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26 MorwenEdhelwen21st Aug 2012 11:06:59 PM from Sydney, Australia
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I just came up with another reason why a human clone of a celebrity might be needed. A politician might clone themselves and raise the clone to be a body double.
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27 HouraiRabbit22nd Aug 2012 01:46:32 AM from Fort Sandbox, El Paso , Relationship Status: Hooked on a feeling
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[up] Or a successor. Clone sons are a reasonably common device in science fiction. I also thought the thing they did in The Island was an interesting idea, where they clone people specifically for 100% compatible organ transplants.
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28 MorwenEdhelwen22nd Aug 2012 02:03:31 AM from Sydney, Australia
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@Hourai Rabbit: The thing is that nearly every clone story I've read seems to involve organ donation. I actually am working on a YA novel about a celebrity clone and one of my ideas involves the insane dictator of a Caribbean Banana Republic who took power in a coup/rigged election cloning his own body double/successor. The idea is that the clone can grow up and become both his successor and his double. (His successor if he isn't killed first).

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29 3of422nd Aug 2012 04:25:52 AM from Five Seconds in the Future. , Relationship Status: I'd need a PowerPoint presentation
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The Body Double Idea would be hampered by the fact that by the time the clone is of usable age the person would be too old to mistake them for each other.

Think: Dictator is 50 when e gets to power. This means the clone would need 50 years to get to the similar age...

You can't just skip all those formative years in childhood without getting a vegetable :)

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30 MorwenEdhelwen22nd Aug 2012 04:37:32 AM from Sydney, Australia
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@3of4: I guess the successor idea is better.
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31 SKJAM23rd Aug 2012 04:43:00 AM from Minneapolis , Relationship Status: Cast away
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Why would anyone want a celebrity's clone? Lots of reasons. A Boys From Brazil type experiment in seeing if you could duplicate the childhood experiences enough to recreate a great or horrific leader. You're a "stage parent" whose own dreams of glory never came true, and you figure starting with the clone of someone who did achieve success will give them a head start. You're an obsessive fan and "owning" a piece of the celebrity is the closest you can come to owning the celebrity themself. You belong to a secret society dedicated to getting revenge on someone, so you clone them over and over, get them to just the right age, then ritually kill them.

It doesn't have to be too likely a motive, as long as you can convince the audience that this one person or couple has it.

One thing to keep in mind is that if cloning is beyond the experimental stage and available to the (wealthy) public, there will be laws governing who can clone whom and under what circumstances. For example, in the Che clone story the OP is writing, cloning is a government monopoly primarily used for military purposes. Yhe only celebrities they're interested in cloning are war heroes. (This does not rule out the possibility of behind-doors shenanigans.)

In a different story, celebrities might have the right to control their "likeness", so they can choose to let themselves be cloned, or have specific "no cloning" clauses in their contracts. (A down at the heels movie star might eat for a month or three on some nostalgic fan's desire to have a copy of them to raise.)
32 MorwenEdhelwen23rd Aug 2012 05:01:07 AM from Sydney, Australia
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33 MorwenEdhelwen10th Sep 2012 05:02:56 PM from Sydney, Australia
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34 0dd111th Sep 2012 09:38:09 PM from Nowhere Land
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I remember seeing that a while back. Really makes you wonder why there hasn't been any high profile sci-fi flicks based on such a concept.
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35 MorwenEdhelwen11th Sep 2012 10:03:25 PM from Sydney, Australia
Aussie Tolkien freak
@0dd: That's how they would probably clone Che. Or you know, make a Mix-and-Match Man of him.
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