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Surely something must be done about them. Unused by definition could mean either that the page gets flat-out abandoned and untouched for months, or it could mean that only minor edits (eg Namespacing, Trope Renames, etc) had been made in those months, and there was no sign of such changes being applied to the main page. Completed would be that the sandbox had completed its purpose and/or there's nothing on the list in need of fixing.

Started on a few of those so far.
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Surely something must be done about them.
Not really. The sandbox wiki is, by definition, not important. We could just ignore them and it wouldn't matter.
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Distraction can be an issue, however. And it is.
Also, I believe that the sandboxes to locked pages can stay (depending largely on context and whether the sandbox creator still thinks there is purpose). What I'm looking for are those that artificially inflate wicks (though there wouldn't be that much) and serve no purpose.

EDIT: We don't really need Sandbox.Pages Cut Under The Policy Change or Sandbox.Page Restoration Petitions either, as we have an entire forum dedicated to Content Policy.

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[up] We do need those two, as was just discussion a few days ago in that subforum. The works on them haven't been looked at yet.
Found a sand box for proper evaluation.

This page was born from a discussion about Troll in the Trope Repair Shop about how the trope was being very misused. In that discussion, there was a very strong consensus about what should be done. Alas, the topic was locked for some unknown reason before any changes could be actually implemented.

1. Troll has absolutely NOTHING to do with the internet as trolls can often show their dickish behaviour in real life. 2. A Troll is definied by their malicious intent. This serves as a contrast to The Gad Fly, who messes with people for (intended anyway) harmless fun. 3. Examples more appropiate for The Gad Fly are mistakenly put on Troll because not very many people know the difference between the two or even know The Gad Fly page even exists. I've been working extensively on that part myself. 4. We have a precedent for this definition based on the Mistakenly Banned article, which actively states that The Gad Fly is often mistaken for a Troll on the internet. 5. With these much more clear cut definitions, we as tropers can safely unlock the Troll page to do some clean up.
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^That is not a discussion for this place. Try to convince Fast Eddie per PM of the necessity of the change.
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Questions about Sandbox.Pegasus and Sandbox.Pharmacology Tropes: The former looks like a character page and the latter like an index. Would anybody be terribly worried if I put them to YKTTW?
[up] We can do without the former. The latter can be YKTTW-able, but I'm not very sure about this...
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We can do without the former

Umm...kinda disagree on this. We can do without any page by that standard.

I'll put the latter to YKTTW - if it is unnecessary, it will be struck down.
[up] Just sayin' because there already is a page covering the Pegasus, almost all the works mentioned on the sandbox already mentioned on the trope page, and the sandbox hasn't been used in more than a year. Perhaps maybe incorporate some of the sandbox material to the already-existing page?

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Merged Sandbox.Pegasus into the main page, put Sandbox.Pharmacology Tropes into YKTTW and cutlisted both sandboxes.
And now the entire Sandbox namespace got cut en masse and is being slowly restored, being-used page by being-used page, over in Tech Wishlist.
Yeah... I guess it's safe to lock this thread until there's a necessity to use it again. The ones being restored do seem to be the ones in which there's still a work in progress.
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