Realms of Dark Adventure: An Urban Fantasy RP:

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Welcome to a strange and fantastic realm, a realm eerily similar to our own world, but with some key differences. Magic, Magitek, and Modern Technology all coexist in this world, along with many fantasy races. Humans, Dwarves, Elves, Gnomes, Faeries, and other creatures all coexist in this realm. And all seems to be well, until the darkness began to engulf the world....

Wars and rumors of war, strange disasters, and the coming of demonic and undead armies wreaking havoc upon various towns and cities are all signs of the coming of the Dark One....The ancient demon lord known as Khaos, who wishes to destroy all of existence....

Only a band of adventurers can deter his forces and defeat the servants of Dark Lord Khaos before he awakens...

Okay, so here's the plan, this is an RP that is Urban Fantasy, inspired by Dungeons & Dragons and Diablo. There is magic, divine powers, modern technology such as guns and computers, and even Magitek.

You are a handful of adventurers who set out to fight the forces of evil and prevent The End of the World as We Know It from happening. Some classes are modern, some are traditional fantasy classes, and a few are fantasy classes with a modern touch (for example, the Paladin class is still a holy, prayer-based warrior, but resembles a SWAT Officer more than a Medieval Knight in his equipment and appearance).

One important note, when it comes to divine classes such as the Priest, Paladin, Inquisitor, and Pilgrim, they can be of any religion you think of, whether it be Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Pagan, Shinto, Hindu, or whatever you can think of.

The races are limitless, they can be Human, Elf, Dwarf, Gnome, Faerie, Naga, Neko, Demihuman, Alien, or whatever you can think of.

The starting city is Richmond, Virginia. We all meet at a nightclub, but will see the world as we quest to save it.

The classes are as follows....

  • Commando: A basic fighter class that specializes in firearms and explosives.
  • Dueler: A basic fighter class that specializes in melee weapons and typically avoids firearms and explosives.
  • Sorcerer: A standard spellcaster class, the Red Mage of the group
  • Warlock: A spellcaster who uses Black Magic
  • Priest: A religious figure who uses White Magic derived from their faith and the blessings of their deity
  • Scientist: A technology-based class that uses Magitek devices to achieve their goals
  • Biker: A Badass Biker who uses speed, guns, light armor, and blades to kick ass and rule the roads
  • Medic: The Medic, pretty much self-explanatory
  • Thief: A rogue who can pick locks and break into things
  • Ninja: A magical warrior that uses a mix of martial arts and magical powers to defeat their enemies. Think along the lines of Naruto-styled ninjas.
  • Engineer: A master of explosives and modern technology
  • Hunter: A ranged warrior who has a specific favored enemy archetype
  • Paladin: A holy warrior that uses faith-based powers to fight evil, Lawful Good and clad in Riot Gear and carrying a mix of melee weapons and guns
  • Mobster: A brutal criminal class that specializes in a mix of thievery, assassination, and intimidation
  • Agent: Sharp-dressed spies, assassins, and rogues, all employed by legitimate agencies. Often MIB's.
  • Pilgrim: A holy class similar to a rogue or assassin, these Church Militant figures use speed, stealth, and light combat to further the agenda of their deity.
  • Bard: Musical-based heroes, whether they be rockers, metalheads, rappers, Techno DJ's, Crooners, or even Country stars.
  • Druid: A nature-based class that communes with nature, whether it be plant, animal, or mineral, they can manipulate nature to their bidding.
  • Witch-Doctor: A shamanistic character who fights evil and wards off dark spirits.

Here's the character sign-up sheet...

  • Name
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Race
  • Appearance
  • Class
  • Personality
  • Bio
  • Other

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So, how would one handle strange abilities of a species?
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[up]Not sure, as long as it isn't too ridiculous, I'm fine with it.
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Which country is this taking place in, again?
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Hmm, count me in. Bio coming soon.
Allurand and surrounding world loading, 28%...
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[up][up]United States at first, but will spread out into the entire world
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  • Name: Siofra
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: Older than she looks.
  • Race: Faerie (Aos Sí)
  • Appearance: Hello, Child.
  • Class: Agent
  • Personality: Siofra is.. eccentric and very secretive, rarely speaking. She enjoys taking a pragmatic view in regards to life, however, especially where her work is involved.
  • Bio: An old Faerie from Ireland, she migrated to the West Indies in the mid 1740s to escape the period of famine. Finding the climate to warm for her liking, she worked her way northwards. During the irritating fracas that was the civil war, Siofra made the easy decision to side with the colonists and assisted them primarily through the gathering of information. As time passed on, Siofra worked with the army and eventually the first American intelligence agency. From that point in time, she drifted from one to the other, quite enjoying herself.
  • Other: As a member of the Aos Sí Siofra is quite immune to the rigors of age.
    • She is also difficult to notice when she wishes to be ignored, and most normal people rarely even notice her presence. This, of course, does not prevent someone who is aware she is there from seeing her or hold up against a focused search. Most types of technology are not at all impeded by this power either.
    • However, due to her nature as a rather old faerie, there are certain.. difficulties she must deal with. Siofra can not say something she knows to be factually untrue. Half-Truths, Omissions, Inaccuracies, yes- but never a bald faced lie. Any promise or deal she makes is magically binding to her. She can never touch holy ground and the holy symbols of any religion more recent than a few thousand years makes her rather.. uncomfortable.

