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Wizard Basement
I found this site years ago but was reminded of it once I heard about it again on this book about the retrofication of music called Retromania I was reading right now.

There's a bunch of interesting, obscure L Ps resurrected from the dust bowls of thrift shops, but I like this blog mainly because my iPod isn't gonna fill itself without me finding help as to what's good music to get into.

It's a mixture of albums made by weird German people, Japanese avant garde L Ps and the occasional borderline offensive album cover by bands fronted by provocateurs who should know better. It's a good resource if you're looking for weird music in general.
Hell Hasn't Earned My Tears
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Thunder, Perfect Mind
I frigging love Mutant Sounds, and the fact that there is another active forum member that knows that it exists fills me with all kinds of glee.

What's really fun about the blog is that it's run by people who make the kind of music that they post: One of the most prolific contributors is Eric Lumbleau of Vas Deferens Organisation, whose friendships with various other experimental weirdos means that the blog has access to all sorts of unspeakably rare and esoteric materials with the permission of the original creators. It's a really nice arrangement all around.
love it love it love it

really good if you're a stickler for skronky 80s lo-fi stuff like me
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