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It's on their main page

"What do the words mean?"

"Nothing. The Dirge of Er Glanfath is sound without form, a lone voice crying out in mourning because it must."

EDIT: Now that the Project has been announced I'm just cleaning up this page to add a few more details.

This is a kickstarter project by Obsidian Entertainment. It is a fantasy RPG in the vein of Infinity Engine titles like Baldur's Gate, Planescape Torment and Icewind Dale. It will feature a central character with companions as party members and real time with pause combat.

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They think it's Dungeon Siege 4, but I'm not so sure about that. This sounds a bit odder.

EDIT: Might be the Wheel of Time thing they were supposed to be making or a new IP. SPECULATION AHOY

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This is apparently in the page source:

"< ! . X . X X . X X > < ! To tenderness, fellowship. To fellowship, vigilance. So bring we all to the Night Market. I am the Spindle of Esenath. Know me by my light and stand with me in darkness. >"
I've got nothing. If any of this is reference to a preexisting setting, its one I've never heard of.
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Sounds like either Wheel of Time, or the Torment spiritual successor Avellone wanted to make.
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Pretty certain that's not Wheel of Time
Been browsing through some forums, apparently Gamebanshee has some info on the game already...some of the members have confirmed that it isn't Dungeon Siege 4 or Wheel of Time.

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New IP, then? Well, looking forward to it. I assume the 4 is a counter, so I guess we'll see what it is in a few days.
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JE Sawyer is apparently working on it.

He hasn't said so specifically, but when someone on his Formspring asked, his response was "^___________^"
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From Chris Avellone's Blog

Still, its nice to be home and back into the thick of things here. Speaking of which, for those of you whove come to visit the page, you may have noticed our countdown. Our countdown to what? It should become clear in 4 days or so stay vigilant.

Yep that 4 is a countdown, not part of the title.

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Could it be... Alpha Protocol 2? Those of us who liked that game couldn't get that lucky... or could they?!
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Sadly... no.

Sega owns the rights, so the best Obsidian could do is a spiritual successor.
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[up][up] An Alpha Protocol that would take place in a fantasy universe?
"The night market" reminds me of Neverwhere

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Day 3 for you:

"The book unread is unwritten. The reason we don't explain it is the reason we use it. Its power is in its mystery. That is the Leaden Key, in part, in whole. Is it clear?"

"Digging for truth buries the seeker."

From the source code:

<!—. X . X X . T X —>
<!— Two centuries ago, your divine champion told the people of Dyrwood to grovel at his feet. If you've come on pilgrimage to the blasted crater that was our reply, Godhammer Citadel is *that* way. —>

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[up]I believe that third quote (the one from the page source) is deserving of an OH SNAP.

EDIT:I hope that was clearer. Damn me and my inability to clarify and count.

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Insert title
Time to change the style, for now
I hate these hype-generating games developers play. Just give us some real info about the game or shut up.

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Someone's a sourpuss.

I'm really excited to see what this is all about. Apparently it's not Wheel of Time, but it's definitely a fantasy world.

So Torment successor, maybe?
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I'm going to lean towards Black Hound.

It was the original concept for Baldur's Gate 3 (but was otherwise entirely unrelated to BG 1 and 2) which Sawyer was the lead designer for and had its own storyline that was very similar to stuff like Torment, Kotor 2 and especially Mot B.

Sawyer later tried to remake it by heavily modding NWN 2 but eventually gave up due to a lack of spare time.

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[up][up][up]Where is the excitment on that?
23 Nicknacks12th Sep 2012 01:06:18 AM from Land Down Under
Ding-ding! Going down...

What is it with Obsidian and dirty sounding fantasy towns?

Edit: Yeah, and the minute I heard of this I thought ofBlack Hound. Though I believe that Sega owns the rights to that one too...

And, besides, the original version has pretty much the same structure that New Vegas ended up taking, with some elements of Mask Of The Betrayer bolted on for good measure.

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I don't think Sega owns the rights to Black Hound. It was an Interplay project but they might just own the rights to the original license (Baldur's Gate 3). Sawyer was making a fan mod for NWN 2 and if Iply owned the rights he would've probably gotten a C&D for it.

I mainly got a Black Hound vibe from all the guilt and mourning stuff that was mentioned in the blurbs.

If it is Black Hound, I hope they do a fair bit to change it up though since the story follows Mot B very heavily.

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25 Nicknacks12th Sep 2012 02:07:47 AM from Land Down Under
Ding-ding! Going down...
That and there was always something that rubbed me the wrong way about the player becoming the embodiment of guilt. True, it tickles my inner power-tripper to roleplay as both outcast scapegoat and avenging fury, but it's something that I feel rubs up badly against choice based roleplaying to some degree. Plus, it can get awfully abstract, pretentious and silly.

I think I'm just frustrated at the moment. Having difficulty getting my words out here and elsewhere.
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