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"Good luck." Martel whispered back.

He turned to the Mercenary "Well you did do wll Sir Ken. But do you know EXACTLY why we are questing? I mean some of the highest ranking people in the whole kingdom are here and leaving their provinces for this. I'm not saying this because I believe you to be disloyal or untrustworthy but rather because I don't want you to go into this unsure of important pieces of information."
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Ken gave a nod.

"I understand this. If there is anything I need to know and do not know, the tell me as that I may make a decision of whether I shall lend my blade an skill. If there is anything I need to know, do not know and cannot know, then I shall bid you good day and find other work. I have been informed of only a small amount, but I did not turn up by chance. I sought to join you for this journey."
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Martel nodded slowly "What do you know so far?"
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"The Knight Leaders were gathering for a big mission. All of them. Heard it's something to do with Harmonia going out and maybe Prince N. And some people who want me out of their hair for a while have already paid me quite handsomely to seek this employment."

This did not impress Shinju, although she decided it best to bite her tongue and keep her opinions to herself.

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Martel nodded again "Well you've got that part. The call was put out for all the knight leaders but only some were able to attend due to circumstance. The king and the enire royal family murdered and Prince N is missing. We also have Rayquaza who has teamed up with our enemys." He urned to the other knights "Did I miss anything?"
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Jonathan then comes closer to the rest of the group with Iris on his back and Cyril on his side, hearing the conversation as he does "You say all Knight Leaders were called, but then why was a mere knight like Iris also called for this mission?" He asked, he then felt something nuzzling him, it was Lumi "Hm? Oh hi there."

"I was curious about that too... But I paid no mind for it later." Said Iris, still feeling a little sick, she then looked at Lumi "I think she wants to be your partner" She then gave a small smile as Lumi nodded.

"Oh... Fine by me, I was also looking for a good Ice type and if you're as good as that other Glaceon, then you're perfect" Said Jonathan, with a playful smile.

"Heheh, nice to meet you, I'm Lumi" Said Lumi, Iris then immediatelly translated everything she said so Jonathan would know her name.

"Welcome aboard Lumi!" He then turned his head a bit to talk to Iris "Reminds me of when you had to translate everything Alden and Cyril said to me, I remember you getting very annoyed with it too." He said, smiling to her, Iris just chuckled in response and gave a weak smile.

"You did bother mistress with it all the time" Said Cyril in a rather playful tone as he stood by their's side with his arms crossed.
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"Oh! She is actually stronger than me! I'm just use more offensive attacks!" Natalya said happily
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"I think the parliament sent out an open invitation to any able bodied knights to go search out for the Prince," Stumpy explained to to Jonathan. "Sir Aaron though was the one who sent out for us directly."
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"Then if I will be in service to the kingdom... there is no charge to you. I'm already being paid to take time off. Stultus et pecunia facile separari. And, all that." he gave the thought a chuckle. This was perhaps one of the perks of Ken's job, the pick & choose that he could do with work. And getting paid three or four times as much as everyone else. But the mention of the legendary Dragon had enticed him, he wanted in on this, and bad.

Shinju thought about Jonathan's comment for a second. "Maybe... if she was called she isn't just some 'mere knight'... She wouldn't be brought here if she couldn't match each of us in skill." She shrugged her shoulders and folded her arms. "I look forward to finding out, I didn't catch much of that fight."

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"Iris became that good? Wow!" Said Jonathan upon hearing Shinju, really impressed and happy for his friend

"I-I don't think I'm really that skilled, after all look at how I am now..." Said Iris, ashamed of that fight and clearly feeling a bit down.
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Martel sighed "You were caugh at poin blank range by a blizzard. I've seen plent of others wo would have died from that."
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As Joshua was standing guard, he noticed a rather odd pile of snow that had just suddenly appeared on the side of the cliff wall; he was sure that it wasn't there before and for such a pile of snow to form with such calm weather, it warrants enough suspicion and caution for the knight to try and investigate.


Perun noticed his master prodding a seemingly innocuous pile of snow with his lance for some reason and stood at the ready as whenever Joshua gets suspicious of things, his premonitions tend to be right most of the time.

"There's nothing in it..."

Joshua was right, there was nothing in the snow but there was however something behind it; that something was a Beartic, nearly one half times larger than the one that the knights had just recently slew and it had just pounced on the yellow knight; pinning him to the ground and stunning him from the sheer force and surprise of the pounce.

Just as it was about to bring down a heavy paw lined with razor-sharp claws on the Knight's head, Perun charged in and rammed into the beast's flank; forcing it off Joshua by a good few feet.

"Away foul beast! Lest you suffer the same inglorious fate as the one that we recently slew!"

"Your threats do not frighten me, glorified pet!"

The Beartic was quick to recover and it's response to Perun's threat was to suddenly blast him with Icy Wind, the bitterly cold attack blowing away the Zebstrika into the cliff wall and burying him under a pile of snow.

