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Wick Namespace Migration mentions that we should request mods to move discussion from Main/ if necessary.

Now I checked a number of pages and found that the discussions of these pages haven't been moved yet. (I wrote a script to check.)

So far, I only checked the smaller namespaces, but there is enough left to do in the future. I will post more discussions to be moved I find in this thread, ordered by correct namespace.
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These belong to the Comic Strip namespace:

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I reckon it's going to be easier to holler this thread and ask the mods to remove items as they do them (if they aren't able to do them in one sweep) than ask for each page individually. Also: Thanks for writing yet another useful script!
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Fatto qui.
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Thank you very much.

Here's the next batch:



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Now I checked the Disney works, but this is more difficult. Some cases are clear:

But with these ones, I'm really not sure whether should be moved to Disney/, Literature/ or stay in Main/:

Someone else, preferably a mod, should double-check those.

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Light Novel:


Not sure about this one: Radio/, Main/ or Film/?

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To Visual Novel:

Did this batch-Lu

To Web Animation:

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6-8 are done. I'm working on the Disney batch, but I'm going to move the page for Peter Pan to the Literature page, as the film already has its own page that's properly linked...unless there's a compelling reason that that should go to the Disney page.

EDIT: Also:
  • Sleeping Beauty also redirects to the Literature page.
  • The Little Mermaid is a disambiguation page...probably needs to be left as is
  • Brought the general discussion about the ones you questioned to the staff

Other that that, those are done too.

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Very good, thank you for doing all the work!
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There are still many discussions to move, and I only checked the smaller namespaces yet.

Here are those for TabletopGame/:

Those may by deleted instead, because there is effectively nothing:

15 Willbyr10th Sep 2012 07:16:45 PM from North Little Rock, AR , Relationship Status: Pining for the fjords
10 is done; per discussion with Eddie, the page for The Shadow was moved to the film page.

EDIT: 11 is now done in full. I'll work on the Tabletop Game list later.

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You are doing great work, definitely.

Here's the Theatre/ namespace:

This is a special case:

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14 is done.
The Theatre batch is done.
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Thank you again.

Here's the Roleplay/ namespace:


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Yes, that one needs to go to Roleplay/.
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The Roleplay batch is done.
22 StFan29th Sep 2012 09:37:03 AM from Cognac, France
Now that's going to be a very useful tool.

There's another thing that people making namespace moves tend to forget: the reviews. Even though they can be done manually and don't require a holler.

For example, I've just found 7 unmoved reviews for A Very Potter Musical (besides the fact it was in the wrong namespace).

It's not easy to check by hand: you have to neutralize the redirect AND momentarilly change the page type back to "a work" just to see if reviews exists.
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[up][up]Actually, it's much easier to check for reviews than that. You just need to go to the namespaced review page, and then edit the URL to change the namespace to "Main". It will be following "target_group=" in the URL.

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http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/remarks.php?trope=NameChange.Ptitlei015gc004kw4 should be moved to go with the unpunctuated article, NameChange.Pokemon. The punctuated title is actually blank at this point — I'd cutlist it if not for the discussion page.

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