Into the Horizon and Beyond - The Voyage of the Dawnchaser:

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"Oh, uh, yeah..." Dax said to the large man as he stood up. "Anyway man... thanks for that whole... 'saving my life' thing, even if you did rip apart my sides. You too, buddy," he nodded at Dalhouse. "Hey, uh, any of you thirsty?" he added, pointing his trunk at both of them. "You did most of the work of pulling it up here, you want some?"
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Martin calmly sheathed his rifle and instead drew his long sword and cutlass while he waited for the Pirates to come onboard.

"Come on you dogs, attack us. I believe that all you would earn is a taste of my steel!" He taunted the pirates and sank down into a battle position with both his blades resting against his shoulders
After waiting for what seemed like so long to fight, and with the pirates so close, Nora lost her patience and proceeded to do a running jump over to the pirates' own ship, landing aboard with the broad side of her sword smacking down on some poor unsuspecting bastard. Raising her blade and turning it the proper way, she shouted out to them, "If you're going to take so long to board us, I'll bring the fight to you!"
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— Mazz/Huntress —

Both Mazz's and Huntress' eyes widened as they comprehended what was about to happen.

Huntress' began flapping frantically, which knocked Mazz's lance out of his hands. Managing to put a little distance between them and the eagle before the bomb went off. Enough distance to make the blast non-lethal, but now the pair were hurtling towards the side of the Dawnchaser, only partially in control of their flight path.
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"Mr Fabius... there are such bathrooms all around the Dawnchaser. When we let the rumors circulate that this is the greatest ship to ever sail the seas we truly meant it. All luxuries are included" said the fake Yeoman with a big grin like she designed the ship herself.

The swift dragonfly was able to escape such an attack once again, though this time not quite fast enough. The rider had to parry the strike from Guy's weapon with his bow.... which broke in half, leaving him defenseless.

Meanwhile Mazz and Huntress would find themselves safe from the heat and destructive power of the explosion... however, the sheer force of the blast still made them lose control of their flight... as they went tumbling towards the Dawnchaser the sailors started to get out of the way... except for one person.

The well dressed man that met them during the interview ran right to where Mazz and Huntress would land... and then made a sweeping motion with his staff. After doing so a powerful gust of wind emerged from him, going straight at Mazz and Huntress with enough strength to clear them from landing on the Dawnchaser... and if they were skilled, they might ride such a gust to regain altitude and speed.

"Yes, your duties. First you'll have to get to know how everything in here works... make sure to fix any problems or damage we sustain. You need to regulate the energy output of the Core here as needed. It has some programming but it is more instinctual than actually efficient. You need to tell the ship how to expend its energy. For instance... if we had been down here when the first strike came and had seen it coming we could have saved a lot of power in deflecting it" says the Yeoman.

She then proceeded to explain quickly to the Engineers how to regulate the power on the ship, how to divert it to the barrier on the ship. Barriers could be formed all around the Dawnchaser, in layers if necessary and with any amount of power. Thus, the best strategy was to form a barrier before a strike came, with just enough strength to foil the attack but not any stronger as to not waste power.

As soon as the ships slapped together, there was a small problem with the boarding that needed to be settled. This was, that the Dawnchaser was the bigger ship... and thus her deck stood a full four meters higher than that of the medium boarding ship of the pirates.

Seeing how her crew was looking down at the pirates which would have quite a difficulty climbing into the Dawnchaser, the Captain grinned and said "Well now, that's not fair at all"

She then pressed a knob on the side of the wheel... and suddenly the ship started to sink into the ocean... just enough to leave them at level with the pirate ship.

"Now that's fair... My warriors! Board that vessel!" yells the Captain full of glee.

The dark haired man jumps to the other ship, grabbing eight throwing knives as he does and launching a deadly barrage of them at the pirates before he even lands. Then he takes hold of two of his daggers and continues to make a deadly path of carnage on the pirate ship.

