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Jonah Falcon
Meanwhile, in Japan...

Yeah, the game is as batshit crazy as it seems. Though, there was a shortage of games with panda humping.
Jonah Falcon
2 SpookyMask14th Aug 2012 08:32:48 PM from Corner in round room , Relationship Status: Non-Canon
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Well, to be fair, nobody has done "Humans disappear, animals are in control of everything" game before for some reason tongue
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3 Eldrake15th Aug 2012 02:57:44 AM from Blorg , Relationship Status: Love is an open door
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Looks damn fun actually. I might pick this up.
4 absolclaw16th Aug 2012 04:31:43 AM from a church on a hill
There seems to be plenty of room for Self Imposed Challenges, if the top 20 including a baby chicken is any indication.
Holy Grail, huh? Cool story, bro.
5 SgtRicko16th Aug 2012 05:25:57 AM from Guam, USA , Relationship Status: Hounds of love are hunting
I recall seeing this one for sale while I was in Tokyo back in June. It's not as realistic as you'd think, because a lot of the game focuses on a small domesticated dog slowly gaining the ability to kick the asses of all the other predators in the city. I might rent it out or borrow it one day, just to see what it's like.
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Why are there dinosaurs? :|
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7 Saturn16th Aug 2012 11:33:46 AM from On The Rings , Relationship Status: I-It's not like I like you, or anything!
Not including DLC, there are 54 slots for playable animals including Hippos, Elephants, Ostriches, Cougars, Lions, Raptors, Panthers, Beagles, Tabbies, Chickens, Bunnies, Pigs, Polar Bears, Panda Bears, Porcupines or Hedgehogs, Moose, Tigers, Robot Dogs, Hyenas, Kittens, Chicks, Pterodactyls and others.

That's survival mode. Which is basically an open-world freeroam mode.

The story mode only has like 8 or so animals.

I watched a livestream of the game. It looks really fun actually.

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8 HellmanSabian16th Aug 2012 11:36:51 AM from The United Kingdom , Relationship Status: Maxing my social links
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I first heard about this by reading an article in a gaming magazine the other day. Looks interesting.

Even if this game turns out utter crap, it's the kind of variety we need out there.

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9 Nettacki8th Oct 2012 02:57:41 PM from Connected to my tube amp
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Apparently this game is AWESOME, as this Quick Look suggests:

DEFINITELY buying this sometime in the near future.
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Also there is a page.

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12 Recon59th Oct 2012 05:32:20 AM from Southeast Asia
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Weird stuff isn't being made as much in Japan now? Au contraire. There's more weird stuff being made elsewhere as well, just that no one pays attention to it.
13 SgtRicko9th Oct 2012 11:52:23 PM from Guam, USA , Relationship Status: Hounds of love are hunting
So you get to butt-sniff and hump each other in that game, including your co-op buddy? Heh, what haven't they done in videogames nowadays...tongue
Would you believe I never fully watched the original Indiana Jones trilogy? I gotta correct that someday.
I found more frustrating than so far, and I feel like I'm just playing it to unlock the chapters in story mode, which I don't think is enough reason to keep going.

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