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If Phil was to describe his day today, it would be non-notable, unimpressive, run-of-the-mill. As he drew up to the home he still shared with his parents on his bike, he knew nothing different from normal. He noted on the lack of his parents' car – they were out, it looked like he was looking after the dogs for today. And sure as anything, the dogs almost attacked him in excitement as he entered the house.

Outside, the Xatu and Breloom looked at each other.. “She said to get a human right?” the Breloom asked his companion.

“Yes, but how do you know that's the right one to grab?” the Xatu responded.

The Breloom thought for a second. “I don't. Do you?”

In response came a weary sigh. “I guess not, let's go get him.”

Phil had by this point removed his helmet and was returning to the kitchen – after college he would certainly appreciate the coffee, when the dogs barking caught his attention. Looking outside, he had to look twice and maybe even three times, but he swore by it... he could see Pokémon! Yelling out to the dog to come back in and stop harassing something that was clearly capable of flying out of her way, he slowly and cautiously approached the bird and the mushroom... thing. He knew they were a Xatu and a Breloom, but... they weren't real - surely?

“Hey sport!” the highly animated Breloom almost jumped with anticipation. A real human! “We got a proposition for ya!”

Phil's eyes widened. “W-wait... you're real?”


The Breloom seemed to get some kind of a shiver. It confused Phil, it certainly wasn't a cold day, but as his eyes felt heavy, he came to the realisation. Of course, the spores... Soon after, he collapsed completely.
The part of the island they arrived at could be described as beautiful. It was a beach, golden sands stretching as far as they eye could see in both directions, giving way to a vivid azure blue sea at the front. After the beach, the island very quickly cut to a thick forest, almost as if a line had been drawn across the sand and some entity had decreed it stop.

“So, what do we do with him now?” The Breloom glanced over to Xatu again.

“I guess we wait for everyone else.”

“Cool! I'll go find them!” as the Breloom took off running, his clawed feet dug into the soft sands and he landed quite painfully on his face. “Or... you could go?” The Xatu rolled her eyes and gently took off to find where the others were with their humans. “Sure. Just leave me here.”

“I guess I should probably stand up now.” About ten minutes had passed with the Breloom on the floor, face down in the sand. “By Arceus, a real human! I can't believe... a real huma-!”

“Wait a second...” The Breloom looked with a mixture of disappointment and surprise. Where the human once lay... was nothing more than a Scyther.
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The sun shone bright and the wind stood still as Neil walked down the lone, empty street with a bag on his back. If one were to take a look at him, they would think that he was a kid walking home from elementary school. In reality, he was a high school senior, his height deceptive of his real age.

" Kekeke, found one. So how should we do this? Just knock him out and take him back?" A round purple Pokémon asked his partner from the bushes they were hiding in. It seems they have an eye on Neil.

His partner, a Pokémon that looked a bit like a miniature pine tree, only with the lower half of his body covered in snow, sighed and shook his head. " Gengar, you do know why we need him, don't you? It's not going to be very productive if he hates us when we get there. Let's just approach him, I'm sure he'll understand."

" Whatever, Snover. Kekeke." With a laugh, Gengar jumped out of the bushes, right in front of Neil, and stuck his tongue out. " Hey there, kid. Have we got a deal for you!"

Neil jumped about 5ft back and landed on his butt. "Wha-? What the hell?!" He began to crabwalk away on his butt, desperately trying to put distance between him and the Gengar.

" Gengar..." The Snover applied a branch to his face and walked out of the bushes himself, shaking his head along the way. " That's no way to ask him for help." He turned to Neil, who just sat there, dazed and confused...

" Don't worry, we're not going to hurt you. We just need you to help us back in the Pokémon world"

...And says something completely ridiculous with a perfectly straight face.

"What? Pokémon world? Wait, you're Pokémon? Wha- What is going on here?"

" We would love to explain, but we don't have time. Here, gather around me!" He pulled out a small glowing crystal.

"What is that?" Neil said as he stood up, and straightened his glasses.

