Question: What kind of walls does WallAroundTheWorld cover?:

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Does Wall Around the World mean:

  1. A wall keeping city/country/world separate from everything around it, or
  2. Any wall designed to keep two lands/worlds separate?

The current description seems to indicate the former, but there's one line in the second paraghraph that suggests the latter. And several of the examples given (including the Trope Namer, as far as I can tell) are of the latter kind of wall.

If it does include any wall separating two worlds, then the description should be re-written to reflect that. I also think a lot of real-life walls should qualify, most notably the Berlin wall, which both literally separated the people of East and West Berlin and symbolised the separation between the capitalist and communist worlds.

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2 AnotherDuck29th Sep 2012 01:44:11 AM from Stockholm , Relationship Status: In season
No, the other one.
Is there a significant difference in how the trope is played out between separating two places and separating one place from everything else? I don't think there is.

I would call this a TRS matter, but if it's just about clarifying the description and not actually changing the definition, TRS isn't necessary.

I'm not sure I'd count the Berlin Wall. People knew what was on the other side, and actively strived (occasionally succeeding) to get there. The trope seems more absolute than that.
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3 Madrugada29th Sep 2012 03:53:49 AM , Relationship Status: In season
No on the Berlin Wall. That's The Great Wall.

"The Great Wall is what happens when you try to get your enemies not only out of your city but of your county, state or country, resorting to the simple mechanism of building a wall that will (one hopes) keep them out.

It's similar to The Wall Around The World, except here everyone knows what lies at the other side. "
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Oh, I didn't know there was a The Great Wall trope! Probably because it's not indexed and contains no examples... Seriously, nice idea, but it has two problems:

  1. It's lacking content.
  2. It's not clear how it's distinct from Wall Around the World. Not because The Great Wall's description isn't clear, but because the description for Wall Around the World is ambiguous.

What would you recommend?:

  1. Indexing The Great Wall and adding examples directly to the page?
  2. Sending it back to YKTTW for extra work?
  3. Taking both tropes to the Trope Repair Shop?

Another Duck: "Is there a significant difference in how the trope is played out between separating two places and separating one place from everything else? I don't think there is."

I don't think so, either. Or, at least, there's so much overlap between the two that it would be difficult to sort examples. But I'd say that also goes for the issue of whether people know what's on the other side of the wall; it might be too hard to separate situations where they do from those where they don't.

This question came about, by the way, because I was wondering about The Wall from A Game of Thrones, which separates the Seven Kingdoms from the north, and Chattergy's Wall in Haroun and the Sea of Stories, which separates the lands of Chup and Gup. Which tropes would they fit?

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5 AnotherDuck30th Sep 2012 12:20:21 AM from Stockholm , Relationship Status: In season
No, the other one.
I don't think The Wall Around the World needs TRS. Clarify the description and it works.

The Great Wall could use help from TRS, or (maybe better) a trip to YKTTW to gather examples. I don't see a problem with the trope itself, though.
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6 nrjxll30th Sep 2012 01:19:45 AM , Relationship Status: Not war
I do think there might be an issue with overlap, though, as illustrated by Blue Iced Tea's comments (The Wall, in particularly, genuinely seems like it could go either way).
To my mind, the clearest distinction to be drawn would be between a wall designed to shield a place from everything outside of it (where what's outside is generally unknown), and a wall designed to separate two places (where the main goal is to prevent interaction between different groups of people). The problem is that the Wall Around the World page currently has examples of both types.

Here's how I would separate the examples.

The Wall Around the World (a wall protecting a place from everything outside of it):

The Great Wall (a wall keeping two places separate):

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