Deadly Sins of Fanfic Villains:

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For instance, Alex:

  • Wrath: She hates Marceline so much.
  • Lust: How she sees Bonnibel as a lover more than a friend.
  • Pride: She tries to become the new Vampire Queen.
  • Sloth: For the entirety of Adventure Time, she's just watching every move without being noticed. In some parts of her plans, she just let others like Ash and Door Lord do her work.
  • Envy: She doesn't understand why Bonnibel is friends with that monster (Marceline).
  • Greed: She gets a lot of money through arms dealing.
  • Gluttony: How she tries to turn the Land of Ooo into a dark swamp through doses of her formula.
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The title of the thread is a bit unclear. What, precisely, are we discussing?
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[up] I believe the original poster intended for this thread to be a list of villains from fanfiction, and what exactly their "Seven Deadly Sins" would be.

When I read the title "Deadly Sins of Fanfic Villains", I assumed it would be something akin to "Deadly Sins Authors Make In Fanfics When Writing The Villains". Something to do with bad writing when it comes to villains in fanfics.
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Here are some from my Verse.

  • Wrath: There is nobody more wrathful than Ignius / Strife. Filled with a vengeful hate for his parents, both spiritual (Ei-Zen Zwei and Dr. Jagdor), and somewhat physical (Matthew and Sorata), he manipulates everyone available to get his revenge. And if there is one thing he hates, its the idea of people making him Overshadowed by Awesome. As a result, if he sees anyone with great potential, he puts a curse on them as an after thought.
  • Lust: Wolfang Richler. So, so much. Both a lust for power, and an insatiable love for making more children than he knows what to do with, mainly to use them in schemes.
  • Pride: Demon Lord Deeth. So, so much. He's always saying how everybody sucks compared to him. Just to reaffirm his beliefs, he likes to kick dogs en masse, like the time he randomly just blasted an off duty soldier, and generally thinks the normal people are wastes of space and should be "cleansed".
  • Sloth: The Seer. There is absolutely no reason for him to wait so long, and just pass time by kicking dogs and manipulating people into a "perfect tragedy of an ending". He had all the power he needed right from the get go. He just preferred the suffering he could inflict over time rather than an instantaneous horror. And it costs him.
  • Envy: Ein Woe. A life time of being mocked as a freak, becoming a skeletal...thing...and then being locked up in a mental institution do not make for a kind disposition. In this case, he absolutely loathes anyone who has something in greater quantity than he does. While he does have an utterly bizarre moral code, its still obvious how much raw hate there is. For example, he poisons a rich kid just to make him suffer. As Ein put it himself, "Not like he's ever gonna suffer. So I figured, why shouldn't I wrack his body with pain?"
  • Greed: Mr. Waylen Sr. The initial big bad of New Dawn II. He just wants money, and lots of it, all so he can get everything he wants and then some, and goes to monstrous lengths to get his money. And when his son proves not marketable enough as a model (a job the kid did not even want), Waylen beat him with a cane and said he didn't know why he kept a "useless little prat".
  • Gluttony: Skeldrake, Deeth's literal Dragon. Its a big skeletal-looking dragon that eats everything, including people. It has no lines, but its clearly enjoying itself thoroughly, and does many things without even needing to. There could be a supermarket nearby, and this thing would eat a bunch of school kids because it prefers screaming with its meals.

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I don't really have a lot of original villains yet, and most of the villains I /do/ have kinda overlap across fanfics (being the canon bigbads)

Anyway, here goes:

Aaaaand that's all I got for the moment.

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