" It's a Teleport Gem. Old man Alakazam and Xatu gave it to me."

" Hey! I helped too!"

" Yeah, whatever. Gather around me, guys."

The gem glowed brighter and brighter as the the human and Gengar gathered close, until the light glowed so bright that it enveloped the three of them. All of a sudden, the light disappeared, along with the three figures who were there before, leaving nothing but a lone backpack on the sidewalk.

Snover slowly opened his eyes, and saw a beautiful blue ocean. He looked down at the ground he was standing on, it was sand. They made it.

" Yes! Mission successful! To tell the truth, I was sort of worried that a human wouldn't be able to get into the Pokémon world."

" Well, you're half right." Snover heard Gengar say, and looked in the direction he was pointing. Standing before them, was a mere Munchlax with a pair of glasses.

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George was having a fine day, it wasn't raining today, sun shining and he had just been the the collage library to pick up some notes from an old friend. He pulled up on the driveway to his mansion and parked his car. Walking up to his front door he felt a chill

"Strange, I felt cold there for a second. But the suns up and it's a warm summer day..."

Contemplating this strange feeling, he went into his study and dropped off the notes before heading to his kitchen. He turned on his stove, filled and put on his tea pot. A good cup of warm tea should warm him up, must be the age.

Heading back to his study, he walked up to his desk and picked up the notes to read. His college Dr. Harnsworth had said something about strange finding in the amazons jungle, a old ruin with strange marking he'd never seen before. What are these strange markings, and where did they come from? Wait, he though, these seem familiar... Like I've seen them somewhere before.

The door to his study suddenly flings itself shut with a loud bang, causing him to jump in surprise as he was deep in his thoughts. A cold chill went through the room and the curtains shut as well. It was dark and cold, the faint light shining through the holes in the certain barely gave any light at all. But then there it was, a figure, unlike anything he had ever seen and barely visible in the dark room. It's voice was dark and threatening in it's tone    "You are to come with me, we seek your aid."   

George reached for his cane and pointed it at the creature "Whatever you are, why have you come for me?" The dark figure before him chuckled    "We both know you wouldn't believe me if I told you."    George shrugged. "True, but that doesn't give you the right to just order me around and take me where you please. Let me out this instant."

The dark figure looked at him    "I'm afraid you don't have a choice, I already made mine and you are coming with me."    George felt unnerved by it, it's tone of voice was disturbing and he felt it was dangerous. His eyes suddenly felt heavy, his body too... Too... Tired... no... must...escape......

Dusknoir looked at the old man he'd brought with him back, now lying in the sand sleeping from his Hypnosis. He may be old but with age comes knowledge and wisdom, sorely missed here and something needed to help them. He looked around him, he could not see any of the others yet. He glanced over to the human before looking again. Wait. Somethings not right. He looks back to the man and where he was sleeping, now lies a Golett with a mustache as the man and the same hat upon his head.

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soo...uh..we break the rules..

The Gardevior looked down at her companion Roselia with surprise.

Are you..you sure that breaking the rules..

"Don't be so pessimistic, this can't turn out too badly".

They had already chosen their victim for abdution- a rather tall boy with red eyes and blonde hair. The Boy's name was Mitzuki Sugimorri; he had no idea what was coming or what paths of fate had been cast infront of him. Actually he was just about to go for a brisk bike ride around the block.

He was just about to get on his bike when..

"What..the heck?..."

There infront of him stood the Gardevior, he had only ever vaguely herad of Pokemon- one of his freinds liked to babble about them in his spare time- telling him that one day he would become a trainer.

"This dosn't happen to be one of your bad jokes right? Sora...".

You Are a Human right?

The Gardevior Talked. Mitzuki was getting wild eyed with confusion. "Y.y..yeah...".

Just then an intensly sweet melody flooded his ears- music like the spring breeze, like flowers in sunshine , like...sleep....

"Uh...Rose?, you uh..you could have waited longer..."

The Roselia tootered out of the shadows.


"Right..whatever..um..Teleport!", even the Gardevoir was getting excited, they had caught a human being- that was new.