Nora would soon find herself surrounding by dirty looking sea dogs, all wielding cutlasses and wanting to strike at her.

The rest of the pirates... well, given that the Dawnchaser was now on level with them, wasted no time in trying to swarm over to the red and gold vessel.

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"Well, if it is an order... Aye aye!" Martin exclaimed before tackling a pirate over the rail and down between the ships, he then swung his ctulass and slashed a pirate over the chest, revealing the comrade behind him who promptly got impaled and kicked into a group behind him. Martin wasted no time and roaring like a beast he jumped over to the pirateship and begun to make a bloody mess of the pirates that came close to him, or he came close to.
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"I study eleven years to be called not mister, sister," said Dr. Fabius to the Yeoman. "Is okay, though. I forgive. Now I be setting up for surgery." He started looking around the operating room, and rifling through any cabinets or drawers he could see.
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And, now, time to end it. Guy pulled up as they fell towards the water, coming back up in another loop. The Cat grunted as the force of the loop yanked on him, but the combination of experience and a good strong harness kept him from falling out. Then Guy brought Patches around, hovering at about the same elevation as the Dragonfly. Once again preparing his lance, Guy patted Patches in a very specific spot, signalling the griffon to attempt a technique exaggerating the threat that Patches seemed to pose. Patches did one of those midair pounces again, but this time he spread his wings wide, almost doubling the size of his silhouette, then made a piercing "SCRAAWWWWGGGGG!!" and raised his talons, ready to rake the Dragonfly or its Rider if they didn't disengage.
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"Finally!" Piers da Donna leapt onto the enemy vessel, then put himself near Nora. "How about a bit of back to back, for safety's sake, of course?"
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Corona nodded along as she listened to the Yeoman's explanations, quickly looking over the controls with which she and her co-engineer would be to manage everything.

"I have a few more questions as to how the shields work," the robotgirl said as she made mental notes on everything she could see. "Are they more of a physical barricade or do they repulse attacks and objects away? What is the range from which they can be generated, and once they're produced, are they set in that position until dissipated? If an object is within or is passing through where a shield is being generated, how does the object interact with the shield? How quickly can a shield be erected, dissipated, and remade? All of this is important for me to know in order to manage them efficiently and effectively."

"Heh, of course," Nora agreed with the towering man, smashing her sword into a pirate too brave for his own good. "I'll try to leave you some!"
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Zander didn't utter a word as he rushed aboard the opposing vessel. To his disappointment, none of his enemies looked familiar. He was going to assist Nora, but seeing another crew mate go to her side deterred him. Instead he turned his attention to the ship's helmsman, and began to make his way to them.
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Dalhouse jumped over, picked a likely opponent and stabbed at him with his shortsword while using the dagger to guard.
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Benjamin showed the skill of his archery and fired arrow after arrow, every shot hitting a pirate.

With a sinister smile, Violet said to her tiger-creatures "Now, I can't cook any meat from these pirates or I'll get complaints but it doesn't mean these guys can't be a good meal for you. Feel free to go out on them, just don't damage our ship or it's crew members."

The beasts proceeded to run away from Violet after her speech, aiming to maul any pirate who got on board.
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Soon enough, the image aboard the pirates vessel would be one of pure massacre. These hardy, savage sea dogs were not prepared for the sheer destructive potential that boarded them from the Dawnchaser.

The dark haired man was executing a deadly dance with his knives and daggers, slicing a path of death through the assembled pirates. Martin's battle expertise carried him from foe to foe as he expertly cut them to pieces. Piers Da Donna and Nora soon made a combo with as much power as a ramming ship. Unmovable and overwhelming, nothing that came even close to them would live.

Zander for his part, would see his way to the helmsman blocked by three pirates... of the which soon was hit in the neck by one of Benjamin's arrows. The remaining two tried to take cover from the arrows but still moved to intercept Zander, both wielding cutlasses.

