A grave announcement from Mister Administrator:

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126 nman17th Sep 2012 10:32:55 PM from USA , Relationship Status: Giving love a bad name
Nailed It!
Puny green banner make Nman think he popular and getting private message, then crushing dreams. Make Nman sad.sad

And it took me a few tries to click that, since I was on my phone at the time and kept clicking on the ad because of my stupid fingers.
wild mass guessUnless it was meant to be a way to drive traffic to that Diesel Technician trade school's web sitewild mass guess

...and now I have to go watch all the Echo Chamber episodes I missed...

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Marowmerowmer added text to Alternate Reality Game with capitalised letters spelling "Please reveal the truth". It was removed nine minutes later by Dana (bottled insanity).

I love what's going on — good job to everyone involved in creating it!

EDIT: Now someone called Fishtail seems intent on null-editing that page. Those are his only edits. They're all over a minute apart — new account?

SECOND EDIT: I sent 36 Herald P Ms overnight!

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128 pittsburghmuggle18th Sep 2012 01:34:43 AM from Pittsburgh, PA USA
I have zero interest in Echo Chamber. I don't want to watch videos. It's nothing at all personal - I don't love or hate it, but I am incredibly annoyed this came masked as an actual important message.

Maybe I missed the joke or a joke. Thing is, I don't come on TV Tropes to watch videos. I come on here to work in text and wiki edit. I REALLY prefer reading as my source of information - I read FAR faster than videos can mete out info.

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129 nrjxll18th Sep 2012 02:14:59 AM , Relationship Status: Not war
[up]In fairness, the only actual "masking" involved the PM-like appearance, which was (I hope) not deliberate. The actual wording isn't really that hard to distinguish from a real announcement, considering that Fast Eddie has never referred to himself as "Mister Administrator", and there's an existing and entirely separate system for that kind of thing.
130 Michael18th Sep 2012 02:47:15 AM , Relationship Status: Drift compatible
So that's what this does
It bothered me when it first appeared, but on the whole it's just reinforced my decision not to bother with the Echo Chamber.
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The result of me sending Marowmerowmer a PM asking what he knows about mermaids was: "The Sirens were divine singers in Greek mythology who lured sailors to their deaths with their beautiful songs."
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132 KorKhan18th Sep 2012 04:48:32 AM from The Sun's Orbit
Sirens Are Mermaids ? Or do sirens and mermaids use the same word in Serbian, like in French?

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133 DrTentacles18th Sep 2012 06:13:29 AM from Land of the Deep Ones , Relationship Status: Having tea with Cthulhu
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Bleh. We need to find some of the people who solve the Valve AR Gs. I'm not good at this.
Oh my gosh, the colour changed! Thank you, Fast Eddie! grin

Now I can go back to not panicking.
Caaan anybody find me... Somebody to ♠
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Out of interest, mods, has the color now changed for your custom-title-requests banner?
136 SeptimusHeap18th Sep 2012 08:21:55 AM from Laniakea , Relationship Status: Mu
The banner has changed in colour. Does Fast Eddie perchance lurk in threads and do requested things without posting?

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137 Fighteer18th Sep 2012 08:27:54 AM from the Time Vortex , Relationship Status: Dancing with Captain Jack Harkness
I am not Fast Eddie, but were I him, had I put a lot of effort into something, I would quite likely lurk without posting and make changes if needed to address immediate concerns.
138 stargirl9318th Sep 2012 08:48:32 AM from Zemuria , Relationship Status: Gone fishin'
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Ok, I've never done an ARG before. How does this usually work?
139 strawberryflavored18th Sep 2012 09:36:34 AM from Virginia , Relationship Status: Maxing my social links
Espeon GX
Well,if this is anything like what the other one was, we'll be deciphering clues that lead us to someplace. The last one had us find a key on one of the wiki pages.
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This ARG won't involve edits to the wiki pages past making announcements.
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Was there a thread about the last one, and if so where can I find it, if not then what happened in it? grin

Oh, and is this game the one mentioned as being in planning here? My guess is that it is.
142 strawberryflavored18th Sep 2012 10:16:46 AM from Virginia , Relationship Status: Maxing my social links
Espeon GX
I think there was a thread for the last one, but I'm not sure it if was in Yack Fest or Wiki Talk.
"We are alive, after all. And being alive is pretty much a constant stream of embarrassment."
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Okay guys, this is waaay too cluttered. If we could just have all the complainers who don't watch Echo Chamber just, yanno, avoid it like they've done so far, everyone will be happy. smile

For those of us who do watch EC and/or want to participate, let's collate what we know:

  • The fourth wall, apparently, is breaking, and Average Joe is picking up on it.
    • Related, someone doesn't want him to know about it.
    • Unrelated, but in the "Quick Update" video, you can see what looks like a degree or something on the wall, as well as a theatre mask. It's the small details what count.
  • The Mind Screw episode of EC mentioned operating across the fourth wall. (Speculation: Maybe it's a rogue Mr.A?)
  • WTF Videos:
    • Man in chainmail
    • Sparkling runner (Speculation: Sparklepire? I hope not.)
    • Mermaid/someone waving a towel
    • Slendy/Rorschach

If I missed something, let me know.
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The cat video.
145 Mukora18th Sep 2012 12:45:49 PM from a place , Relationship Status: I made a point to burn all of the photographs
Just so you're aware, everything we know so far is in the first post.
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So, even though the higher ups are probably going to crack down on me for this, has anyone noticed that the history of the video is starting to take on a rather Orwellian vibe? First it's called "A grave message from Mister Administrator," and people, expecting something serious regarding the state of the site, and instead get the ARG video. Many - myself included - state in the comments that wording the header in such a way would make one think the admins are considering doing something about recent complaints. At the same time, the video's getting a lot of downvotes.

Then the message changes to "Click for an announcement from Mister Administrator", all of the negative comments are deleted, voting is disabled, and comments go to approval only.

So am I the only one thinking that whichever admin is running this has gone a touch Big Brother?
Uh, you are not very familiar with Mr. Administrator are you? Big booming voice, DO NOT FAIL US. If this didn't have an Orwellian feel, I'd feel like the character was being played incorrectly.

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Someday I will get around to putting something clever and witty here.
No, no, no, not Mr. Administrator. I mean the guy who actually made the video and is probably an admin on the site.

The one who deleted all the negative comments and disabled voting and made comments "Uploader Approval" only.

That guy.
Perhaps they are trying to stay in character? surprised
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But... it's only specific to the Mr. Administrator videos. Like, all the other stuff involved so far is open. So it seems more like a character thing, regardless.
Someday I will get around to putting something clever and witty here.

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