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Star Trek Into Darkness:

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1 ZeroPotential10th Sep 2012 01:25:02 PM from the depths of Dublin
All the Ewoks will look up and shout, "Save us from the Klingons!" And I'll whisper, "Why so serious?"
2 maxwellelvis10th Sep 2012 01:28:49 PM from undisclosed location , Relationship Status: In my bunk
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What a stupid reason to make such a stupid title.
Of course, don't you know anything about ALCHEMY?!- Twin clones of Ivan the Great
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So that's a thing...

What I would like to know is will they being 'going boldly' on their 5 year mission, or constantly nipping from the edge of the universe and Back to Earth in a Afternoon? Plus the ya know, the political machinations of the destruction of Vulcan, the Romulans on the war path and a increasingly militant Star-fleet.

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I don't buy the explanation for the lack of a colon. Especially considering you've got both Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine on the TV side and, if I'm not mistaken, about all the movies from the old series had colons in the middle of them.
5 JRPictures10th Sep 2012 10:16:14 PM from Australia , Relationship Status: In Lesbians with you
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The title sounds ok. I'll still be seeing it.
6 SgtRicko10th Sep 2012 11:45:08 PM from Guam, USA , Relationship Status: Hounds of love are hunting
I'll definatley be seeing it. Just gotta keep reminding myself that it's an alternate universe, and that it only superficially resembles the original series, or else I'm gonna end up ripping it apart over inconsistencies.tongue
Would you believe I never fully watched the original Indiana Jones trilogy? I gotta correct that someday.
People are already comparing it to Attack of the Clones for being a disappointing title in a beloved franchise. Maybe they are trying to distance themselves from the main series using the colon format. Maybe the third movie will be Go On A Star Trek. We don't know anything more about what's going on with the movie and thus it might end up an okay movie but this reveal is not a promising start.

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I want there to be a colon. :(
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9 GeekCodeRed11th Sep 2012 09:11:17 AM from City of the Damned , Relationship Status: I made a point to burn all of the photographs
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Well, Dark of the Moon sounded shitty, yet was quite enjoyable. Though if the Star Trek Curse still lives, then this movie's fucked.
"The odd-numbered are lousy, even-numbered are good" curse? Into Darkness would be number twelve, if you count all the Star Trek movies made.
11 GeekCodeRed11th Sep 2012 09:36:10 AM from City of the Damned , Relationship Status: I made a point to burn all of the photographs
What's the trope for skin contact magic?
Yes, but the curse seemingly reversed at Number 10, which was even and bad. Number 11 was odd and good.
The Star Trek reboot was the worst of the Star Trek films, so would it follow that this will be the best Star Trek film?

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13 JRPictures11th Sep 2012 02:02:11 PM from Australia , Relationship Status: In Lesbians with you
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[up] The problem with that right there is that a small group of people share that same opinion. Hell that's the first time I've seen anyone say that the reboot is the worst film of the series.
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I thought the fifth or first were generally considered the worst.

[up][up]Of the ones I've seen I thought the reboot was one of the better ones.
The reboot missed the whole point of Star Trek: it was a flashy effects and explosions (and LENS FLARE), with no sense of wonder.

They defeat a black hole not through any clever solution, but by shooting it a lot.
Violence is the last refuge of the incompetent.
16 Deboss11th Sep 2012 06:27:54 PM from Awesomeville Texas
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Star Trek rarely seemed to use clever solutions in favor of flinging sciency sounding words together.
[up][up] Where was the 'sense of wonder' with Wrath of Kahn? Or First Contact?
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[up]You can't demand a "sense of wonder" in the good movies... Because those tend to be the uninteresting parts.

Take the entirety of The Motion Picture, or about half of Search for Spock, for example...
The Genesis Cave/Planet in Wrath of Khan and the Vulcan landfall in First Contact were both filled with a great sense of wonder and astonishment. In comparison the only comparable scene in Abrams Trek was the reveal of the Enterprise herself, which is a mandatory establishing shot anyway.

I enjoyed the '09 movie as a fun sci-fi action movie but as something embodying the core themes of what Star Trek is about it was lacking.
20 ZeroPotential12th Sep 2012 04:24:00 AM from the depths of Dublin
Yeah, the 09 movie was rather lacking on the "boldly going where no man has gone before" part.
All the Ewoks will look up and shout, "Save us from the Klingons!" And I'll whisper, "Why so serious?"
[up] Wouldn't be the first movie to boldly go where everyone has been before.

What was the line from First Contact? "Does anyone remember when when used to be explorers?" Something like that.
22 resetlocksley12th Sep 2012 10:51:01 AM from Alone in the dark , Relationship Status: Only knew I loved her when I let her go
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“There's no word that comes after the colon after Star Trek that's cool,” Lindelof told MTV. “Not that Star Trek: Insurrection or First Contact aren't good titles, it's just that everything that people are turned off about when it comes to Trek is represented by the colon.”

What the frell does that even mean? I really don't see how the colon is what turns everyone off of Star Trek. Also, if you don't think any of the words after the colon are "cool", wouldn't the solution be to find a word that is?

"Star Trek Into Darkness" sounds more like a sentence than a title, at least to me.
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23 TamH7012th Sep 2012 10:51:51 AM from 合計虐殺 , Relationship Status: Faithful to 2D
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It doesn't even make a good acronym.
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The reasoning is the most illogical thing I've read today, and that's saying something, because today I've read a fanfic where the Onceler is a guy with a vagina, and one where the mustache is the Lorax's erogenous zone.
25 Cider12th Sep 2012 12:55:01 PM from Not New York , Relationship Status: They can't hide forever. We've got satellites.
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