The two pokemon along with their newly caught Mitzuki blinked out of existance in a flash of purple.

On the Island


The Roselia and the Gardevior stared in shock at the..Roselia? Rose the Roselia basically freaked out completely.

" This..is going to get interesting..."

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Sean was at home, with only his ten-year old sister at home with him, his parents went off to meet with some other family members, neither the little Lyla or Sean wanted to go, so they were left alone, since they trusted that Sean would take care of her. The window of his room was open due to him wanting some wind to get in, hiding in the balcony there were two Pokémon, a Gallade and a Petlill.

" Um... Are you sure we can't take both?" Whispered the Petlill, trying to be as quiet as possible.

" Sorry, but I don't think the girl will be of much help" Answered the Gallade, he was looking very serious too.

Downstairs, Lyla entered the boy's room with a little DS in hands, she was very focused on the game.

"It would be so cool to have a Pokémon, what do you think bro?" Asked her, she was a very happy girl and had a constant smile on her face, then she noticed that Sean fell asleep while using the computer, he WAS feeling very tired that day "Oh, you're sleeping, I'm not gonna disturb you then"

As Lyla exited the room the telephone started to ring, she went to answer it and after she was in her own room that had a phone in it, the Gallade and Petlill quietly came to Sean's room, seeing the boy asleep made things far easier.

" He's already asleep, so let's just teleport out of here." Said the Gallade, quietly, while going to the boy's side.

" But the girl..." Said Petlill, worried about the little girl who would be left alone in there.

" She will be fine, trust me, now let's go." Retorted the Gallade, he didn't really want to leave the girl alone, but bringing her with them wouldn't be any better.

The Petlill let out a sad sigh as she did what she was told to, the Gallade then used teleport to take them all out of there, after they were already gone, Lyla entered the room looking pretty excited.

"Yay! Mommy and Daddy are coming back soon" She said, trying to wake her bro up, she then noticed she was not there "... Bro...?"

The Gallade and Petlill found themselves on a beach, with Sean now asleep in the sand, however he looked just like an Axew with a red scarf.

" W-What happened to him?!" Asked the Petlill, in shock.

" H-Huh...? I wasn't expecting this at all!" Said the Gallade, just as shocked as the Petlill

Lyla was the second character I was planning on using for this, just thought she could make some sort of cameo in this.
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It was a hot day in a small town in Montana, with the birds and grasshoppers once again creating the usual background music of nature. However, adding to all of the noise was the sound of a chainsaw. Outside of his house, Lars Stryker was hard at work trimming away the branches, bushes, and foliage around his property. A pair of hedge shears and a shovel were leaning against the fence from earlier, as he started cutting up branches using the saw. When he started up on another branch, he heard a loud "OUCH!".

Fear ran through his body as he instantly pulled away the chainsaw, turning it off. He had done this hundreds of times at home and work, and he had taken every precaution, so there was no way someone could have been hurt... but then, who had screamed out? He didn't see any blood anywhere, nor did he see a person. He looked around, up, down, and at the tree again, but didn't see anyone.

Then the tree moved. And spoke. "Hey man! Careful, there! Can you come with us?" Another tree moved closer to him, as did another. There was something vaguely familiar about them, but he couldn't quite place them.

"Yeah, come with us."

"We need to take you with us."

"What in the hell? Get away!" he shouted, pointing the saw at them. "Don't come any closer!"

"No, we don't want to hurt you!" said the second tree.

"Yeah," said the third. "We want your help!"

A fourth tree that Lars had not seen remained silent. Instead, it punched him in the back of the head - hard - and knocked him out. "What?!" he asked his fellow Sudowoodo. "Now hurry up, grab his legs."
The four Sudowoodo were on the beach, carrying an unconscious Lars with them. "Okay, one human," said the lead Sudowoodo - the same one who had punched Lars - dropping him off into the sand. Though he was no longer human - in his place was a similarly-dressed Machop. "Um... well... he was a human when we found him. Honest."
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Elessie De lite went to the park today. The day is sunny, the birds is singing, and the autumn leaves is falling! Clad in a sweater, scarf and skirt, she walked in a cheerful way. Going to the park and feeding the birds with her baked bread is her passion. Or rather, feeding stray animals with her home-cooked food. With a kind heart, she would go out at 10 am in the morning after doing chores at her grandma's house. Even when she usually gets lost on the way to the said place, she always tries her best to help.

