Best use of Flanderization in an animated series:

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[up][up] The Family Guy Hatedumb will always amaze me. I mean SERIOUSLY? I'm not a fan of the show by any means but the hatred is getting ridiculous.

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Yes, excessive Family Guy (and Seth MacFarlane) Hate Dumb is ridiculous, but I don't see any in this thread. Everybody is being civil and making good points.
[up]Yeah but I see it a lot on the other threads and though I dislike the show I feel that there are many worse things on TV.

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I'd say Riley Daring from The Replacements is a good example. She had some good few quirks that made her fairly dimensional, but was otherwise fairly normal. While still the Only Sane Man, season 2 upped her tsundere traits and obsession with being the best and trying to do the right thing to the point that she could be completely bonkers, and it's awesome. Grey De Lisle's voice acting really sold it.
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Best use of flanderization. I'll give it a shot:
  • Eric Cartman from South Park: During the early season Cartman is portrayed as just this bratty fat kid. Post flanderization gave us the racist sociopath Cartman who is prone to commiting many manipulative actions to serve his own goals and entertain us for such unchildlike behaviors. I mean seriously, early seasons Cartman was more annoying compare to his later seasons Love to Hate motive.
  • Fred Jones from A Pup Name Scooby Doo, Scooby Doo Mystery Incorporated and Be Cool Scooby Doo: This is probably for an entire franchise but Fred Jones in a lot of Scooby Doo mediums have often been portrayed as the Generic Guy compare to all the other members of Mystery Inc. So any series that flanderize a trait of his makes the show more entertaining like:
  1. A Pup Name Scooby Doo where he is portrayed as a conspiracy theorist who often links all crimes to a character literally named Red Herring
  2. Scooby Doo Mystery Incorporated where he became a trap obsessed leader which manage to somehow flesh him out as a character.
  3. Be Cool Scooby Doo flanderized his role as Standerdized Leader which evolves him to being the Only Sane Man to his more eccentric friends.
  • Red from Dick Figures: He was a lot more reserved in season one and didn't became the Crazy Awesome sex maniac badass he evolved to in the later episodes. Wait, maybe this doesn't count since its from a web cartoon
  • Bojack Horseman from Bojack Horseman: This character seems to get worse with each season, and it works to the show's advantage in deconstructing the Unsympathetic Comedy Protagonist trope.
  • Toph from Avatar The Last Airbender: Remember that whole character plot with her estranged relationship with her parents? Never followed up on! All that matters is that blind snarky Earthbender with the awesome ego. Hell the show itself don't give a shit about that hang up of her judging by her "Personal Journey with Zuko" ended.
  • Raven from Teen Titans: Raven was NEVER a goth in the original comics as she was just essentially an emotionless empath. And yet thats the characterization that has been translated in a lot of mediums featuring her including the recent comics AND thr New 52 Animated Movies.
  • Cyborg from Teen Titans: Cyborg was alot more serious character in the comics compare to his more jovial portrayal in the cartoon. This flanderization actually have mixed results as on one hand it made him into a stupid idiot (Teen Titans Go), while on the other hand it made him an endearing loads of fun character (Justice League Action).
  • The Flash from Justice League: And just to break the Teen Titans mold . . . okay not really since he was a Titan, Wally West in the comics wasn't really all that of the hot headed cocky lovable sex maniac that he is in different takes on him. We have the Justice League tv series to thank for that as that interpretation has translated to not just other versions of Wally (Young Justice) but also to other takes of the Flash (those Lego movies, Batman Unlimited and Justice League Crisis on Two Earths comes to mind).

And now for one reverse flanderization
  • Hulk from Avengers Earth's Mightiest Heroes: In just about every medium he is in Hulk is portrayed as a dumb green rage monster where he is at best have a child like personality and speaks in third person and at worst completely mindless and just grunts/roar. EMH returns thr Hulk to the original Lee/Kirby characterization of being average intelligence and completely anti social towards everybody due to his own contempt towards humanity. Its really ended up being a unique take on the character as everybody is used to the child like Hulk.
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Tough wasn't flanderized though...she stayed the same throughout the show cartoon.
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[up] Yeah but she did have an abaddon character arc, which to me sounds like the writers decided to just forget about fleshing her out and stick to continue making her snarkier than usual.
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