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226 Yomegami5th Nov 2012 07:29:10 PM from out of nowhere
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Morgan had about slipped away from the gas station and off into the night when the griffin started behaving strangely. It started walking towards her, then suddenly whipped around, as if distracted by something. Morgan couldn't tell if it was actually intending to find her, or if it was looking for something else that coincidentally happened to be somewhere near her position.

She considered just running for it, but a quick look around told her that this place was sitting in the middle of a desert. Other than the building she just came out of, there didn't seem to be many places to hide, and she severely doubted that she could outrun a griffin. She could try looking threatening - she did have claws and a pair of large wings, after all - but again, this was a griffin she was dealing with. It was unlikely to be deterred by the display.

There was one final option, and that was simply attempt to hide where she stood. Despite the fire, there was still plenty of shadows around. The dress she was wearing was black, and her wings were rather dark in color. Perhaps if she used her wings to cover up her paler parts, she could blend into the background well enough to evade the griffin's notice, until it either lost interest or proved that it wasn't hostile.

Given that the distraction wasn't going to last for long and the griffin would be upon her shortly, she settled for hiding. She ruffled her red, wavy hair a bit so that it concealed most of her face (granted, red wasn't necessarily the darkest color around, but in this light level it would suffice), stuck her arms behind her back, and then positioned her wings in such a manner that they obscured most of her face. Now the problem was that she couldn't see what the griffin was going now, but given that it had to make some sort of sound she hoped that wouldn't be an issue.
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227 Ryuhza6th Nov 2012 01:46:18 AM from San Diego, California
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Razugual tilted his head to the side, staring at Damien the gryphon somehow even more blankly than he had been before.

"Of course? What do you mean of course?" he reared back onto his legs, almost reaching ten feet in height, and crossed his arms. Damien seemed atypically—though not unimaginably—unperturbed by his form. In fact, with the way he was acting, it struck Razugual that the man- or gryphon, he supposed, was not aware that there was any difference at all. And now...

"Do I smell violins. Man, are you feeling all right?" Razugual followed Damien slowly, unsure of what to make of him. As far as Razugual knew, the magician was incapable of altering minds. Everyone was— the mind was too complicated for someone even with that level of power to accurately mold. Yet Damien definitely seemed off-kilter, distracted... maybe even addled. Perhaps it was his own lack of varied experience with such occurrences... but it was strange. Worrying.

He looked up at the large flare burning solitarily in the sky. So that was where Mud was. Razugual wondered if the flare would attract any extra attention. People already seemed to be popping up and vanishing here and there. He wouldn't be surprised if a hive of mismatched strangers suddenly arose from every conceivable location that he did not have eyes upon.

Razugual moved over to stand in front of Damien, then dropped to all fours and stared at him directly. "Damien," he said softly, "Are you aware of what's happened to you?"

Mud looked at the flare withe an impressed expression on his face. However, it did not last, and he was soon standing with his arms folded, and his pocket watch in his hand. He glanced at it occasionally, then looked at the night sky for several minutes. Finally, he pocketed the thing and declared, "Eh, I give him about ten minutes. Then, we can look for alternatives."

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Damien eyed Razugual suspiciously. "I don't know... has something else happened since the last thing?" He glanced down at himself and counted his limbs. "Still a gryphon, as far as I can tell." He sat back on his haunches like a dog in the throes of an identity crisis and did his best to explain. "I was a dodo first, so I could fly ahead and look for water. Now I'm a gryphon to help carry things." His brow furrowed. "It sounded a lot more logical when Mud said it." He shook his head. "But look— Imagine... Imagine you were colorblind. No. No, that's a terrible analogy. Say you were a duck..." His talon stopped mid-gesture and his beak hung open. He would have to forget about analogies. They had caused him nothing but pain. "Gryphons... can tell where gold is." He said, with some care and deliberation. "That's all I remember from the ancient mythologies unit in eighth grade. They can tell where gold is. Humans can't, so right now something is trying to tell me where the gold is, and something over here smells like violins, and you used to be something else but you aren't anymore and all of this is just..." he waved a talon. "It's just hardware whizzing along automatically, but I don't have any of the software that goes with it."
229 Yomegami6th Nov 2012 09:59:23 AM from out of nowhere
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A few seconds of remaining hidden, and Morgan was about to assume that the griffin had gone and moved on. That was, until a large amount of light started filtering through her wings. She then heard the sounds of voices.