A Gardevoir noticed her pure heart after she observed, day by day, rain or shine, she goes out of her way to feed the animals.

The order was to put the human to sleep and bring her to the island... The Gardevoir thought as she observed the brunette haired girl happily throwing away homebaked pizza and bread crumbs. "Little duckies~ I bought chicken feed for you guys!"

Should I abduct her? Or just ask her to com—

Elsie suddenly glanced at the green creature. "...A-a Gardevoir?"

Crap, sent out my thoughts again! She clenched her fists. Elsie just cocked her head to the side. O-oh. I'm indeed a Gardevoir...

"R-really? Where are you from?"

The humanoid Pokemon just smiled, anticipating her reaction. "I'm from the Pokemon world. We need humans to save the island. Do you...want to come?"

The girl cocked her head to the side and shook it two times. "D-do I have to go now? My grandma would be worried sick..."

Gardevoir frowned. "Sorry. We need to go now, we need to hur—''

"Count me in!" she stood up, dumping the food now. "Just send my grandma a letter after I write it later okay?"

The Gardevoir smiled. She chose well.

Sure thing, girl. she gave her hand to Elsie. I'm Belle.

Elessie smiled. "I'm Elsie! Pleased to meet you!"

The arrival is on another post. Just wrote on the spot. Just noticed it started...

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"Everyone else is coming back! But it's happening to all of them too..." the Breloom looked back towards Phil, his human. Noticing that the Scyther... human... whatever was still asleep on the ground he did do his best to remedy that situation. He walked over to the human's prone form and... "Wakey wakey!"

Breloom used Wake-Up Slap!

Phil woke with one of the greatest starts he'd ever had. "OW! fucking Argh!" He looked around... looking at his surroundings... it was a beach and.... Pokémon! More of them! He jumped onto his feet and backed away from them. "Keep back! I-i'll... I swear!" Looking down towards his outstretched hands though, they seemed to be blades... "Wh- what's going on? Where am I? What am I?"

Xatu had, as promised, gone to get the others. The three pokémon that stood before her were perhaps the most important on this part of the island, the leaders as it were. Errol, the Empoleon was in charge of keeping the pokémon around them fighting fit in spite of his embarrassing name. Belle, the Gardevoir was in charge of stopping situations like these that had arisen from happening in the first place. But she hadn't failed at her job; negotiations with these pokémon that were attacking them hadn't happened. And then there was Orville, the old, wise and sagely Noctowl that had the final say in just about everything and acted as the voice of reason in amongst the other two's incessant bickering.

When the Xatu brought back news that humans were beginning to arrive, they all departed with Xatu back towards the beach.

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"AH!" said Lars, waking up violently only to see a mushroom slapping someone, as well as other people lying down or getting up. "Who the hell are all of you? Why are you all Pokemon?"

Looking down at himself, he say he was now more than four feet shorted than he had been. Oddly, his clothes still fit. But his skin was a strange shade. "Why the fuck am I a pokemon? What am I? I can't see myself too good!?"
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Sean then awakened with a little yawn, as he got up he strecthed a little and then noticed the two Pokémon in front of him.

"What the... Did I play too much Pokémon yesterday?" He said, he then rubbed his eyes, and noticed his little green arms as he did "Huh...?" He said, it seemed like a dream for him, so it was a bit of a Dull Surprise to him.

" He seems to be taking it fairly well so far." Whispered the Petlill to the Gallade, a bit surprised with his actitude.

" It'll be temporary, believe me, he must think he's still dreaming." He whispered back, focused on Sean who was scanning the place around him with his eyes.
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It was just another day at school, until finally class was over. As the students left the room, Ray stayed behind packing his schoolbooks and preparing to go home.

