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1 AlexSora8914th Sep 2012 04:16:32 AM from Piedmont, Italy
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Reason for listing: "Needs Updating".

The movie has a new poster, and as such it should replace the article's image. The problem is, as I mentioned in the second edit in this post of mine:

I also added the poster as an example of Wolverine Publicity in the Wreck-It Ralph article. I didn't change the image because I don't know if the cameos replacing the Original Generation cast is going to be the final poster for the film, but I added a link to the poster just because. We should kickstart an Image Pickin' thread in order to choose which image should be used, I think.

Basically, the cameos replacing Vanellope, Felix and Calhoun is likely a marketing choice and, as such, maybe isn't the final poster, as in the movie's "real/true" one.

If there are two versions of this poster, which one should we choose?


Also, here's the poster adapted to the site's standards.

Pictured: our Punch Clock Villain looking for a Heel-Face Turn and the cameos' Spotlight-Stealing Squad.

(in Wiki Syntax, it is as follows: [[quoteright:350:]][[caption-width-right:350: Pictured: our PunchClockVillain looking for a HeelFaceTurn and the cameos' SpotlightStealingSquad.]] )

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2 ShadowHog14th Sep 2012 07:01:50 AM from Earth , Relationship Status: Healthy, deeply-felt respect for this here Shotgun
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I see no reason not to make the swap.
Mr. Dr.
I think you could've changed this without using Image Pickin

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4 Willbyr14th Sep 2012 08:16:45 AM from North Little Rock, AR , Relationship Status: Pining for the fjords
I'm fine with the switch.
5 AlexSora8914th Sep 2012 08:25:38 AM from Piedmont, Italy
Myself, as drawn by me.
I know. However, there's one rule I embraced when it comes to switching images, and it is as follows:

"Choosing an image with Image Pickin' is encouraged, but not necessary; changing an image needs Image Pickin', no matter what".

Even in cases like this, where the official poster should need some approval first, which is why I've come here to ask your advice in the first place.

Aside from the already-released international posters (Ralph emerging from a hole in the wall shaped like his own silhouette, as well as the ones featuring simple character artwork), I doubt the one that's surfaced today (the NA one, which for now is the one we'll use) is the final poster; my prediction is that there'll be a poster featuring Ralph in front of the Original Generation supporting cast in the near future.

In that case, my suggestion is about the two posters shown side-by-side, which, combined with the Wiki's standards for images' width, will actually make the image smaller (think about it).

Maybe I'm handling this with too much care, but given my previous screw-ups on the wiki - and taking my love for this upcoming movie into account as well - I thought it'd be wiser of me to come here first.
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6 AnotherDuck14th Sep 2012 08:46:14 AM from Stockholm , Relationship Status: In season
No, the other one.
Switch is good, and it's never really wrong to open a thread for it, unless it's just an improvement of quality of the same or similar enough image.

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Mr. Dr.
Hmmmmm, fair point I suppose.

Well, as much as I love the original 8 bit aesthetics of the film's logo, I think the newer poster is more evocative of what the film makers are trying to appeal as: Roger Rabbit with Video Games.
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I'd go for the switch. Though I would have liked it better if the post had all four of the main original characters. In the meantime, this poster is okay.
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Suggestion is good, but 350x519 is way too big, a width of 300 or 250 should be enough.
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10 tdgoodrich114th Sep 2012 10:08:12 AM from Atlanta , Relationship Status: Californicating
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Shrink it, go for the switch, put current on Image Links.
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[up]Seconding this. smile
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12 Willbyr14th Sep 2012 05:24:02 PM from North Little Rock, AR , Relationship Status: Pining for the fjords
The pics are switched and the old pic's on an Image Links page. Locking up.
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