She dropped one of her wings so she could see what was going on, and as it would have turned out, the glowing dragon thing had caught up to the griffin and seemed to be talking to it about...something. She could only catch snippets of the conversation - something about dodos, gold, and something that smelled like violins.

So this proved that the two creatures were intelligent enough to converse. At first, Morgan was slightly relieved, but then she reminded herself that intelligence level didn't exactly serve as a good indicator for malevolence. For all she knew, the two creatures could have very well been conversing about how they were going to cook her up on the fire and have her for dinner.

More worryingly, the fact that the dragon thing glowed brightly, combined with the fact that it was really freaking big, meant her original plan of trying to blend in with the shadows wasn't going to work. Thanks to all the light, the only shadow remaining in the immediate area was her own, and one couldn't hide in her own shadow. It was only a matter of time now, before they stopped talking and noticed her standing here.

What would she do now? Running still wasn't an option, so it was time for the only remaining option she had left (well, besides the likely suicidal option of attempting to join in their conversation) - attempt to look intimidating enough for the creatures to back off. After all, she was a vampire. She had the strength to back up her threat if need be, or so she thought.

She dropped her wings, took her hair out of her eyes and tucked it behind her ears, and then spread out her arms and hands so her claws were visible, and bared her fangs completely by dropping her lower lip. Some part of her mind told her that she looked ridiculous, but she ignored that thought for now. Making sure that she wasn't going to wind up being the main course was a much greater priority than looking pretty.
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230 m8e6th Nov 2012 03:06:50 PM from Sweden , Relationship Status: Wanna dance with somebody
Sano didn't like waiting like this, doing nothing and sitting silent. It gave time to think, think about what he have done and think of what he will have to do. Mud could just turn everyone into flying beasts and then they could just fly away. Getting out of this desert wasn't the real problem. But Sano knew that it was time to stop fleeing. They have been fleeing for two months now and it resulted with his friend fleeing into the desert.

Sano already had a general plan, but he didn't like the end of it. But that's the only end people like that understand. But then he got an idea.

"Mud? Do you remeber what I told you before? About my previous employer? What do you think about turning people like that into white doves?"

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231 Ryuhza7th Nov 2012 03:25:58 AM from San Diego, California
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It took Damien's final explanation for Razugual to make sense of what he was saying. When it finally clicked, he reared back again and placed one clawlike hand over his muzzle in a gesture of contemplation, though it looked somewhat comical on his form.

"Ahh." he said, nodding slowly, "You're talking about instincts, aren't you? Maybe heightened senses? I've heard that those kinds of things appear sometimes, in changed people, but that how they affect someone might vary from person to person. Smelling violins, really?"

He stared distantly (though it would be difficult to tell) past Damien for a moment, then said, "What has me slightly confused, and tell me straight up if I'm wrong in assuming this but..." He cocked his head, rotating it almost entirely to the side, "You don't seem all that bothered with what Mud did to you, and he's not the type of person to ask before... demonstrating his tricks."

Just at that moment, Razugual heard a quiet rustling behind him. He curved his entire upper half towards the noise, discovering a very strange looking girl, and giving her his typically blank stare. She was making a very strange expression, somewhat fearsome, he supposed, but certainly not to him. Razugual opened and closed his mouth twice before speaking. When he finally did, he asked a slightly confused, slightly concerned, "Are you alright?" Then, glancing at Damien, he added, "Damien, is this your violin?"

Mud was dancing from one foot to the other with his hands behind his back, appearing deeply in focus when Sano addressed him. He stopped on one foot and looked up, adjusting his hat, then raising his eyebrows and smiling. "Of course, of course! Those folks must be blanketed in dastardliness to have such a poor man as you ready to debase their names. Regarding transfiguring them into a dole of white doves..." The magician frowned tightly and stroked his moustache. "Well, why not green doves? I wouldn't bet my winter socks on them being compliant to such an act, but there still may lie some humorous value from such a venture." He lazily rolled his head over to Sano. "Why, do you have them waiting in your back pocket?"

Without waiting for a reply, he began doing hand gestures asked "Tell me Sano, are you of the mind that I would be greatly benefited with a wand as part of my performances, or would that be far too... mmm... cliché?" He pursed his lips and looked at Sano sincerely.
232 m8e7th Nov 2012 06:12:53 AM from Sweden , Relationship Status: Wanna dance with somebody
"You would be the big finale if stuff goes right. Use the hat, the handkerchief, the wand, the whole nine yards." Sano started to smile, almost chuckle imagening Mud swinging a nine yard wand. "I like the symbolism of White doves delivering a message, but do whatever you want as long as they can fly home."

