Burning Bridges (Pilot/Ch. 1):

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So, there's this comic script contest going on. I'm not going to post the link here, because after all I did on this, I don't want any more competition.

The grand - 3rd prizes are very nice, but the premise was... Uh...

A female engineer is working on a secret compound when a horrible explosion occurs and turns her into a female super hero. The female super hero travels in a jet car or with her jet pack and can shoot flames as well. Who are her villains? What adventure will she take?

Yeah. That. And not only that, I had to fit all that shit into 15 pages or less.

But I tried my hand at it anyway.

After a month, here's what came out of it.

I'm too tired to post details - I pulled two all-nighters to finish this before the end-of-the-month deadline - but for now, I'll say this was way less fun to write than Ganzfeld. It might end up being a better story, though.

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(That Guy You Met Once)
So, it turns out that if I submit this story to the contest it was made for, they'll own the rights to it, so if it doesn't win, I won't be able to continue it on my own.

I'll do it anyway, though, since I don't need another project to add to . The only thing disappointing about it is that I specifically wrote this to be something completely different from my other two projects, now I won't have anything to break up their monotony if this doesn't get continued.
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