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How much music do you own?:

 1 0dd 1, Fri, 17th Aug '12 9:40:49 AM from Nowhere Land
Just awesome like that
Just on my iPod I have 17099 songs, and even still there are plenty I haven't yet put on it and a ton of CDs I recently acquired that I haven't put on my computer even. Even still, I have a bunch of vinyls as well.

So how much music do y'all have?

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My music.
 2 Physical Stamina, Fri, 17th Aug '12 10:44:10 AM from be real, it doesn't matter aaanywaaaaaaay Relationship Status: Maxing my social links
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 3 Trillhouse, Fri, 17th Aug '12 8:10:58 PM from Trillhouse's Computer
iTunes says 21, 288 songs on 1, 772 albums.
 4 Ryuhza, Fri, 17th Aug '12 10:12:24 PM from San Diego, California Relationship Status: I know
M.T. (Platypus Season)
All the music.

In seriousness, most of my music is stored on my PS3, and that won't give me a total. I'm sure it won't compare to the collections that many people have here though. I wasn't big on owning music (thanks to Youtube and the radio) until two or so years ago.

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Proud Canadian
Well I have about 19.5 days of music, but I don't necessarily own it...
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 6 0dd 1, Sat, 18th Aug '12 1:22:09 PM from Nowhere Land
Just awesome like that
Not counting what's not currently in my iTunes (so there's gonna be lots more than this as well), 38 days, 12 hours, 8 minutes, and 58 seconds worth of music here.
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My music.
 7 Mike K, Sun, 19th Aug '12 3:39:40 PM from planet earth Relationship Status: YOU'RE TEARING ME APART LISA
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I've got 7 days worth of songs on itunes, but I have many more CDs, records, etc. To help keep myself from taking up too much of my hard drive with music I've got this weird rule I try to go by where every time I add a full album to itunes, I try to delete another one.
 8 Grimview, Sun, 19th Aug '12 6:00:25 PM from British Columbia
Itunes and winamp haven't been indicative of my music collection in years.

Growing number of vinyl, but not much at present. Can't give an exact figure.

Roughly 270 cds in physical copies. This number will probably pass 300 by this time next year.

More mp3s than I can count.
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 9 0dd 1, Mon, 20th Aug '12 6:47:33 AM from Nowhere Land
Just awesome like that
I do have a bunch of CDs not in my iTunes, but most of them are either stuff I listened to in my preteen years, new purchases that I haven't gotten to importing yet, or mix CDs I made that mostly contained the same music and are mostly unlabeled.

The majority of the music in my iTunes though is from CDs so I don't know if I could give an accurate count of how many I own. Enough that there's many strewn about my room.

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My page, as the database hates my handle.

My music.
 10 Mr Mallard, Tue, 11th Sep '12 3:01:20 AM from Australia, mate
I have about 200 M P3s on my comp (not counting the Queen tracks I have for liveblogging) and 3 C Ds.
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 11 Phyi, Wed, 12th Sep '12 12:20:00 PM from Internet
In terms of actual tracks, I guess 1 month worth.

50, 000 songs, one hundred and fifty days, or 260 gigabytes of music.
Viral Cyst
5253 items, 18+ days which costs 40 GB. I need a faster net connection(yes, I am a commie).

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On iTunes: 2190 songs. On CD: about 300 C Ds, and if you average each CD has about 15 songs... huurgh math. Vinyl: God, I don't even know.

Answer: a lot.
 15 NEO, Sat, 1st Dec '12 8:10:13 AM from Dark matter dimensions Relationship Status: GAR for Archer
Roughly 14 days
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 16 Midnight Rambler, Wed, 26th Dec '12 3:55:48 AM from Germania Inferior
336 artists
5136 songs
35.7 GB
14 days, 10 hours and 42 minutes
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 17 JHM, Thu, 27th Dec '12 1:41:14 AM from Neither Here Nor There Relationship Status: I know
 18 Xeroop, Thu, 7th Feb '13 11:45:08 AM from Transsexual, Transylvania Relationship Status: Don't hug me; I'm scared
The Forum Ghost
I'm currently using my laptop, which includes 2020 songs (5, 6 days, 14, 50GB).

My usual computer stores about 85GB of music, with 80GB being pop music and 5GB consisting of soundtracks.

Apart from that I have a CD collection of about 290 CD's, most of which haven't been imported to either of my PC's.

...Yeah, you could call me a music geek.
 19 dronepeanut, Sat, 9th Feb '13 8:35:18 AM from the medicine cabinet
kaniba is god
disc wise about 50cds including nearly 12gb worth of 128-192k mp3 and aac albums. type of music

power metal, drone metal, dark ambient, black metal, symphonic metal, noise music & harsh noise, ect.

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 20 Dr Starky, Mon, 29th Apr '13 9:50:53 PM from Corn And Pig Land Relationship Status: Staying up all night to get lucky
Okay Guy
I've only really started collecting music fairly recently (like, last year).

I only have about sixteen albums in total. Five of them are by the The Cars and three of them are by Faith No More.
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 21 chihuahua 0, Wed, 1st May '13 7:37:37 PM from Standoff, USA Relationship Status: I'm in love with my car
Writer's Welcome Wagon
My iTunes library has almost 600 songs and 1.5 days worth of music.

I'm young.

 22 Soap Mac Tavish, Wed, 22nd May '13 7:15:28 AM from In Bangladesh :O!
2731 songs at the moment.... and counting. Still waiting for certain discographies :/
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 23 chihuahua 0, Wed, 22nd May '13 12:59:19 PM from Standoff, USA Relationship Status: I'm in love with my car
Writer's Welcome Wagon
Due to a recent mass buying of music, I'm approaching 700 songs—but it's going to be a long time until I hit 1000.

 24 Acesoldier Zero, Thu, 23rd May '13 11:19:22 AM from Virginia Relationship Status: Gonna take a lot to drag me away from you
I have 43.04 GB of music in my iTunes, or 7, 917 songs.

17 days, 17 hours, 36 minutes, and 56 seconds. Vast majority is hip-hop, with a good bit of anime and video game soundtracks. Too white for the black kids, too white for the white kids.
Not counting the L Ps I have stored away, I have 4, 386 songs split across 535 albums, totalling 30.67GB and running a length of 13.7 days.

Most of mine consists of Rock and 70s music, but I'd argue there's a decent amount of variance going on.

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