"These people will probably meet me at that gas station. I will do my thing and then you save their lives." Sano stretches out his right hand wanting a handshake and a deal.
233 Ryuhza7th Nov 2012 12:15:59 PM from San Diego, California
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Mud made several rapid changes in his brow, evidently considering the idea very thoroughly. He rapped two of his fingers against his mouth, and let out a long and extremely exaggerated, "Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. The world does not typically find a man of my talents in the life saving business. It could be an interesting variation to the usual."

He stuck out his arm and shook the other man's hand, saying, "Very well, we. have. a... deal." He paused for a moment, still shaking Sano's hand, then gave him a wide-eyed stare and added very cornily, "Or do we?"

With that, the magician pulled his hand away, leaving his glove behind, continuing to shake the other man's hand. He stroked his goatee, smirking contemptuously and laughing, "Muah ha ha ha ha!" Mud turned away, and his ridiculously sinister laughter soon devolved into an almost childlike giggling.
"Yes," said Damien, barely glancing at the girl. "Glad that's settled." He turned and took off in the direction of the flare.
235 Yomegami7th Nov 2012 07:31:00 PM from out of nowhere
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A mere couple seconds after Morgan had readied her display, she attracted the attention of the big, glowing dragon thing. As the creature started to move, she tensed her body up in preparation for defending herself if need be, but her courage steadily fell as she continued watching it. The way it was twisting its body - how the heck was it even doing that? It didn't look like a natural movement in the slightest.

Then she looked up at its face.

Its eyes! Oh god, the eyes! Never before had Morgan seen something with eyes like that before, and it seriously disturbed her. Coupled with its lack of expression apart from mouth movements, she couldn't tell if it was angry, concerned, or even neutral. Judging by its mouth movements, it seemed like Morgan's fears were about to be confirmed, and her threat display didn't appear to be working at all.

Regardless, she tried to keep it up, but she was very noticeably shaking. When the thing finally spoke, her ruse fell through entirely, and she outright jumped. She didn't even catch what it was trying to say to her out of sheer nervousness. The only thing running through her mind at the moment was how she was completely and utterly screwed.

While trying her best to recover from the shock, she did manage to catch what it was saying to the griffin. Apparently, she was the thing that smelled like violins; which wasn't exactly reassuring. She had no clue what a violin would smell like, since she was no musician even before she was a vampire, and violins didn't look like they were heavily scented anyway. If she smelled like a violin, did that increase or decrease her chances of getting eaten?

Fortunately for her, the griffin didn't appear to be all that interested and took off shortly afterwards. Despite its disappearance, Morgan didn't feel reassuring - the griffin was still far less scary then the unnatural glowing thing, and she didn't want to know what it was planning on doing to her. Maybe she had a chance of talking her way out of this situation?

"" she started, but couldn't quite spit out anything that resembled a coherent sentence.
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236 Ryuhza7th Nov 2012 08:05:43 PM from San Diego, California
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"Yes?" repeated Razugual, questioningly. He wondered for a moment whether a single yes did in fact suffice to answer all of his questions, but was soon blown off of that stream of thought when Damien suddenly and without announcement, bolted off towards the flare. "Hey wait a minute! what about the-?" Razugual gestured hopelessly at the strange girl, who was seemingly less important to Damien now that she was no longer just a scent. Damien wasn't looking back anyhow. Razugual felt a strange unease about Damien's actions. He couldn't tell whether it was just the man's natural attitude, or what he'd become that drove his uncouth behavior.

Razugual slowly shook his head at Damien's distant figure, then turned back to the girl, this time shifting his entire body to face her. She looked nerve-racked, which, Razugual supposed, shouldn't come as too much of a surprise. In addition to that, the girl appeared to be trying to speak, having a great deal of difficulty doing so. He couldn't quite tell what it was she was trying to say, so he figured he'd just introduce himself. Perhaps not as Razugual though, that might be a little imposing, and certainly not Razugual the Great. No, he needed to do it in a way that reassured her.