As the Beartic was about to get on with the business of eating the Knight, it found that it's meal had gone from sight; probably having used the icy wind as cover to escape and his pet Zebstika deal with the problem.

"Did the coward r- RAAAAAAUUGGGHHHH!!!!"

The Beartic was very wrong, Joshua never ran; but rather rushed to the side while Perun distracted the beast and once he had an opening, the knight stabbed the beast on one of it's hind legs with his lance; greatly reducing it's mobility and then wisely jumping back when the beast whipped around and attempted to decapitate him with a slash.


Running on the pain and rage of being blindsided by it's meal of all things, The Beartic recklessly and clumsily charged towards Joshua then thrashed about; while Joshua found it easy to dodge the frenzied, unfocused blows, it was the sheer number of attacks that was making it very dangerous for him to stay in the beast's killzone.

Then the situation got that much worse when Joshua was forced towards the path's edge by the rampaging creature and was promptly sent tumbling over the edge by a lucky swipe.


Barely managing to grab onto the ledge with his free hand, Joshua struggled to pull himself from his dangerous predicament; Only to be saved by the Beartic grabbing him by the head with one of it's paws and lifting him from the ledge... Only to be slammed into the ground a moment later.


Seeing that it's prey was stunned by it's slam, the Beartic opened it's mouth and was about ready to dig in; only for Perun to save his master yet again with a thunderbolt, shocking the Beatic to the point that it involuntarily collapsed to the ground, seizing and spasming... For all of two seconds before it got right back up with murder in it's black, beady eyes.


The Beatic blasts the Zebstrika yet again with Icy Wind, but Perun won't fall for the same trick twice and used Agility to boost his speed, enabling him to dodge the miniature snowstorm as he moved towards the beast's flank, abusing the fact that it can't turn quickly enough due to it's leg injury.


His mane sparking with intense electrical energy, Perun exploded into a ferocious charge; driving his body with incredible into the Beartic's chest while simultaneously shocking it with the electricity from his mane, while this attack would have taken most Pokemon out of the fight should it successfully connect; the Beartic flat-out shrugged it off, having used it's deadliest move: Endure.



Too shocked to react in time, Perun was knocked to the ground by a powerful slash from the Beartic and as it was about to follow up with yet another slash; it got slashed on it's good leg by Joshua and his horseman's axe, who managed to recover from the slam just in time. Both of it's hind legs injured and the pain from Perun's charge catching up to it, the Beartic considered just falling over and passing out, but that would insinuate that it was weak; so it opted to turn around to slash at Joshua one more time out of spite, only to be floored by the butt of the Knight's lance striking it's jaw with great force.

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Jonathan and Alden jawdropped with everything that happened "If you're that good, I'm afraid of ever fighting you again" Joked Jonathan, turning to Iris with a embarrassed smile, Iris just answered with a small smile again, he then turned to the Yellow Knight "Hey! That was so cool! But what are you going to do about that thing?" He asked, looking at the fainted Beartic.

"We have some medicine on the bag, you two got some very nasty wounds." Said Alden, looking at the duo, still very impressed with the feat.

"Why didn't you give me any medicine then...?" Asked Iris with her still weak voice.

"Hm? We only have medicine to take care of wounds, you're sick, there's a difference. I'm not dumb you know, if I had something for you I would've used it already." Answered Jonathan.

"Wow... I think I saw that Beartic a few times, good job taking him down." Said Lumi.

"I think we should leave the bear there and leave before it wakes up, it won't be able to follow us with both of his legs wounded. Said Cyril, being as serious as ever with his arms crossed.

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Edwin stood in awe as Joshua managed to take down a large Beartic by himself. "Wow.....they really do grow'em badass over in Alania!"

"We patch him up and waits until he wakes up," Stumpy suggested. "Unless he's willing to come with us, we should leave him."

"That, and I think we better bounce before anymore Beartics show up!" Edwin added.
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Joshua turns towards Jonathan then points to Perun, who was writhing on the ground and groaning in pain.

"Perun needs that medicine more than I do."

Afterwards, the Knight walked over to the stunned and injured Beartic that tried to eat him and then lightly poked it's snout with the butt of his lance, rousing it from the stunning strike it took.


Greeted by the sight of the Yellow knight, The Beartic glared at him and growled but it's body was in too much pain to make any threatening movements. Looking at the sky one more time, the Beartic relaxes it's body and closes it's eyes before speaking to the knight.

"Finish it..."

Joshua raised his spear, tip pointed at the Beartic and thrusts it with all his might... On the ground inches from the beast's head. Noticing what the just happened, the Beartic snarls at Joshua.

"Are you as cruel as to deny me a quick death?!"

"No. You are mine now, as a pet."


"One of your strength deserves not to die in such a meaningless way. And furthermore, you do not look like you are prepared to die."

"I still don't buy your 'mercy' human..."

Joshua removes the lance from the ground and points at the Beartic's legs.

