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A scenario I want to try: Mind reader vs Pre-cognitive.:

 26 Psycho Frea X, Mon, 1st Oct '12 11:22:50 AM from Transcended Humanity
So... no more than one person is allowed to see the future? The instant a second precog is born, the first's power just goes zap? I'm confused about that part.

Anyway, keep in mind this isn't just two precogs. One adopted precognition via their own telepathy as an additional advantage. That can make all the difference.
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[up] No, they only cancel each other out only when they're near each other, probably. That's how it works in Dune. It maintains dramatic tension by having the normally Omniscient Hero lose his powers partially and temporarily by bringing another prescient being to his planet, first accidentally and then on purpose.

 28 Matues, Mon, 1st Oct '12 3:06:51 PM Relationship Status: Reincarnated romance

A & B are both Precogs who are fighting.

A predicts B's first move and prepares to respond with a countermove.

B predicts A's countermove and prepares to alter his move to respond.

A predicts B's new move and..

Both of them would be so busy predicting and altering theoretical moves that neither of them move, because both are lost in a world of possibilities.

Eventually, one of them slips and the other wins.
 29 Psycho Frea X, Mon, 1st Oct '12 3:21:01 PM from Transcended Humanity
[up][up] Ehh... Whether or not it would add tension is a matter of opinion. But in this case, I don't think it's really necessary.

[up]Kind of covered!

Though I don't think my latest spark would apply. I mean, being able to read a future the precog sees would imply the telepath's power extends to at least two senses in the sensory memory.
 30 Te Chameleon, Tue, 2nd Oct '12 1:05:24 PM from Alberta, Canada
Irritable Reptilian
The Precog-fight thing was also done in Brandon Sanderson's Mistborn series. That was a fun read, since it was written from one of the precog's POV, heh...

Far as I remember, precognition in that series functioned with the future showing up as a sort of ghost-overlay on reality; when two precogs threw down, the ghost-overlays went utterly nuts, with thousands of images of both fighters spraying out all over the place as the future became fluid.

If you want to make it even more interesting, you could have had your precog have fought another precog in the past, and thus be absolutely baffled as this encounter is just as frustrating, but totally different.

 31 m8e, Tue, 2nd Oct '12 1:14:50 PM from Sweden Relationship Status: Wanna dance with somebody
I imagine that it would end up like a like game of chess.
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 32 Psycho Frea X, Tue, 2nd Oct '12 5:38:18 PM from Transcended Humanity
[up] Exactly! I was planning to use that analogy if I had to make another reply. In fact, for anyone(even without powers), defeating a precog would be like checkmating the opponent's king. Try winning a game of chess on your very first move, go on. Second move? Maybe if you play as black and you're extremely manipulative/lucky. But the point is it's not about trying to instantly directly attack your enemy. You're trying to set up a scenario where there really is no way for your enemy to avoid the next attack even if they see it. Plan ahead.
 33 Handsome Rob, Wed, 9th Jan '13 9:47:13 PM from The lair of the Majestic 12
 34 Jaqen, Thu, 10th Jan '13 6:45:28 AM from gimbling in the wabe
Solved by Star Trek TNG poker: Geordie has Xray eyes and knows everyone's cards versus Troii's telepathy. Ryker always wins because smugness is the mightiest power.
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 35 Handsome Rob, Thu, 10th Jan '13 7:16:51 PM from The lair of the Majestic 12
Wonderful to the GODDAMN future!!!

I thought Troi was only Empathic and not fully telepathic, though I do recall a few times when she could receive messages.
 36 Psycho Frea X, Sun, 20th Jan '13 2:45:38 AM from Transcended Humanity
Yeah this was a cool thread and actually inspired me a little. So have you officially used the precog vs mind reader idea in anything yet?
 37 Handsome Rob, Sun, 20th Jan '13 10:08:14 AM from The lair of the Majestic 12
Wonderful to the GODDAMN future!!!
Not yet. It might be a long while.

Truthfully, right now it's just something hypothetical that I might do later.

And I can't even say when it will happen.
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