Then, he noticed something important was missing as something disappeared from his pocket."Huh? What happened to my keys?", he whispered to himself, looking around his chair in order to find them, to no avail.

"How did I lose them? They were right on my—"

"Are you looking for this?", his thoughts were interrupted by a child's voice, coming from his left.... Which was strange, since no one was there aside from him for a long time, and children hardly came to this floor.

When he looked at that direction, an Abra was extending his hand to him, holding the ring his keys were attached to.

"Oh, thanks... Wait, what?!". More surprising than a child in the wrong place and not being as alone as he thought was seeing a Pokemon standing right infront of him. "Yo-You are a Pokemon! ... Huh? Did I fall asleep while taking class? I must be dreaming..."

"Hey, I'm pretty sure I'm real! You're being pretty mean to someone who just helped you, you know?", it answered. Maybe it was some kind of cosplay, and a kid was trying to play a prank on him? Either way, Ray decided he'd just take his keys and leave, if that was the case... And it probably was.

"Fine, thank you for helping me find them", he replied with an impatient tone, since he always hated when someone tried to make a fool out of him like this Pokemon cosplayer. He grabbed the ring quickly. "I really have to go no—".

As soon as Ray touched it, he felt a sudden dizziness, which made him fall to his knee. "Gah—", he tried to regain his strenght, look around and try to get back up, but he saw himself somewhere impossible to reach because there was no door out- his school's roof.

Infront of him was a strange loli-like creature, or as he recalled, a Gothorita, sitting near the border. The Abra ran towards her almost imediately as he realized where he teleported to. "Hey, Celes! I got him! My teleport worked!", he shouted, with a smile on his face and a happy tone.

She gave him a look, and then walked on their direction. "Well done, Rinko. You made things much easier for us". She didn't sound too amused, still, she managed to smile for a second before facing Ray. "So, it's nice to meet you at last. Sorry about the sudden meeting, it was necessary".

He couldn't help but feel confused at what was going on. If they were really real, then... How? The worst thing was, Ray knew he couldn't leave by normal methods, so he'd best try to sort out his situation. "Hey, wait! Just who are you? And what do you want with me?".

"Okay, calm down, I'll explain", said the Gothorita, walking around him as she spoke, "I'm Celes and this is Rinko. I hope you already understand that we're really Pokemon, as shown by his ability. So let's get over this part already. We've come to ask for your... help". She gave a sudden pause, as if searching for words. "Right now, Pokemon are fighting over our island. The aggressors are too many and too strong, we can't stand agaisnt them as we are now. But with an human's help we will be able to fight back. You humans are our only hope... We believe you will help us defend ourselves and end this madness". Then she stopped walking and faced him with a serious expression, having to look up to match his stare. "Are you going to help us?".

Everything seemed to happen too quickly, her explanation also didn't answer everything he had on mind. "Why do you believe on me? I'm just a plain student. I don't know anything about wars, and I'm not studying on a military school either, sorry".

"This is where you're wrong. No one is 'plain', everybody has something special. We don't need an specialist to help us fight our battles. We need you as you are".

"Look, I really wish I could help, but I'm not as amazing as you make of me. I'm just a student—"

"Stop talking so lowly of yourself! This is the second time you make yourself a plain student. This is your chance to show yourself what you're really capable of, to stop being as ordinary as you claim, to do something useful, to serve a purpose. I've been watching you for quite some time, and I know you'll not disappoint us. So, is it yes or no? Do you want to be ordinary, or do you want to be special?". She extended her tiny arm towards him, waiting for a response.

"Fine, I will help you. Or at least, I'll try to help you. But I'm not guaranting anything". He extended his arm and grabbed her hand lightly. Celes replied with a smile, then looked at the Abra.

"This is a better answer. You'll learn how to trust yourself later. Come on Rinko, we're going home".

