • A full-time job. (This is making everything else take longer, but it's financing it all, too.)

Finally, here's some more stuff that might happen soon. I think. Maybe.

  • A short graphic novel script about a salesman who gets run over by a semi, but is stuck on Earth until he can find a way to settle his Unfinished Business. (Maybe 25% done, but on extended hiatus.)
  • A collaboration with one of my old high school mates for a Visual Novel about zombies. (Somewhat likely.)
  • A collection of short stories about stuff I've seen in Real Life, arranged in a way that makes them seem less boring. (This is further off.)
  • A few more comic projects, including a deconstruction of the Costumed Non Superhero archetype, a weird take on the Unwanted Harem genre, and a Lighter and Softer series about a world that runs on Magic Music. (None of these have made it past the planning stage yet.)
  • A video series on writing and drawing. (This hasn't left the "oh hey, that would be a cool thing to do someday" phase.)

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(That Guy You Met Once)
I have a problem.

Or, more accurately, Ganzfeld has a problem.
Or, more accurately, Ganzfeld is a problem.
Or, more accurately, Ganzfeld is one huge collection of problems.

The first one is that developing it into a comic will cost money. $40 a page, to be precise. I think I'm decently OK at drawing, but I'm not anywhere near the level it'll take to draw a professional-level comic, so I'm trying to save up to hire this guy. Yes, I know 40/page is amazing for that art quality, but I'm still having a problem with it. If I wanted to get this done without major Schedule Slippage, I'd have to take a second job. I'm actually kind of considering this, but it wouldn't leave me any time to write.

I could write it as a novel, but I honestly don't think a noir Urban Fantasy about psychics would find an audience in any medium except comics.

Another issue is the first chapter:

Warning: Highlighting any of the following will spoil a large part of the series to shit:

Unlike the pilot, which revolved entirely around two characters, the full ... will feature an Ensemble Cast. The first chapter centers around Mrs. Black, possibly one of the most powerful living telekinetics on Earth, although we don't get any clue to that until the end, and it's not fully revealed until another chapter.

At the beginning of the story, she's almost 80, and has spent the last fifteen years in retirement. The BPA's been tracking her for almost as long, and they've recently spotted her at a casino she buses to once every few months.

Our story takes place on the day they decide to bring her in. They need to find a way to bring her in - in public, because the threat of breaking The Masquerade is the only thing that will reliably keep a psychic from using their powers - but without making it obvious that she's being illegally arrested by a government agency.

So, from here, I've thought of two directions the story could take:

Direction 1

They simply walk up to her, tap her on the shoulder, and say that they're from the government, she's going to follow them, and they dare her to do anything about it in front of hundreds of people and tens of security camera.

This would be a very sensible plan, but it's also boring. This series is already more dialog-heavy than most of my other work, and it needs yet another scene of two people standing around talking like it needs a hole in its metaphorical head.

Direction 2

  1. They decide to stage a robbery, have two agents "take her hostage," then fake a handoff to the "police" - also agents in disguise - who would take her in. Trying to turn this scene into an actual script was a fucking logistical nightmare. The main problem is that hostage situations and police raids in Real Life take hours and are often massive media events. And while this series obviously isn't too grounded in reality, there would still be no way to convincingly pull something like that off without shooting Plausible Deniability to hell. Not to mention that a robbery in a major casino would cause mass panic, which is exactly what the BPA wants to avoid. And we still haven't mentioned yet that it would be extremely difficult for the artist to draw.

As a side note, I drove out to a Hard Rock yesterday just to research and plan this scene, and I still can't figure out how to make it work.

Anyway, I have time to decide, since I'll purposely be stalling on doing much more work on this series. I'll probably be visiting New York City for the first time next week - I'm taking temporary work there - so it doesn't make sense to write a story set in an expy of The City before visiting the real thing.

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3 Wheezy6th May 2013 06:08:49 PM from South Philly
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It's been a while since I updated this, hasn't it?


Untitled creepypasta about two guys who create a webshow.

It's about halfway down the page.

And a story/poem/thing.


Contacting it is much simpler than you would imagine.
Thatís why so few people have done it.

Sacrificing lives doesnít work. Blood is just another earthly liquid. It has no use for corpses.
It does not eat.

Also ineffective are wearing black, lighting candles, drawing sigils, reading incantations, or playing any form of music.
It has no concern for the decorations you think itíll like.

To reach it, just focus on it.
Do not think of goats, snakes, red men with horns, or any such folktales.
Man puts a familiar face on what he canít understand.

Learn fear.
Immerse your mind in it. Fear of death. Fear of the unknown. Fear of God. Fear of anything.

It doesnít matter at what you direct it. A man, a woman, a race, a gender, or yourself.
Just hate. Hate until it drives out all rational thought. Hate until itís all you know.

Study atrocities.
Both the great ones of history and the tiny ones committed daily.
Find beauty in them, and even more the motives behind them.
Tell yourself itís right to do those things.

Then, in its own time, itíll come to you.
Not in a cloud of smoke, not from a burning pit in the ground.
Not as a goat, or a snake, or a red man with horns.

But as a tiny voice in your head, calling you.
It does not speak, it just manipulates thoughts.
Most people donít recognize it.
But if you've done all you need to do, you'll know this is what you're looking for.

Don't ask its true name.
You will hear the screams of every creature that has ever lived, and feel the pain of anyone or anything ever murdered, tortured, or eaten alive.
Noise and suffering beyond the human mind.

No one survives that.
Those who donít die of shock or heart failure, throw themselves off buildings and onto highways. Some die by their own bare hands.
Theyíre the lucky ones.

If youíve made it to this point, thereís no need to ask yourself why youíre doing this.
If youíve made it to this point, you have only one purpose.

You want to see whatís behind all the made-up creatures and tawdry stories of death we use for our cheap imitation of fear.

You want to see whatís behind fear itself, behind sadness, behind hate, behind pain.
The thing from which all of those are born.
So simple, words canít describe it.

We call it darkness, but itís nothing like a color.
We give it hundreds of names because none can label it.

There is only one deal you can make with the devil. Only one thing it can show you.


A sight the mind can't grasp. Not while tied to human eyes, human ears, a human brain.
In order for you to see it, it must first tear you out.
And make you a part of it.

It will be all you see, hear, feel, and think.
You will get your wish.

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4 Wheezy7th May 2013 11:14:05 PM from South Philly
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I recently dug up a "letter" I first posted in Writers' Block Daily over a year ago, then reposted it on Facebook.

Here you go.

I'm currently working on something else in the same vein.

As a side note, I've shelved Ganzfeld in favor of finishing Yume-Hime, which was started way earlier and has been on hiatus much longer.

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