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@SKJAM: ...One thing, in the OP, you called me "Death Pigeon"... I'm sorry, but I'm sort of particular, when it comes to my name, so I'd really appreciate it if you called me "deathpigeon" in the OP, no capitalization. Thank you.
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That's what I get for relying on short term memory. (I did cut and paste Celty's name to be safe.) Fixed.

@Death Chariot, so you want to be placed on the waitlist?

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Thanks! :)
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Who are you calling short?!

Here's the sheet.

  • Name: Shirou Emiya
  • Age: 19, 2 years after Unlimited Blade Works True End.
  • Source of character: Fate/stay night
  • Physical Description: Shirou is a tall-for-a-Japanese young man with red-orange hair and gold-brown eyes. Usually wears casual attire, and always gives everyone he meets a friendly smile. Shirou is also quite well built and athletic. His hair is perpetually messy, and he has unusual kinked eyebrows. Here's a picture Because people die when they are killed.
  • Personality: Shirou acts like the stereotypical nice guy, always helping others with a great big smile on his face. Unfortunately, this attitude is actually part of one big psychological issue. You see, Shirou is empty inside, and cannot feel his own happiness, but has to live through helping others. As a result, he desperately wants to become a "hero of Justice" that can save everyone. Yep, this guy has a martyr complex the size of Jupiter, and nothing will stand in his way of becoming a hero. He's also incredibly stubborn, ans, surprisingly enough, quite sarcastic. Has a huge case of Survivor's guilt, as well. And as dense as a brick when it comes to women.
  • Powers/Skills/Equipment: Copy-Pasta from wiki.
    • Reinforcement: Allows him to analyze the structural composition of an object, and increase its effectiveness, such as making it more durable or its shape more practical, or return it to its original state. He can also use it to improve upon the physical capabilities of his own body, such as his eyesight, allowing him to see as far as four kilometers away.
    • Structural Grasp Magecraft: Allows him to understand the structure and design of objects as if he were viewing a blueprint.
    • Projection (Tracing): The concept behind this Magecraft is rather simple, to shape prana into the material composition and design of an object that is being imagined by the magus. The item is not everlasting, as it is recognized by the world as a phantasm that doesn't belong in the natural world, and it will be erased as an inconsistency. The better the image in the caster's imagination, the more stable and longer lasting the object will be, and it can be further improved by having technical knowledge of its construction, such as a blueprint, or having materials to overlay the desired shape upon. Shirou's own version of Projection, called Tracing greatly differs from normal Projection in the fact that not only does it reproduce the shape and substance of an object, but also its entire history as well.He is only effectively able to reproduce swords, other weapons, and armor, but this specialty allows him to faithfully reproduce even legendary weapons.
    • Cooking: Shirou is an excellent chef, and he loves cooking. Also owns a cute pink apron.
  • Background: Shirou Emiya is more or less the same as in canon. Orphaned by a horrible fire, adopted by a Magus, fought in a Holy Grail War, defeated the King of Heroes...Yes, this Shirou is from the Unlimited Blade Works route. The only difference was that instead of going to London with his girlfriend Rin, he chose to stay in Japan, where he was eventually contacted by the JL.
  • Why they're being considered for the team: Unmatched enthusiasm and zeal for the cause of GREAT JUSTICE. Also, his arsenal of legendary weapons pack a hell of a punch, not to mention make him incredibly versatile in battle. And having an awesome chef doesn't hurt the League either.

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If this is still recruiting I'll start looking for a character. First one that came to mind was Lina Inverse...but you want us to play HEROES not A-cup angst filled PMDs tongue
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@SKJAM: In the OP, there's a full stop where a comma should be after Nanoha's name. Also, you've misspelled my handle — it's desdendelle, no capital and an e in the end.
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If there are any openings left I'd like to submit nana-chan from Elfen Lied smile She's by FAR the nicest diclonius in the series and is a goody-goody (her body count in the show, manga, and her background totals at ZERO). And then there is her naivete, which woudl probably result in things like taking Black☆Star's boasting as honest truth[lol]. I have all the details for char submission worked out but if that option is no good I'll come up with someone else. Please let me know.


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Always check the manual, and yes that picture is REAL
- Name: Nana

- Source of character: Elfen Lied

- Physical Description: Pink haired and rose eyed, Nana is a small girl who looks to be 14. Her hair is kept in a bob cut and she often wears a blue ribbon headband. She likes sun dresses and enjoys wearing them. http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Characters/ElfenLied

- Personality: Helpful, friendly, and kind. Nana's personality is very innocent and caring, and she also has an endearingly immature knowledge of the world. This naivete stems from her "caretakers" treatment of her: First she was treated as a lab animal by all but 1 person, then she was treated with great caring and kindness by many. She is also very strong willed, she has withstood trauma and horrors that HAVE made others snap but has lost neither her resolve to be good or her positive views of the world. She can and will fight to protect those she cares for, but unlike all other Diclonious she seems to lack the killing drive to actually slay her opponents.

