The Legend of Zelda:

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1 Theboywonder30th Aug 2012 05:24:24 PM from Your house , Relationship Status: A teenager in love
Has anyone made a good fanfic of this series? I've been looking for one for a while but most of them are either adaptions, or they just turn out Meh.

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MechaUltimaZero wrote a few that I thought were pretty interesting, although they're both Dead Fic and only one or two chapters.

Oathkeeper: Wherein Link refuses to return to the past so that he can keep the promises he made during the game (mostly related to rebuilding Hyrule, but also his engagement to Ruto).

Monstrous Might: Dark Link is even more of a reverse Link, being a Large Ham Card-Carrying Villain of a Complete Monster who borders on being a Motor Mouth... and who promptly murders Link and hijacks the plot to become a Villain Protagonist. From his perspective. Also an In-Universe deconstruction of the idea of Link being a player avatar.

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Pathetic Earthling
Oathkeeper's not that great, Link's dialogue feels more like an array of speeches than actual speaking.
I'm sure that that would've been fixed over the course of further chapters if it weren't dead. Still, at least it's an interesting premise.
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Yes, it's within character that Link would try to honor his word, based on the concept of a hero.
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Call me crazy, but I actually like the pairing of Link and Ruto. Out of any of the girls in Link's *rolls eyes* "harem", she's the only one to actually admit her feelings.
So do I, actually. Although Malon's feelings are made a lot less ambiguous in the manga, she still doesn't admit them IIRC.

My favorite pairings, though, are Link/Navi and Link/Tatl.

After reading Oathkeeper again, Link is a little speech-prone, but it looks to me like about half of his dialogue is normal.

You check out Monstrous Might?

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I looked at the other fic. It was rather humorous. I like the fairy ships because they take Huge Guy, Tiny Girl to its logical extreme. (Although I don't really see Tatl falling in love with Link.)
Ah, to each their own.

Found another half-interesting fic titled along the lines of "The Hero of Masks" or something like that, but I don't have a link handy.

<beat> The pun was an accident.
I looked for

  • Link x Ruto
  • Link x Zelda
  • Link x Minda
  • Link x Ashei
  • Link x Ilia found one where she ends up having to be Link I liked it

and stumbled on a Link x Ashlotte Maedel and liked it.

Be Link in the sense of going on the adventure, or be Link in the sense of a body-swap?
Adventure, even got his triforce.
Interesting. If I'd ever played Twilight Princess, I'd probably ask for a link.


Ask and ye shall recessive.

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18 Hyp3rB14d31st Oct 2012 03:43:59 PM , Relationship Status: In another castle
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I was trying to come up with Link's ultimate equipment. Using different stuff from all his different games. I can't decide if he will look ridiculous or completely awesome and Bad Ass and what I'm using for like his armor for when shit gits real. Using both Canon information supplemented with a bit of fandom.

  • Tonic: Magic armor mostly unchanged from twilight Princess but I might have it not drain rupees just to wear it only when taking a hit.
  • sword: the great fairy sword. I'm going to make it is second strongest sword for brute strength * however magic energy extends from it and sword beams charge quickly and are much stronger from it.
  • shield: the Goddess Shield, this one is also the mirror Shield it reflects things and just having it equipped maked Link take half as much damage even when he failed to defend with it.
  • Boots: Pegasus boots, there are going to be based on what I thought I would be receiving in skywards sword instead of the double hookshot. Not that I don't mind them. Link runs twice as fast normally and during a Sprint with them, furthermore a Sprint is twice as long and he can defy gravity during one. And just run over the air or water.
  • Rig: working on that.

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What about masks?
Face paint like Fierce Link?
At the very least, having the stone mask would be damn handy.
Right but it's not good for a fight. the only one that is is the Bunny Hood and I already got a speed boast.
Bomb Mask has saved my butt in a number of bosses, most notably f___ing Eyegore. Just raise your shield and you take no damage, not even from the explosives on your face.
The hero's charm, but that thing look sway to silly.

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