Reboot: Star Wars meets the (slightly distant) Future: Civil War:

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In a world where both the Star Wars fictional franchise and an all too real Jedi Order coexist, the Sith finally appear and leave their permanent, bloody mark on human history.
Okay, so basically, this is an RP about a world where Force-Sensitives are publicly discovered, form a real-life version of the Jedi Order, and humanity has begun its expansion into the Solar System. It is now the year 2130, and the Civil War is about to begin. My goal is to create an RP that allows players to play through a variety of war scenarios in the Civil War from beginning to end as a Jedi, Sith, or whatever they can think of.

  • 1. No godmodding, bunnying, metagaming, spotlight-stealing, etc.
  • 2. Use good grammar and spellcheck. Minor mistakes are excusable, just beware if I'm having a bad day IRL.
  • 3. If your character dies (which is very likely), you can play as someone else. Just enter a new bio.
  • 4. Only 3 characters per alignment, for a total of nine characters. I wouldn't recommend making nine bios anyway.
  • 5. Contribution and collaboration are helpful. Seeing as I'm human and can only make so many scenarios over a ten-year narrative, I would appreciate any input from others on how to progress the RP and make new and interesting war scenarios.
  • 6. Have fun!

Premise: A world where Force-Sensitives exist while the Star Wars franchise does as well, where fiction blurs with a new reality. In the world of man, the Jedi Order influences its expansion from the near future to the 22th Century. Meanwhile, a group of Sith Lords begin their campaign to overthrow the Solar Republic, beginning the bloodiest Civil War in history.

  • Time: A.D. 2130-2140

  • Tech: Laser weapons, lightsabers, starships, hyperspace travel, etc. Basically, any tech typical for a futuristic setting.

  • Populations:
    • Earth: 10 billion
      • The Moon: 900 million
    • Mars: 4 billion
    • Venus: 4 billion

  • History:
    • 2020: Force-Sensitives are discovered. Terraforming of Mars, Venus, and the Moon begins when the UN reveals the approval of the secret project.
    • 2030: Laser weapons are made and replace guns. Lightsabers are invented for Jedi as crystals are discovered under Antarctica.
    • 2040: Jedi Order is formed as the Temple is finished and begins with 10,000 members. Earth's population is over 9 billion, with world governments trying to stave off world starvation.
    • 2020 - 2100: Hyperspace travel is tested, improved, and completed as the population reaches 12 billion, and resources are thinned.
    • c. 2040 - Present Time: Other six forms of lightsaber combat and lightsaber customizations are developed as the Jedi increase and become international and, eventually, interplanetary guardians.
    • c. 2100: Colonization of the Moon, Mars, and Venus begins and the Solar Republic is formed with Earth as the capital planet. Earth's population decreases to 9 billion to manage resources while "The Exodus" occurs as over 3 billion people are moved to Mars, Venus, and the Moon over the next few years by large starships called the Continent Series. The Jedi follow in order to keep the peace.
    • c. 2120: The current Solar Republic is formed as people who moved to the ET Territories build nations. The Jedi Order officially extends its jurisdiction to the ET Territories. People migrate from Earth to Venus, Mars, and the Moon to find jobs and places to live.
    • 2130-2140: The Civil War breaks out as a third of all Force Sensitives reveal themselves to be under the leadership of Darth Magus, the defected Jedi Grandmaster and inventor of Form 2. It becomes the first war to cost over a billion lives. A third of all Force Sensitives turn to the dark side and take up lightsabers with synthetic crystals.

