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While I'm probably far too old to be dwelling over this, someone just had to make this thread. A fair majority of you guys must have grew up watching or reading Thomas the Tank Engine in some form of another.

The early episodes (even if they likely count more as puppetry than animation) were surprisingly well constructed for a little kids show, an overarching plot, a well spotlighted cast with lots of individual Character Development, the catchy Leitmotifs, and course the substantial Accidental Nightmare Fuel from the creepy faces and train crashes.

Anyone wish to let out their inner toddler, especially after getting this stuck in your head again?

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My autistic brother has been a Thomas fan for almost 20 years. I'm sorry to see the change to animation, but I'm also kind of surprised it held out for as long as it did.
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I'm just glad the females don't sound like a man doing an impression of a female anymore.

...that being said, I'm pretty sure I outgrew Thomas.
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[up]We all outgrew Thomas, albeit just like we outgrew Care Bears, Magic School Bus, Winnie The Pooh and My Little Pony, and then look at the thread list of just the first page of Western Animation. Nostalgia outstrengths maturity for many of us.

This thread is about childhood memories.

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I only knew it as a part of Shining Time Station, a show that had a lot of crazy stuff going on in it. Oh, that Schemer with his schemes!
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When it started, it was really realistic with how the engines work. These days, they've softened that a lot because it makes the storytelling difficult. They try to avoid admitting the engines have a crew these days.

"Misty Island Rescue" has Thomas getting on a rail barge to go to the mainland to get timber (because none of the mainland engines can haul lumber?) when the chain snaps and he floats away from the boat to the nearby lost island, where his barge happens to bump into a set of rails that happen to go right up to the sea. He finds three engines that have been abandoned on the island, but seem to have drivers anyway.

These days, each video seems to introduce two characters and a location, the better to facilitate toy sales.
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[up]Which is ironic, because as the book series progressed, the crews and other humans became MORE involved in the stories.
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Even more ironic how they add superfluous engines and settings, since the reason the original episodes had to differenciate from the books was due to lacking budget to adapt more stuff.

Even early on in the adapted stories, they took out a lot of the human's involvement (spare the Fat Controller) to focus more on the engines. While some of the added engine interaction was fun at times, it was a shame they took out some of the amusing snarkiness or personality from the drivers at points.

I've looked at a handful of the later CGI episodes out of nostalgic interest. While they are much more juvenile and unrealistic (all the rhyming and alliterations...) there is still some amusement since the focus is still on all the engines and their wonderfully flawed personalities, and the added animation and voices actually does help at times. The one where James and Toby are "rescue engines" stands out in particular.

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Boy do I have a treat for you 2012 in the past folks!

Watch this:

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My baby brother watches the new shitty seasons.

And the worst part? They end each episode with the full extended Engine Roll Call theme sung by the choir. EVERY. FUCKING. SINGLE. EPISODE.
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I'm not certain this is a show worth getting enraged about. After all, it's Thomas the fucking Tank Engine.

Incidentally, that was also the motto of Ringo Starr and George Carlin for a while.
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TBH, I liked (and watched) the show when it was good. :P
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