"Oh, at last! You two talk a lot, really. It's nice to see you accepted, human! Our island is pretty good, our only problem is the war"

When Rinko grabbed Celes' other hand, Ray felt dizzy once again. He closed his eyes, and for an instant thought about releasing his hand... Until he felt someone grab his wrist, pulling him.

When he opened his eyes, he was on a beach.

EDIT: This is the last post I'm going to make that are this huge, I promise. >:

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Kei stumbled down an alleyway. She'd gotten separated from her parents; she was lost, and she was confused. But above all, the little girl was sad. That much would be obvious from looking at her face.

Fighting back tears, she looked around. She sort-of knew the way home, not that that was any consolation to her.

Something clattered behind her. She looked around to see a trash can on its side, with the rubbish inside spilled out over the concrete. There was something moving in the shadows.

"Um... Hello?" She edged a bit closer.
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A brilliant flash of light filled the beach as Belle brought through the rest of the group around her to the beach. The whole group looked around amd saw noting but Pokémon. Errol was first to speak up. "If this is your idea of a joke, I'm not finding it funny. Where are the humans?"

The various pokémon looked at each other, wondering who would explain to their leaders what was going on. The Breloom was first to speak up.

"We DID bring humans! Honest! They just seem to be... changing!"

Orville simply nodded. "Then we assume that all whom we do not recognise were humans?" Belle and Errol seemed to take lomger to accept the idea however. Eventually, the Gardevoir spoke. "If they were humans... some of them seem to be disturbed." She gestured to the Scyther and the Machop.

The moment just hung in the air. What had previously been a great sunshine faded as clouds began to roll in.
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"Yeah, I have a request." Neil spoke up and suddenly, he was yelling. "Do you mind telling me what the fuck this is?! Why the hell are we Pokémon?! No, before that, why are we even here?!" Neil was certainly not in his best mental state right now. Suddenly changing into a Munchlax will do that to you.
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Sean still acted with a lot of indifference, to him it was just some kind of weird dream he was having, but he should at least try to understand what was going on in it.

"Why are you bringing humans like me here?" Asked him, being as direct to the point as possible, while adjusting his scarf so it wouldn't annoy him much.

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Elsie De Lite looked at everyone passively and hid in the background. She turned into a Skitty and now she wanted to dig and run away. Her tail swished from side-to-side, really shy from everyone.

Fiddling the scarf with her paw, she laid down on the floor, really hungry, until she noticed some berries. She was trying to stay inconspicuous until her stomach growled. Ehehehehehe...

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When Ray got up, he noticed he was on a beach. There was quite a crowd of Pokemon around him, that made him feel strange. Next to him was the Abra and Gothorita from before, although they seemed taller. Then he heard about there being only Pokemon and no humans.

"No, wait, I'm human! Don't you see?". What they actually saw was a Torchic with rather odd blue feathers. The two Pokemon around him giggled, but he didn't pay them mind. "I-I must be the first human to reach the island, that's why they're missing...".

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"Yes Mr.Torchic, I can see you're human." Said Sean, with a chuckle at the Torchic's little outburst.

The Petlill at his side giggled with the comment and the Gallade looked amused by it. Despite being normally a very quiet guy, Sean thought it was all a dream so he might as well talk a bit, it's not like he'd remember what happened so he might as well say what's coming to his mind.

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"Oh yeah," Lars said, seeing the color of his skin and feeling the ridges on his head, under his beanie. "I'm that guy with four arms, the first one. Macho... machoman... Machop. Huh... thought I'd be taller. Well now that that's squared away, I'm inclined to agree with the - well, whatever the hell he's called. Why are we here? Why am I here? Why is anyone here? Who are you all, anyway?"
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"W-What?" Ray looked at his own hands and noticed they were different, his arms and body in general were thinner too. "So I'm a Torchic...", he commented.

"I'm glad you noticed already", said the Gothorita from before. The Abra who was next to her was trying to make a sand castle nearby, happily, without minding anyone's business. The Torchic walked towards her.