Razugual narrowed his eyes in what he hoped was a 'jovial' look and not an 'I am your doom' look, pulled his mouth into an awkwardly sprightly smile and stuck his glowing hand out in greeting. "Daniel Dee." He proclaimed in a voice that was chipper enough to have been wishing her a merry Christmas and a happy new year. "...or Razugual. Whichever you find more suitable."
237 Yomegami7th Nov 2012 08:33:52 PM from out of nowhere
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Morgan braced herself when the creature turned back towards her, put on an expression that to her looked like it wanted to play (in a manner of speaking), reached towards her...and then promptly introduced itself as Daniel Dee and/or Razugual, in a rather cheery voice. Okay, so this thing was sending mixed messages. Despite the motions and expression, she somehow doubted that it would have bothered telling her its name(s) if it wanted to eat her or otherwise do something unpleasant.

While her facial expression still looked rather frightened, her brown eyes definitely suggested confusion more than anything. What was it expecting her to do?

She then reminded herself that this sort of situation was bound to crop up again once she got back to her own world and resumed the search for the artifacts. If she remembered correctly, one of them was guarded by a chimera; not quite the beast Daniel/Razugual was, but a monster nevertheless. That wasn't getting into what she might have to do to get at the other artifacts, so the chimera might have well been the most tame thing she'd run across. She might as well get used to odd circumstances like the one she was in now.

Though still shaking, she slowly tried assuming a more natural posture, and attempted to look at least somewhat neutral. She didn't bother reaching for the outstretched hand - she wasn't quite sure what it was trying to accomplish with that gesture, and she definitely wasn't in the mood to make physical contact with it. She briefly considered asking it just what the heck it was, and if it wanted to eat her, but decided against it. The last thing she wanted to do was to annoy this thing, when she had no idea what it was capable of.

"...Morgan," she said at last, after a few moment's hesitation.
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Damien landed less than gracefully at the balloon crash site, coating himself in dust.

"There was a thing," said Damien. He swished his tail dismissively. "Violins."
239 Ryuhza7th Nov 2012 10:33:20 PM from San Diego, California
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Realizing foolishly that someone who was moments ago speechless with what was probably sheer terror would probably not want to shake hands with the thing causing the terror, Razugual withdrew his hand, clasping it with his other hand and letting them hang together against his waist.

"Morgan... well..." Razugual paused, still staring blankly at her. It was around this time that he noticed the girls large set of wings, which he had somehow failed to notice beforehand. So she was not quite a normal girl after all. Peculiar.

When he did finally speak, Razugual decided to to try using simple questions. "Are you... are you all right? You seem a little tense. Do I bother you?"

Mud was tapping his foot impatiently when Damien arrived, even though he had been talking with Sano only a moment before. As the gryphon landed, Mud took off his hat and twirled it with his hands. "Well well härra Damien, out for a little joyride were we? It leans far on the rude end of things to shirk your duties leave for an unscheduled vacation only moments after I present the gift of flight to you. Especially with these events taken all together."

He put his hat back on his head and marched over to the pack saddle he had constructed, "But never mind. We haven't the time to be niggling at each other for these long past events. Load up, and lets be off, there are things need doing."
240 Yomegami8th Nov 2012 09:41:49 AM from out of nowhere
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Razugual seemed to be concerned about Morgan's well-being. As comforting as that seemed on the surface, Morgan still wasn't quite sure what to think. On the surface, it didn't seem to be interested in bringing harm to her. Then again, this was on the surface. With that face, its real intentions were rather difficult, if not outright impossible, to discern. It might as well been acting friendly to get her to lower her guard, and then it'd grab her and eat her when she was least suspecting it.

Or maybe you're just paranoid.

It was another few moments before Morgan responded. "Well...I've no idea where I'm at, or if you want to eat me or not. I think 'tense' is a little bit of an understatement."
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241 Ryuhza8th Nov 2012 09:09:36 PM from San Diego, California
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Razugual's somewhat static smile grew wider, and the fire-like formations on his backside lifted slightly. "Good good, now you're really talking. That's a nice step ahead." He turned his head finally to look at the gas station, "I'm afraid the rest of... us..." his smile faded as he stared blankly at the rather lonesome fire, which still burned with hot fervor. "...can't help you there. This gas station seems to be the only landmark for miles, and no one really wants to be here."

Razugual continued to stare at the gas station for several long moments, then abruptly turned to stare at Morgan again, answering her other concern. "Don't worry, don't worry— I don't really eat much anymore, and I can't imagine myself ever eating a person. It's kind of a dull luxury when you don't need it. —eating, I mean, not eating a person." He looked at her thoughtfully, slightly lowering and raising his tilted head. "Speaking of which— and I don't mean for this to come of the wrong way, but... are you a human being?" Razugual let this hang for a moment, before hastily adding, "I won't judge you if you aren't. Or if you are. I'm just interested in knowing."