  • Planets:
    • Earth: The capital planet of the Solar Republic. It has undergone many pro-environment and philanthropic changes. There are now several underground and floating cities on Earth that has allowed for a higher manageable population with fewer in poverty. The Jedi Temple here is located near the South Pole in Antarctica.
    • Mars: The most rural, industrialized, and warlike of the three planets. It has the most droid armies due to being the main supplier of droids. The majority of the population is of South American, African, or Middle East descent. The Jedi Temple here is located near Olympus Mons. Its history is filled with tension and war, having been the base-planet of the Sith during the Civil War.
    • Venus: The least polluted and more peaceful of the three planets. It is home to many artists, scientists, teachers, and philosophers. It has been called the "The Farming Planet" due to its large farming areas. The majority of people here are of European or Asian descent. The Jedi Temple here is located where the prime meridian and the equator of Venus meet.
    • The Moon: Though technically an extraterrestrial country of Earth, the Moon is a unique unto itself. There are 4 kinds of communities on the Moon: those on the ground, under it, floating through its seas, and those towering over the ground. To elaborate, the Moon is covered in skyscrapers that exist close to each other, resulting in a culture in the clouds that never touches the ground.

  • Government:
    • The Solar Republic is made of around 400 nations. Earth has about 200, Venus and Mars each have around 100, and the Moon is one nation due to its small size. It is actually the only extraterrestrial country of Earth.
    • Each of the Republic's planets' nations' leaders elects a planetary leader, called a Minister, to represent the interests of their planet as a whole. The leader of the entire Solar Republic is called the Chancellor, who is elected by the all three planets out of the three Ministers.
    • Each planet has their own version of the United Nations, now called the Terran Union. Mars has the Martian Union and Venus has the Venusian Union.
    • Though each planet has its own police forces, the Jedi are the only interplanetary police force of the Solar Republic. There are about 180,000 Force-Sensitives, who are born 1 in 100,000. Almost all of them become Jedi, though non-Jedi Force Sensitives are highly valued employees.
    • The Solar Republic is currently looking into colonizing other bodies in the outer Solar System, though no real progress has been made yet.

  • The Order:
    • The Jedi Order is much like its fictional counterpart, though with fewer of its failings. This is because the Order borrows many elements from its franchise counterparts, but tries to avoid its failings that lead to its destruction in the film series and other times in the expanded universe.
    • Each of the three planets has a Jedi Temple, the primary Temple being the one on Earth. Each one is located over the largest deposit of Lumi crystals on each planet, which give lightsabers their blade color and assist in powering them. All Jedi, no matter what their preferences are, are trained to use a laser pistol and a standard lightsaber.
    • The Jedi is connected to the Solar Republic, but isn't subordinate to it. There is plenty of tension between the two organizations due to this fact and that the Order is also the most powerful army to exist. Because of this, Jedi don't hold any official political offices, only acting officially as peacekeepers and ambassadors, and unofficially as advisors.
    • The Jedi Order is organized into five ranks: Initiate, Padawan, Knight, Master, and Grand Master. Force-Sensitives begin as Initiates and train until a Knight decides to take them in as a Padawan. Then they become a duo, working together in missions while the master trains the apprentice. If the Padawan succeeds in his training and becomes a Knight, his master also ascends to the rank of Jedi Master. Although there are other methods of becoming a Master, this is the most traditional way.
    • The Grand Master is the Jedi equivalent of a Minister, the leader of all Jedi from their respective planet. They are chosen out of the 15 members of their planet's Council, by majority vote. They act as the 3 leaders of the Jedi Order, the wisest and most powerful in the Force. The three Grand Masters are called the Trinity Council, due to always being three Grand Masters at any time. The Grand Masters act as advisors to their planet's Minister, and all three advise the Chancellor.

  • Warfare:
    • Bullet-using guns have become obsolete, used by only the poorest of fighters. Blasters have now replaced them, firing deadly flashes of colored light, the color depending on the blaster.
    • Starships are now used for combat in space, armed with laser turrets, railguns, and other high-scale weaponry.
    • Droids are now built as artificial armies, but also assist in daily living. Cybernetic adjustments help the disabled become whole, or even more than human, turning them into valuable infantry.
    • There are seven standard forms for lightsaber combat. Form 1 is taught to all Jedi of the Solar Republic. All seven forms were invented on Earth, but different forms have become more popular on different planets. Forms 2 and 3 are the most popular on Venus, Forms 4 and 7 are most popular on Mars, and Forms 5 and 6 are the most popular on Earth and the Moon.
    • There are also unarmed adaptations for each Form, in the event that a Jedi becomes disarmed. Both the lightsaber and unarmed Jedi combat forms share the same names and numbers.
    • The reasons for each form's invention varies, but the fact that they were made at all means one thing: there are those who would use their powers for much darker purposes, and lightsabers would cross each other in combat when the Jedi would try to thwart them.