"What happened to me? Why am I a Torchic? And why did you not tell me about this before bringing me here?". His tone made the Gothorita close her eyes a bit, in reaction to his loudness. Ray noticed that, and decided to stop. "S-Sorry".

"First, you don't need to yell. While some Pokemon are deaf, Gothoritas usually aren't. Look, I don't know what happened to you, I was only supposed to bring a human here, then... This happened. I can't really give you the answers you're looking for, just stick around here and you'll probably find out something".

"Well then, what am I supposed to do now?"

"You're asking the wrong person, I just brought you here. Though I think they're going to fill in the details soon enough".

"Ok, I'm just going to wait then. Some of these Pokemon must be humans, just like me. I wonder what happened that transform them"

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Elsie the Skitty went near Rapier despite being hungry. Her scarf swayed a bit and her tail swooshed from the left and right. Her feet sank in the sand a little.

She tried to comfort him despite being weak, tired and confused. "Yeah, you should wait for the leader to come..."
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George's head hurt as he seemed to regain some of his senses. He had no idea what had happened, something strange, a hallucination or something and he must have collapsed. He heard voices and people moving, people had found him and he was gonna be able to see a doctor who could explain this.

His eyes felt heavy as he opened his eyes, he was staring at a great clear sky, he now heard people arguing and the sound of the ocean. "Well, I've officially collapsed into insanity." He thought to himself. This was impossible, where was he, there couldn't be an ocean here. He forced himself to sitting and looked around. What he saw just confirmed it too him, he had officially lost him mind.

Strange creatures of all the colours of the rainbow, all seemingly discussing something. The dark figure who he had seen in his office was there too, but seemed to just be listening on the sidelines and not actually adding anything to the argument. He took the initiative to stand up and he now noticed his own body, a bright cyan colour and made of some sort of rock it seemed. This sent him mind into works, he was thinking about what he remembered and came to his conclusion to what might be going on. "Great Scott!!" If this was correct... Dear lord, this could be a greater problem then him going insane.

He dusted off sand from his body, made sure his top hat sat correctly and walked over to the group of creatures. He raised his voice in an attempt to try and get the creatures attention "Excuse me, might I have your attention?"

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What rolled out of the bin looked like an ordinary black plastic rubbish bag. Until it opened its eyes. Kei started frantically looking for a way out. She was definitely scared now.

"Umm... don't worry... I won't hurt you..." The bag said. Hearing these words did nothing to calm her down, and she ran. Except she didn't make it that far before tripping on something and falling flat on her face.

"You don't need to run..." The bag seemed a little bit worried about the scared little girl right in front of it. Slowly it came up behind her as she lay crying on the floor, and hugged her, and she quietly fell asleep.

Slowly, she came around near everyone else. There was still fear in her eyes as she looked around, and she was half looking at everyone else, half looking for somewhere to run.

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"Yup. That tasted purple."
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"The short version of the story is that... we need you here." Belle looked almost apologetic about the whole affair. She looked down towards the sand and rubbed her hands together as she spoke. [[pink:"We're being attacked. A lot, and we don't know why they're doing it.

Errol had moved in front of Belle - if anyone was going to be taking attacks for anyone they all knew who it would be. "And one thing we heard about you humans... yer good at fighting."

"Just hear us out and maybe offer a hand to protect us, we will be eternally in your debt."

The Golett then asked for attention. Some heads turned his way. Some didn't either way, he had some marginal attention.

Phil wasn't pacified by any of this. He kept his hands, claws, blades, whatever up and kept a guarded stance, making sure to not provoke anyone. Although Bug beats Psychic, Steel beats Bug and Flying whislt Flying beats Bug too after all.

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Before anyone else could speak, there was a loud cry, one of another pokémon. Every pokémon's head snapped around to the source of the sound, some in disbelief, some in a pre-emptive fear.

Phil joined in the head-snapping, the sound was oddly familiar. "W-was that...."

The steps of the great pokémon could be heard and felt throughout the ground. It almost felt as an earthquake.

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Never going to dance again, based upon the guilt of these feet and their capacity for a rhythm.

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