"Treat only his wounds, but do no such thing for his pain; for it will keep him docile."

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Runa and Ferdi went over to the Beartic and treated its wounds.

”If our Rayquaza theory is right we can’t have enough Ice-Types at our side. Though I am skeptical, what kind of loyalty will keep this one from betraying us?”

She glanced over to Joshua's wounded legs.

”Further I would bid you, to never go one on one again, when your allies are right next to you."
The Beartic hissed from the application of dressings and bandages on it's wounds.

"If I did not fight it, I would not have earned the right to be it's master."
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Ken had his own sage words for the situation. "You have subdued him with a show of power. He will defect if you are weakened. It is not true loyalty. Guard your back, or do not accept him."
Joshua turned to Ken to reply.

"The circumstances of my taming of that Beartic is no different from when I made Perun my mount. And the only way I will ever earn true loyalty and respect from such a proud creature is to show that I am the alpha through example and merit."

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"I don't like this one bit, but it's your decision." Alden said as he searched for the medicine on the bag, Jonathan soon came to his aid.

"I just hope nothing goes wrong, but I'm afraid of what he could do later... I think we should leave him here." Lumi was clearly worried about the safety of the group, especifically Natalya as she frequently glanced at her.

"I agree with her, the Beartic may try something in the future that may make a dangerous situation even more hazardous, and may end with someone getting killed, he doesn't seem to be the kind that likes humans. Said Cyril, glaring at the Beartic.

Iris remained silent in Jonathan's back, he picked a Potion on his bag and went to Perun's side to help him.

"Drink this and you will be fine in no time, those were some nasty attacks you received" Said him, just waiting for the Zebstrika to open his mouth so he could drink the Potion, he the turned to Joshua "You know, as a merchant I should charge for this, but since you and the others are friends of Iris's, any help will be for free, at least while we're together."

"As always... You never charged me for anything that I bought from you didn't you? Even when it was something really expensive and I insisted in paying." Said Iris, with a chuckle

"Aaaw, they're such a cute pair." Thought Lumi, looking at both of them with a big smile on her face, it soon faded as she looked at the Beartic again.
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"A true friend and ally is worth more than five pack animals. If I am injured, Havoc will fight my corner." The Dark Pokémon was very conspicuously next to him, head held high in pride. "- whereas your 'friends' you beat into following you will simply take the head of your pack and forsake you to death." He held his hands up before he continued speaking. "It's your decision. I only hope I don't have to bail you out of it."

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"Eheh. Pet." she giggled a bit while hugging the cape, eying the trio by the distance. The Cubchoo and Skitty stared at the three weirdly.

"They won't kill each other, would they?" Chase the Cubchoo pawed at Elsie.

"They would, I think..." she hesitantly replied.

A beat.

"Well...uh..." Chase fiddled his paws. "That Beartic looks pretty mean."

Elsie face-palmed with her tail. "Duh."

Althea now clinged to Iris, smiling. "Jonathan really is sweet, isn't he?"

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"Well Sir Joshua i's your decision on what to do with them really. But I would warn to keep your axe sharp and ready. Other than that congratulations on the win, it was well earned."
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Perun drank the potion and felt it's painkilling properties near-instantly, allowing him to stop squirming and get back up on four hooves, While Joshua gave his thanks to Jonathan with a nod.

"Thank you for the medicine."

Joshua then turns to Sir Martel.

"Your concern is appreciated. But do not forget, Alanians sleep with one eye opened."

As the Beartic was being treated, it sized up everyone in the party and upon seeing Chase; it bellowed spitefully at him; as if to say: "Pathetic Weakling".

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Aaron noticed the second Beartic and Lucario nearly went to defend Joshua, however Joshua took him out.

"Excellent work, Yellow Knight." Aaron said to Joshua. Aaron looked at the sun as it was going down. "It's almost night... We should head up to the top and see what lies there. Perhaps Rayquaza is still lurking there." Aaron said. He then proceeded to walk up the mountain. "I'll give you some time to heal that Beartic, Joshua. You've earned him, after all." He said.

As soon as everyone got ready, Aaron headed off to the top of the mountain. By the time he reached the top, the sun was almost kissing the bottom of the mountain. The night sky was up as a gradient of orange and black could be seen in the West. Aaron looked at where he is. The mountain top wasn't pointy, but rather it was a flat ground. It was dark, but Aaron could clearly see a temple when he came up. The temple was big, and was made almost out of stone. There were three pillars in front of the temple, each modeled out of one of the three Legendary Golems. The entrance to the temple was open. Aaron tried to see what lied at the bottom of the mountain, but the darkness obscured the bottom. What's more important though was the lack of a Rayquaza. Either he flew off or... Or they could be right about the Rayquaza having a master.

"Fellow knights, it seems we've hit a fork. We can either enter the temple and see where it leads, hopefully to N, or we can rest here and try looking around in the morning." Aaron said.

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