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My Nico Robin: Rokushiki Style Project!!:

Master of Rokushiki
Welcome to the Nico Robin: Rokushiki Style Project!!!

Back in "07, I've started getting back into doing what I haven't done since my high school years: Mixing up different fighting styles, Both real life and fictional, with my favorite characters from different series (Even with characters who are not martial arts talented) as well as making up movelists for them! My first moveset project will be revolving around my most favorite One Piece character, Nico Robin using Rokushiki, an interesting fighting style from the very same series. The main purpose for this project is to see what it would be like if she were a full-fledged master of Rokushiki (and I mean around the same level as Lucci if not higher then) as well as seeing kind of techniques can be made from the combined power of Hana Hana no mi and Rokushiki. So basically, this is more of a 'what if' project made just for pure fun. Now the reason why I chose her for this project is because after seeing her devil fruit abilities in action as well as doing some studies on her, I became very interested in her as to her powers having so much amazing potential that it can open up great possibilities if she were a martial artist.

Now without further ado, Here's the moveset! cool

(Some of the techniques have pics. Click on a technique name to view an illustration/sketch of it!!)

I'll be updating this every now and then when I get the chance. By the way, you guys are welcome to help out if you want, like come up with more attacks, better names, descriptions, etc. smile

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Master of Rokushiki
Alright, link added!

Enjoy! cool

Master of Rokushiki
Update 10/3/12:

New technique added in the Shigan section!

Kaika Shigan Kenpo "Moonblast Clover" N)(H)(T)(M)(OB) - This technique starts off with Robin launching herself towards her target at jet-speed with Kaika geppo "oshiage" (boost) or "hakpa" (blast). Then, halfway before reaching the target, she quickly prepares her Kaika Shigan "red clover" attack, the finally stabs the enemy upon contact! The added momentum from the kaiaka geppo aspect makes the following "Red clover" shigan far more powerful and effective, and harder to avoid or defend against.

Master of Rokushiki
Big update 12/11/12:

New technique added in the Shigan section!

Shimagunumu (Finger magnum) (HO)(N)(M)(T)(C) - Like Shidan (Finger shot), this is also an evolved form of Shigan with Busoshoku Haki capabilities, only that this one is strictly for close quarters combat and not a projectile attack. However, this one is done by the user infuse his/her finger(s) with Busoshoku "Koka" (Color of Armaments "Hardening"), making the attack not only far more powerful than a Shidan or Shigan, but also strong enough to pierce through armor! The user can also incorporate the aspects of this technique into his/her other Shigan techniques as well.

And two new illustrations added, both done by C Cann!

Here's the first one with Robin using Kaika Shigan kenpo "Ni Juushigan: Hiiro" (Blooming finger bullet style "twenty finger bullets: Scarlet"), which is a rapid-firing shigan attack that is simply the same as Shigan "Madara", Only with 10 arms instead of two arms, along with each hand using two fingers instead of one. The technique is named after the state flower of Ohio, the Scarlet Carnation.:

And here's the second one with Robin trapping her enemies with the Tetsuhana "Hikkakeru" (To trap or ensnare) technique where Robin will sprout a lot of arms around her enemies and have the arms form into a cage to trap them. She then hardens it with Tekkai, making it into an iron cage to keep enemies in. Very useful for stalling time or just imprisoning enemies.:

(Note: Before anyone assumes, the enemies are the ones in the cage trying to break out of it. Also, I have helped her out a bit on this by adding some hit sparks and blur & smudge effects on the weapons since she had a some difficulty with this one. )

And that's about it for now! :)

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Master of Rokushiki
Update 3/9/13:

I decided to do one more update to the movelist before taking a break from it and moving on to other projects.

First, the updated icons:

(OB) = Uses the replicas of her limbs sprouted out of the surface of her body.

(OS) = Uses the replicas of her limbs sprouted out of surfaces of non-living things (like walls, floors, ceilings, or items).

(OAB) = Uses the replicas of her limbs sprouted out of the surface of another body (or other bodies).

(OA) = Can optionally be used solely by replicas sprouted out of any surface without the need of using any of her real limbs for the technique, which opens up a WHOLE new set of options when fighting against opponents in long range combat, taking out enemies in a strategic manner, counter attacking while defending against attacks simultaneously, easily overwhelming opponents who constantly defend a lot, or when defending bystanders/allies/items from incoming attacks from enemies. So one can imagine how useful this tactic is if used in conjunction with Kenbunshoku Haki!