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242 Yomegami8th Nov 2012 09:30:04 PM from out of nowhere
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"So...this is basically the middle of nowhere?" Morgan asked, taking a look around the area a little more closely than she did before. "I...guess that works...."

She admittedly wasn't quite ready to believe that Razugual really didn't want to eat her, but his voice when saying that statement sounded incredibly sincere. Unless he was really good at lying, he probably was being sincere. Then again, he was a dragon thing who was probably very old, so perhaps he knew a thing or two....

Oh, stop worrying about it!

Morgan shook her head as she listened to Razugual's second question. It was quite an interesting one: was she a human being? Truth be told, she wasn't so sure. Had he asked that question several weeks ago, she could have definitely said yes, but now that she was a vampire, it was rather tricky.

"Well, depends on what you mean by 'human being,'" she replied, bringing her hands together and holding them at her waist. "If you're talking mentally, then I'm human. But if you're talking completely...."

She frowned and stared at the ground next to her feet. "Well, I was not too long ago...then I ran into an old witch in the woods, who turned me into this." She stretched one of her arms out to look at her claws. "It's a long story."
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243 Ryuhza8th Nov 2012 09:41:19 PM from San Diego, California
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"I understand," he said, truly thinking that he did—to an extent—"I reckon there are a fine pinch of long stories floating around this place, yours and mine included." He paused, uncertain of why he had just said what he had just said. "I have no idea what I meant by that." he stated bemusedly.

Eager to change the subject, he asked Morgan, "Are you hungry? Some of the others that were here cooked up a wolf not long ago, there might be some left. Come on, it's warmer by the fire." Razugual narrowed his eyes in what might have been concern. "Unless... is fire an issue?"

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244 PsychoFreaX9th Nov 2012 04:03:42 PM from Transcended Humanity
Sorry I think I'm going to have to drop out of this thread. I'm just finding it too difficult to keep up now. It was fun while it lasted.
245 m8e10th Nov 2012 01:42:56 AM from Sweden , Relationship Status: Wanna dance with somebody
Damien didn't only coat himself in dust. But Sano was still happy to see him. Now they are going to get to that gas station and the people there with this stuff before the sun rises, without messing with Sano's body or mind. Both was messed up enough the thought. Sano didn't know what would happen if Mud tried one of these card tricks on him, and he didn't really wanted to find out.

"Thank you for coming back."

Sano helped Mud and Damien with the pack saddle and loading everything. He took a quick last look at the crash site.

"That's everything."
246 Yomegami10th Nov 2012 08:59:11 PM from out of nowhere
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Morgan shook her head. "Fire's not a problem for me. I'm not so sure about sunlight, but fire's fine. And no wolf for me, thanks."

She walked over to the fire, found herself a nice, relatively clean spot, and sat down, stretching her wings out. Besides Razugual, there didn't seem to be anyone else here, though she could see the signs of their presence. Of course, there was the griffin, but it had taken off for parts unknown, and she wasn't too sure if it would be back or not. On one hand, if there weren't a lot of people here, then it would be easier for her to integrate into the group. On the other hand...she wasn't hungry right now, but if she did need to feed while she was here, there was going to be problems if there weren't any humans about. Not that there wouldn't be complications even if there was humans here; she doubted most people would willingly agree to having their blood sucked.

"So...besides you and the griffin, is there anyone else around here?" she asked.
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247 Ryuhza11th Nov 2012 12:56:16 AM from San Diego, California
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Razugual followed Morgan over to the fire, seating himself on the side opposite her. "Not sure about sunlight?" He asked, then waved a set of claws around behind him, "Don't you think that may be an issue for someone out in the desert? Of course, we still have a number of hours of darkness, but..."

Razugual left the sentence unfinished, turning his head to look up at the night sky, trying to determine just how long it had been dark out. Unfortunately he had hopelessly lost track of the time, and, after rummaging through his chest for a moment he recalled that he'd given Mud's watch back to him shortly before they had come upon the gas station. Well, even if Razugual had had the watch, he wasn't sure if he could count on it to do what it was normally supposed to do, much like many of Mud's trinkets.