And finally, Dalhouse had his small victory against his well picked opponent. The Pirate he stabbed never saw him coming, and his feeble counter after being stabbed was promptly deflected by his knife. A modest victory, one that was not noticed and would not be sung off... but at the same time, one that still left Dalhouse invisible and unnoticed in the Chaos of the battle.

As for Violeta's kitties? They got to pounce on a single pirate that manage to avoid the path of destruction of the Dawnchaser's Fighters and get on the ship. However, not a whole lot would be coming behind him.

"Sorry, sorry Doctor. I'm just saying Mister a lot today" says the Yeoman. Fabious would promptly find on the cabinets all the alcohol he might want, cotton, blades, string, needles... just about anything he might wish.

And the Dragonfly Rider fell for the Cat's ruse... intimidated by the mechanical monster before him, he had his giant insect try to disengage.

"It starts as a repulsing force as the energy is taken from the core and then sent from the ship to the point where the barrier will be erected. The instant the barrier is formed it will repel forces away, after it is formed it will behave like a wall" says the Yeoman, using her hands to illustrate "Their maximum range currently is fifteen meters away from the ship, but they can be formed closer to it... practically enough to coat the wood of the ship with them. Once produced it takes a little energy to maintain them, but nothing like the kind it takes to generate them. Unless they are struck, then it takes more energy to keep them intact. If you cut the energy to them, it will take around five minutes for them to dissipate entirely, if you order them to disappear it will take three seconds for their energy to collapse on itself. For it to form, it varies. Fastest it can be formed is around... half a second. It takes a lot of energy to rush the process like that thought. Optimum energy efficient way would be to slowly form them in about a minute and a half, but rarely do we have that much anticipation, so don't worry too much about it. Finally, like I said, the shield as it is formed forms a repelling force. If the object on it's position is passing through or stays still, it will be repelled... unless his force is stronger than that of the shield. Then it would pass through or force the shield to be formed on the empty space before it, closer to the ship"

"Any further questions?"
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Guy pulled back, wrenching Patches into an airbreak and staring at the Dragonfly. He jabbed the spear in the enemy Rider's direction. He yelled after the creature, "Yeah, that's right! Run! You live for now!" He turned back around, the eyes of Rider and Griffon alighting on the Dawnchaser. Patches and Guy nodded to eachother, and dove straight at the enemy vessel, the Griffon wildly trying to tear its way into the ship.
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One enemy fallen Dalhouse looked for another.
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Curio had finished jotting down the captain's speech just as the two ships were about to collide. He quickly shut his journal and braced for impact against the bridge railing. There was a great crashing sound, like the back of an elvish thunder spirit being broken, and he felt a lurching tremor. Curio managed to keep hold of the railing, though his glasses were now crooked.

Curio somewhat deliriously looked up from the railing and was surprised to see empty ocean air in front of the Dawnchaser rather than a floating hornet's nest of piracy. He spun his head right and left in search of that troubling metaphor, seeing it neither port or starboard. Finally, the thin historian slowly turned stern to see two great galleon halves slowly sinking behind them. Curio stared at the carnage, his mouth hung open, and tentatively straightened his glasses to confirm it wasn't an illusion he was seeing. It seemed he had underestimated the structural integrity of the Dawnchaser...

Curio turned himself from the debris to see the Dawnchaser move itself aside another vessel for an attack. This, Curio assumed was where the fighting would really start. There stood an obstacle however to this intent in that the Dawnchaser's deck was about four meters above the pirate deck. Fortunately, Dawn had installed a good compensation for this factor within her ship. The twist of a nob caused the Dawnchaser to begin to sink to the level of the enemy ship, for a "fair fight," in the captain's own words. For all the intensity of combat nearby, Curio was astounded by the technological capability of the ship, if rather puzzled by the necessity of this particular function.

"A... sinking... device captain?" He asked, allowing his curiosity to sidetrack him from the crew's charge for a moment.