(M) = Can be used in Mankai Bushin form

(N) = Can be used in Normal Form

(W) = Require to be in Wings Form to use

(S) = Require to be in Spider Form to use

(T) = Can be incorporated with the aspects of Shigan "Thorn" (Shigan section only)

(H) = Can be used with Bosushoku Haki

(HO) = Can only be used with Busoshoku Haki (or requires Busoshoku Haki to use)

(C) = Cuerpo Fleur compatible (as in "Her clones can also use this technique")

(RC) = Requires Cuerpo Fleur (as in "Requires clones to use")

Now for the new techniques:

Mil Balle Fleur "Shiryusei: Ryūsei-gun" (Finger Meteor: Meteor Shower)(HO)(M)(OS) - Simply a more extremely powerful of Amebakudan (Raining Bombs) that is empowered with Busoshoku “Koka”!

Dos Mil Balle Fleur "Kami no Shigan: Omega Shibakudan"(Omega Finger bomb) (HO)(M)(OS) - A Juushigan technique that is powerful enough to annihilate an entire island. This is Robin's most powerful shigan as well as the most dangerous, one that Robin only uses as a last resort.

Kaika Shigan Kenpo “Medusa’s Wrath” (C) (M) (H) (OB)(OA) – Similar to Shigan Ouren, but with a whooping 11 arms (with 10 arms on the same side as the regular arm that she is attacking with).

??? "Octopus Wrath" (HO)(M)(OB) - A very powerful rushdown attack that is similar to Kaku's Geriken (Imperial wrath) where Robin sprouts multiple arms (all planted to both sides of her) and legs (With two planted beneath Robin and two planted on both sides of her actual legs) and uses Busoshoku Koka, Rantou, and Shimangnamu with all limbs (with the exception of the two legs underneath her that are used to move her towards her opponent) as she attacks her enemy multiple times while advancing towards him in high speeds!

I'll add the two remaining illustrations later this month!

edited 10th Mar '13 7:17:15 AM by Josephes

Master of Rokushiki
Hey guys, it's been a while hasn't it? smile

Anyways, here are the two illustrations that I was talking about earlier:

Jūnikougan (Twelve queen gun) - In this technique, two Robins (one in front of the enemy on and one behind him) will unleash a Rokukougan simultaneously on both sides of the enemy.

Illustrated by Magion02 using the rough sketch of the technique that I drew last year :

Kaika Geppo "Oshiage" (Blooming Moon step "Boost") - While performing Geppo, Robin will sprout a various number of legs in the back of one of or both her normal ones, then jumps off the air with all legs simultaneously, which in return, if done correctly, enables her to jump into further distances then a normal Geppo. The speed and distances she travels depends on the number of legs used.

Illustrated by both C Cann and me using this rough sketch that I drew:

It should be noted while she illustrated the 4 panels, I’m the one who did the dialog, added the flower petals, and arranged the order of the panels.

Now that we got that out of the way, I also want to let you all know that I moved the project over to Google document for the sake of more space:

Go check it out to see what else has been added! :D

edited 28th Jun '13 6:46:15 PM by Josephes

Master of Rokushiki
Update 2/26/14:

Even though I'm currently focusing on a new project (an original project called "The Five Legged Divas" project), as well as going back into practicing my drawing skills, I'm still updating the Rokushiki Robin movelist, just not as much as I use to. Anyway, here's what's been added:

Oni Shigan kenpo (Demon Finger gun/bullet fighting style) (HO)(TO)(M)(OA)(C) - Simply Shigan Kenpo with the aspects of Shigan Bara (with all fingernails longer and sharper thanks to Seimei kikan) and Busoshoku "Koka". This makes the fingers (or hands) look like they're truly hands/fingers of a demon!

Kaika Oni Shigan Kenpo (Blooming Demon Finger gun/bullet fighting style) (HO)(TO)(M)(OA)(C) - Simply Kaika Shigan Kenpo with the aspects of Shigan Bara (with all fingernails longer and sharper thanks to Seimei kikan) and Busoshoku "Koka". This makes the fingers (or hands) look like they're truly hands/fingers of a demon!

Kaika Rankyaku "Fujin no ha: Full moon cut" (OS)(H)(M) - A more devastating version of Fujin no Ha (Blade of Fujin) where Robin, after creating a giant leg made out of at least over 1000 limbs, all bloomed out the top of a building instead on the side of it, rotates the giant leg in a full clockwise circle, creating a giant air blade that cuts the whole area in all directions rather than just in one direction, similar to Kaku's Amane Dachi!

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