Giving up on attempting to divine the time, and without a better idea than before, Razugual decided to answer Morgan's question instead. "Yes— well, sort of. There used to be quite a few of us a few hours ago, but since then they all seem to be disappearing without a word. I assumed that they were just going on their ways, but looking back, that seems more than a little peculiar. I mean... not a word from any of them. Maybe it's just me, but something doesn't feel entirely right with this whole place. Beyond the fact that most people seem to have ended up here with no intention of getting here in the first place."

Razugual stared at the fire and gave another habitual sigh. After a moment, he perked up again and continued, "-However, there were a couple of people who left some hours ago to search for water. Damien, that gryphon you mentioned was a part of the group, so hopefully they at least are still out there, and won't take too long in returning. Also... Damien isn't- uh... he's not normally like that. A gryphon I mean. Well— as far as I know he isn't." He turned his head back— a little too far back to look at all natural—and looked in the direction the flare had come from. "...Hopefully we'll get the full story once they get back."
Damien returned to the campfire first, having the obvious advantage of flight over the other two, but the luggage from the balloon gave him some trouble. When the dust settled this time, he was squirming around on his back, probably crushing anything fragile he had been entrusted with. Eventually, he flailed himself right again and dumped the packages by the fireside.

The girl he had seen before was at the fire now, and she had wings.

He tore off a chunk of lukewarm wolf meat and lowered himself amiably beside the fire. "I'm Damien," he said, "If I forgot to mention that earlier." He crunched a few bones in his beak. "Sorry. Bit distracted."
249 Yomegami12th Nov 2012 01:03:30 PM from out of nowhere
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"Well, it should be relatively dark inside that building, shouldn't it?" Morgan said, glancing at the structure she had first arrived in. "Worst come to worst, I could just hide out in there until the sun goes away. While I don't live anywhere near a desert, I've heard that it's a bad idea to be walking around in the sun anyway. Unless it's an absolute necessity that we should?"

She looked back towards the fire. "I guess I'm no different from the others about how I arrived here. I just woke up on top of a toppled-over shelf, and well...." She shrugged. "Main reason I asked was because my dietary needs are a, and-"

The sound of something large hitting the ground, followed by a spray of dust, interrupted her. Startled, she covered her eyes with her arm to keep them from being irritated, only bothering to actually look to see who it was when she was certain everything had settled. As it turned out, it was Damien the griffin, coming back from whatever it was that had distracted him with a bunch of packages.

Morgan watched him silently for a few moments as he placed the packages and tore into the wolf. If he was interested in eating her, he probably wouldn't have bothered trying to eat something else, so that was one worry off of her mind. Then again, didn't Razugual say something about Damien not normally being a griffin? Maybe he was in a similar situation to her own, and that could lead to some interesting conversational topics. At least, if being a griffin didn't alter his tastes as well.

"Morgan," she replied when Damien introduced himself, then looked at the packages by the fire. "If you don't mind me asking...where did the packages come from?"

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250 Ryuhza12th Nov 2012 04:30:31 PM from San Diego, California
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Razugual put a hand under his chin. "Well, I think most of us were hoping not to have to spend any more time here, let alone a whole day. If it's necessary, then we'll certainly stay." He paused, considering. "Well... on second thought, it might take some talking. I'm not sure actually. Except for my... travel partner... everyone else is a stranger to me, and more than half of them have already left, in one way or another. Anyone who I've had any real words with has gone, so I don't think I'm very fit to speak anyone's mind on the matter but my own." Razugual stared at the fire for another few moments, then looked back across at Morgan, his eyes slanted in a strange, apologetic sort of way. "I'm sorry... that doesn't really help, does it?"

It was at this moment that Damien came flying back into the picture. Razugual stared at him through the considerable cloud of dust he'd stirred up in the wake of his landing and shook his head in amusement. After little while, he spoke. "Adding to what Morgan said, are the others still with you, and..." He tried thinking of a more concise way to put his question, but found himself stumped. "What... happened?"

About halfway back to the gas station and campfire, the magician, who had spent most of the walk murmuring quiet nonsense to himself, suddenly looked at Sano. He stared at the other man with narrowed eyes, an almost austere expression on his face.

"Monsieur Sano, these people, your employers..." He frowned and looked ahead at the distant but visible glow of the campfire. "...why is it that you care for their lives? Or do you find me finding myself..." He stopped and looked back at Sano, the seriousness still on his face. "Or am I mistaken?"

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