  • Sith: Secretly active from as early as 2100, the Sith were founded and led by the inventor and original master of Form 2, who became Darth Magus. They tried to usurp the fledgling Republic, which caused the decade-long Civil War (2130-2140).
    • The Dark Lord:
      • Darth Magus: Curved-hilt blue lightsaber, Form 2
    • His Apprentices:
      • Darth Venus: Double-bladed purple lightsaber, Form 3,
      • Darth Colossus: Red lightclub, Form 5
      • Darth Nosos: Dual green lightsabers, Form 4

  • Bio Format: If you want to make a character who isn't a Jedi or a Sith, just make your own custom bio and I'll check it out.

  • Name:
  • Age: Realistic, please. (Special note for Sith: must be at least around 25)
  • Gender: Male or Female (duh)
  • Homeworld: Earth, Venus, or Mars
  • Alignment: Republic, Empire, or Neutral
  • Family: Any relatives living or dead. Includes any spouses or children.
  • Occupation: Ask me if you want to be something other than Jedi or Sith.
  • Equipment: Anything your character uses that doesn't fit anywhere else.
  • Other: Anything that doesn't even count as equipment.

  • Appearance: What your character looks like (height, weight, eye color, hair color, etc.)
  • Personality: Who your character is (likes, dislikes, beliefs, etc.)
  • History: What's happened to your character so far.

  • Jedi/Sith Section (optional):
  • Title (Sith only): Erase this if your character is a Jedi. If your character is a Sith, then add what your character's title is. Basically, Darth + (insert name here)
  • Rank: Padawan or Knight, talk to me if you want to be a Master (Jedi Only). For Sith, state what rank you were before turning to the Dark Side (Must've been at least a newly-ascended Knight).
  • Apprentice/Master: If you and another player want to work together, decide who's the Master and who's the apprentice.
  • Style: 1-7, as seen here, or any of the other styles unmentioned.
  • Lightsaber: What's its customization/blade color/hilt like?
  • Powers: Read the list, or come up with your own.

  • Badass Normal Section:
  • Heavy Weapon: Gatling guns, rocket launchers, mortars, etc. These will slow your character down in combat.
  • Medium Weapon: Machine guns, flamethrowers, sniper rifles, etc. If your character doesn't wield a Heavy Weapon, they may carry two of these.
  • Light Weapon: Pistols and their ilk go. Characters may have up to two of them.
  • Melee Weapon: Knives, vibro-blades/axes, boomclubs, shockhammer, and anything else you can think of goes here. Vibro-axes/blades, boomclubs and shockhammers count as Medium Weapons.
  • Explosives: Grenades and their ilk here. Carry no more than four.
  • Armor: Light, Medium, and Heavy. The tougher your armor, the slower you are. Pieces of different kinds of armor can be worn at the same time (Example: A character wears a Heavy chestplate and Light greaves with Medium gauntlets).

Also, state the Jedi Temple where your character will be at when the Civil War breaks out (Empire, you're attacking them; Republic are defending them.).
Accepted Bios:

  • Republic/Jedi:

  • Sith/Empire:

  • Neutrals:

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Hey, mind if I reuse my characters from the previous time round? I'm rather attached to 'em.
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Exact same question.
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I don't mind you guys using the same characters.

For the beginning of this version, I still need at least one Jedi and one Sith character on each stellar body.

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Okay, thanks. I'll post tomorrow.

As I said on the disc. thread, I'm really sorry for contributing to the previous RP's death.
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