I feel as if I'm doing something wrong..
Now, let's see how terrible this profile will end up.

  • Name: Dusk Graak
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 9
  • Race: Human lycanthrope.
  • Appearance: His appearance changes between his three forms, with some similarities but considerable differences.
    • As a human: A short and skinny child, with long untidy black hair and yellow eyes, which appear more like those of a wolf than those of a human. Has noticeably more hair than is normal for a human of his age, including body hair. Fingers and toes are slightly clawed. His teeth noticeably are stronger and have fangs like wolves.
    • As a wolf-man: Taller and more muscular, although still fairly small. Still humanoid, but covered in hair, still black, and more wolf-like, with clawed fingers and toes, and a head halfway between wolf and human; a more wolf-like shape, retaining the yellow wolf-like eyes, fully wolf-like ears, a nose that appears to be a cross between a human nose and a wolf snout and the mouth and jaw shift to a much more wolf-like state.
    • As a wolf: A fairly typical young wolf, small with black fur and yellow eyes.
  • Class: Thief
  • Personality: Somewhat quiet and submissive, rather scared of everyone, but equally can be fierce and animalistic at times, both less overtly generally and to a high level when he struggles with his wolf instincts. Has a fairly strong pack mentality, sticking by those who he is grouped with and acts in some ways which are noticeably more wolf-like than human-like, such as eating raw meat and running on all fours.
  • Bio: Dusk was born to a werewolf father who had split from his pack and wished to live as normally as possible overcoming his lycanthropy, and a normal human mother. When he was young, a pack of werewolves in opposition to his father's original pack found them, and despite his wishing to no longer be involved with werewolves, as a member of an enemy pack they killed him. Dusk's mother took Dusk and ran, attempting to get away, but the pack quickly caught up to them and slaughtered her, eating her as Dusk watched on. As the moon rose and they discovered he had not inherited his father's lycanthropy, they considered killing the youth, but they soon decided instead to turn him and, the alpha of the pack biting the small child and spreading the lycanthropy, made the child one of their pack.

As the child grew up under them, the pack raised him, but as one descended from an enemy, there was always residual hatred towards the child. The child was used to help the pack, pretending to be in distress to lure potential victims and being trained to steal whatever the pack needed, acting as a needy child when caught. The pack appreciated him as a tool, but were both physically and mentally abusive to him, causing him to fear most people, an odd contrast to his lycanthrope instincts of pack mentality.

Eventually his pack were discovered by another pack, a pack which had been created when Dusk's father's old pack split in two, who were hunting the other pack born of their old pack, but on encountering Dusk's adoptive pack, their enemies, they attacked them regardless. Dusk's adoptive pack killed all of the pack, but soon came across the other splinter of the old pack and weakened from the last fight, his pack were fairly easily killed. The pack recognized that Dusk was abnormal, not entirely of the pack, and let him flee.

As of that point, Dusk has attempted to survive as a lone wolf, using his lycanthropy and his skills to keep himself alive, hunting and stealing as he needs to, and attempting to find a group he can finally trust.
  • Other:As a lycanthrope (a human who transforms into a wolf; a werewolf), Dusk transforms between the forms and has some abnormal abilities in his human form.
    • At day, he is in human form, which while fairly normal has some abnormalities. He has slightly clawed fingers and toes, more hair than normal, wolf-like teeth and wolf-like eyes, but also has considerable speed and agility, and can eat raw meat safely.
    • On normal nights, he transforms into a wolf-man: Partially man and partially wolf. He possess higher strength, speed and agility, as his wolf form, and similarly has enhances smell and hearing similar to a wolf. His physical form is much more wolf-like, but he retains a fair deal of his humanity and still has control of himself, although he is more susceptible to animalistic outbursts.
    • On full moons, eclipses and possibly under the influence of moon-based phenomena, he fully transforms into a wolf. There are some remnants of his human form's mind and if he is close enough to anyone in terms of pack mentality will act almost tame to them, but is mostly a wolf, and acts as such.
  • The surname he uses was never anybody's actual name, and is merely a noise he made while trying to think of a name to use.

Hmm...While I'm going with this, something seems a little wrong. A large issue is the class, which I'm not really happy with and seems a little shoehorned in. If anybody has an idea for how a class could be better suited to his lycanthropy, I could use it.

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[up][up]Guys, I know this RP is a little bit rushed, so here's what I'm going to do. I'm giving this RP a reboot, with a more streamlined class system, a better defined world and plot, and all around easier to understand RP system.
[up]I was a bit worried about joining this game so I have to admit, I'm glad the GM was able to pick up that their intro post might be a bit flawed.
Some people say I'm lazy. It's hard to disagree.
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[up][up]So should we wait before posting any more characters?
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