- Powers/Skills/Equipment:

—Vectors x6 (5 meter range) telekinetic "extra limbs" that can be used to for a variety of actions, both offensive and defensive. They can be used to deflect all but the densest of bullets, throw objects, pick up items, dismember opponents, or for direct "punches"

—Enhanced senses: Diclonious like Nana can sense the presence of other Diclonious in the area. They are able to perceive vectors as well as having slightly better hearing, vision, and survival instincts than the average human.

—Vector Shield: Diclonious's vectors allow for an instinctive defensive reaction to incoming threats. Unless the attack is entirely unnoticed by the Diclonious, their vectors will respond to deflect/block the attack. The density of the attack is a factor though. A small caliber bullet is easily deflected by any Diclonious, but anti-tank rounds are not (even with all six vectors and forewarning, Nana would not be able to deflect such a heavy attack). The speed of the attack is another factor. A bullet can be deflected, whereas a thrown spear could be caught and stopped.

—Artificial Limbs: Nana currently has highly flexible, realistic looking fake limbs. She is able to use four of her vectors to control these limbs. In combat, she CAN use her vectors to launch a limb into a extended range attack, effectively producing a ROCKET PUNCH

—And the Kitchen Sink: Nana can apply the same technique for her rocket punch to ANY object. She is capable of throwing/catching large objects (like cars) at a slow speed. Or, she can launch small objects (rocks, cans) at high speed to turn them into deadly projectiles.

—Disable Vectors: Nana has learned how to use her vectors to disable another diclonious's ability to use her vectors. If Nana gets in range of an opponent that is a Diclonious, she can easily do this non-lethal attack to disable them.

—Skilled Combatant: Nana has experience and training in using her vectors. She knows how to fight and can fight well with them.

—Kind Nature (Flaw): Despite how lethal a Diclonious's vectors can be, Nana's kind nature removes many of the advantages she has. Nana lacks the viciousness and cruelty of other Diclonious that make them efficient killing machines. Nana will only fight to disable and it takes a great deal to make her choose to fight lethally.

—Naivete (Flaw): Nana's naivete will be a source of much amusement and frustration. She has been sheltered a great deal and is unfamiliar with many normal parts of the real world.

—(From new background) Diclonious Infection Antibodies: the Agency in charge of rehabilitating diclonious have a gene-therapy treatment that prevents some of the "negative" side effects of being a diclonious. Aging rate is reduced to normal levels and the girls lose the ability to infect others with their condition.

—(From new background) Disabling Techniques: Nana's non-violent nature and ability to disable vectors made her very useful to the new Agency. Nana received some training in non-lethal take-downs techniques for immobilizing opponents. Her current skill level in this area is on par with that of the average police academy cadet.

- Background Changes: The biggest change had to be the fact that the Diclonious Research Facility got shut down after a ghost with a video-camera exposed their activities. Kurama actually surrendered peacefully and instructed Nana to cooperate with the "rescue" team. This was after 1 member of the rescue team defeated two dozen guards and Mariko without vectors affecting him at all. Nana still had a confrontation with Lucy though, trying to convince Lucy not to kill the nice people that were there to arrest the researchers and free the diclonii. Lucy was having none of either and dismembered Nana before being disabled herself by the same man that took down Mariko. Nana's still has trouble with her prosthetic limbs, the agency helping to fund the rehab programs for diclonii is not budgeted to get her robotic prosthetics. The Diclonius Rehabilitation Agency (DRA) has been using Nana both to disable and contain the really dangerous girls in need of therapy and as a poster girl. People in many parts of the world are still scared for diclonii, but the current scientific opinion and public belief is that with medical treatment early on a diclonius is more likely to end up like Nana than like Lucy.

- Why they're being considered for the team: Unlike other skilled diclonii, Nana is not a killer. That is probably the biggest reason why she is considered over all the rest that know how to fight. She has the ability to deflect gunfire and disable opponents with her invisible hands, useful for keeping people safe without killing bad guys. She is also the poster child of the DRA and joining the League would be a great political move for both, garnering good will and positive media attention.

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Always check the manual, and yes that picture is REAL
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Is this still open, and what's the rules on multiple characters from a given franchise?

Wait, scrub that idea; just had a flick through the thread and I don't think it will work.

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