Brainstorming Thread for The Monster Mash Writing Competition:

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Hello, TV Tropes. I'm fairly new to the forum, but I've been lurking around here for a while.

Seeing as its October, I thought that I would host a Halloween themed writing competition called The Grand Monster Mash Writing Competition. A competition celebrating the monsters of movies, games and mythos. But I need your help with getting this off the ground.

My current concept of the this is an elimination competition in which tropers pick a type of monster or mythological creature as long as it isn't a specific copyrighted character (such as Jason or Freddy Kruger to name a few). Tropers will be pitted against each other to write a story featuring both creatures. This story could be anything. It doesn't have to be a horror story, it can just feature them.

Another rule I will have is that the monsters must be characters. I wouldn't want to count a story that's just about a guy destroying both monsters when both monsters are just feral beasts with nothing to say or do.

The rounds may be held weekly. I'm not sure on this yet. If it is to be weekly, then I won't require the stories to be long. Maybe requiring a minimum word count of 500.

This is what I have so far.

There are somethings I need help from the community on deciding before I make the official thread such as:

  • Whether it will be public voting or voting by a select few judges. If the latter than who to pick to be the judges.

  • Whether or not should pick a specific theme (or trope) to go along with all of their stories. This I have thought about for the sake of consistency with their stories and to see if the two opponents can get creative with combining said theme/tropes.

  • On whether the tropers are to make their monster a consistent character of sorts in all of their stories or if the requires are for any of the central characters to be the monsters from the round.

  • If there should be a "Loser's Bracket" for third place.

If you're interested in this and/or have some suggestions to give for this competition, please leave a post and I'll get right to you. Remember, anything up here is subject to change, such as it even being an elimination thing (though I would prefer it).

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