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An old saying came to Zander's mind as the two remaining pirates stared him down. "Up a creek and without a paddle," He muttered to himself, mostly to help himself remember it, and partially to describe his situation. One of the pirates swung his cut less down at Zander, but he was able to doge quick enough. The other pirate was fixing to follow after the first's example, until Zander delivered a devastating blow to the pirates nose. As the second pirate fell back, and before the first pirate could get to him, Zander resumed his trek for the helmsman.
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"I said I forgive already," said the doctor. "Is okay. Deal not big." He pressed his finger against a bonesaw he found to test its sharpness, sniffed at a large bottle of alcohol, and set both down on the table as he continued to rummage around. "Now I wait for first patient." Without looking away from the drawer his head was in, he made a string of comments and questions to the two women in the room. Or rather, to the woman and the projection. "Now we make small talk. You two, like weather? Have boyfriend? Kids? Or you have love that dare not speak name? How is captain? She nice? How long know her? What sort of medicine you know?"
"Graaaaarrrgghhhh" Dax said, spraying his leg with water to clean it up. Getting up, he uttered "Uhhhhh...." as he limped around the side of the ship, not sure... exactly... about what he should be doing. Looking over, he grabbed his trunk with his right hand and the railing with his left to brace himself, and started firing sharp pulses of water at any pirates getting close to members of the crew. At least he hoped they were pirates.
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Dalhouse saw the two pirates attacking the fishman and headed that way. He snuck up behind the one backing away planning to stab him in the back with his shortsword then slit his throst with the dagger
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To Guy's surprise, his lance trust did manage to hit the Dragonfly's rider... instantly killing the man and leaving the mount to fly around without any direction.

Then the mighty gryphon managed to land about the pirate vessel, forcing a big group of pirates to scramble or be squished beneath his weight. However, soon enough all those pirates, around ten of them, jumped at once against the mechanical bird, bearing their weapons to take him down.

The combination of Zander's and Dalhouse's attack proved effective at taking out of the battle the two pirates leading up to the helmsman... though unfortunately, as soon as Zander looked up at his target he would see helmsman aiming a pistol right at him.

"Never know when having a tall ship might a disadvantage, Curio" is the Captain's answer to Curio's question as she looks with a bright smile how only around a quarter of the pirates on the attacking vessel remained... however that was only ship two out seven.

"Riders! Any one of you! Come pick something up!" she cries before turning to see Dax blasting water "Someone! Take Dax to the infirmary!"

"Good enough to sail. None. None. None. The Captain is amazing if a tad too reckless. More than nice. A year, two months, three weeks, two days, eleven hours. Only the basics" answered the projection of the Yeoman without missing a beat.
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Zander threw his hands up as the helmsman pointed the pistol in his face. This was not Zander's first time having a pistol directed at him at this range, and he did not intend for it to be his last either. In a bold move, Zander moved his hands down to his sides as fast as he could, and yelled as loudly as he could, he then dropped down to the floor of the ship as the helmsman let off a startled shot. Zander then popped back up and tried to wrestle the pistol away from the helmsman.
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Seeing the pistol pointed at Zander, Benjamin was quick to respond by pulling his arrow on the string. However the fishman decided to try out his wrestling moves on the gunman so it proved too risky. The gryphon seemed to be in trouble though, so he had to at least shoot one of the man overwhelming the beast.

Violet's beasts were continuing their mayhem. Sure one already caught their meal but there's nothing wrong with the meat losing a little freshness, the threats have to be dealt with first...
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Wile the fishman was wrestling with the helmsman Dalhouse took the wheel, both to hold it dteady and to make sure noone came to try and steer the ship away. The last thing he wanted was to be stuck on a hostile vessel.
"Shit!" Guy thrust out his lance, sweeping it around to bat two pirates down; Patches, for his count, used his wings as further sweeping weapons to knock aside a half dozen more.

It was then, through careful application of Maths, that Guy realized that two pirates were now climbing up Patches' sides. The Cat kicked at Patches' sides and the griffon launched with its cargo, trying to get all the altitude it could to intimidate the pirates into jumping.

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