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Custom Trope Repair Shop/Image Pickin reasons:

 1 Karjam P, Sun, 30th Sep '12 2:40:07 PM from South Africa Relationship Status: [TOP SECRET]
The imaginative Christian Asperger
It seams that older Trope Repair Shop/Image Pickin threads have titles which don't conform to that few preset reasons that we're forced to use nowerdays.

I'm just wondering what happened to it and why. This isn't a request to have it back. In fact, I don't even mind this change at all!

I think that change had to do with the fact that tropers would not always describe the problem in the post title, and that forces us to.

edited 30th Sep '12 3:02:08 PM by rodneyAnonymous

Becky: Who are you? The Mysterious Stranger: An angel.
Huck: What's your name? The Mysterious Stranger: Satan.
Dragon Writer
Yeah, it was something of a Nice Job Breaking It Wiki. Generally, the topic title should identify the problem, not propose a solution.
 4 Willbyr, Mon, 1st Oct '12 5:38:22 AM from North Little Rock, AR Relationship Status: Pining for the fjords
[up][up], [up] Exactly. I've actually been going through the old IP threads and adding tags for the pages that didn't have them, and it's kinda nostalgic to see all the threads with the unique titles.
 5 Karjam P, Sat, 17th Nov '12 12:44:31 PM from South Africa Relationship Status: [TOP SECRET]
The imaginative Christian Asperger
Wonkyth created a custom title. surprised

Of course, he's a mod, so he can do that. It's just that it's not often that a mod uses his privileges to make a custom title (in this case, to signify there's two problems that he saw).

edited 17th Nov '12 12:46:39 PM by KarjamP

 6 lu 127, Sat, 17th Nov '12 12:45:48 PM from the Forest of Thorns Relationship Status: Loves me...loves me not
Hmmmm? Willbyr just changed it after creating it.
 7 Karjam P, Sat, 17th Nov '12 12:47:53 PM from South Africa Relationship Status: [TOP SECRET]
The imaginative Christian Asperger
Still, it's not often for new posts to have a custom title like this nowerdays.

In uffish thought
Willbyr has been gifted with the secret powers of modliness, and can therefore create a thread and then change its title. He does that on occassion to remind us all to cower in fear identify when there's multiple problems with a page.

Drat, ninjas.

edited 17th Nov '12 12:51:53 PM by Telcontar

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