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1 Twentington9th Aug 2012 01:18:37 PM from Somewhere , Relationship Status: Desperate
This page is an absolute mess. The list of works commonly pooped is several pages long. The list of Other Popular YouTube Poopers is apparently just a place for people to pimp their stuff. The list of variations is loooooooooooooooong. The list of "sentence mixing" is long.

In other words, everyone does everything in YouTube Poop. There's no rule set, no specific work that can be used. And as a result, everyone's adding to the list anything that's ever been pooped even once.
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I hope this doesn't turn into another "let's everyone shit on this page" TRS thread.

I'll agree with you that at least the "sources" and "other popular poopers" sections are becoming needlessly long.
This is the reason why the sources were put into folders with categories so it wouldn't look as messy.

Now, from my perspective, there are some people who want to get rid of a lot of the stuff on this page, while there may be others who want them to stay. So my suggestion would be, just to make a compromise, would be to make several branch trope pages for sources, poopers, sentence-mixing and types of poops. This is what's been done with the My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic page. That show has multiple different pages listing tropes associated with it, pages that list other things like Ensemble Dark Horse characters, and even each individual episode has its own TV Tropes page.

Would you think that would be a good suggestion for what should be done to the YouTube Poop page?
4 SeptimusHeap9th Aug 2012 02:07:28 PM from Laniakea , Relationship Status: Mu
Excuse me, but are there many bad examples? "A long example list" doesn't sound like an issue to me.
5 jkbeta9th Aug 2012 02:52:40 PM from right behind you , Relationship Status: You cannot grasp the true form
Skimming over the page, I'd propose two immediate measures:
  • Kill the "other popular" list - Weblinks Are Not Examples
  • Make a sub-page for the common editing stuff; would this be a case for analysis?
6 Twentington9th Aug 2012 03:54:24 PM from Somewhere , Relationship Status: Desperate
[up]That's the thing though. There are so many "common" techniques in YTP. You can do nearly anything to a video and call it a YTP.
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If you want to cut some of the "variations" and "sentence-mixing" sections, I would suggest this: pick an example, go to youtube and see how many poops you can find that use it. If it seems like it was only used by This Troper, you can probably get rid of it. If it really is common, I'd say it's worth mentioning on this page or some subpage. Call it a Poop-specific trope.

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I like the above idea.
Plus there's the Music page, which is really an Awesome Music page.

A move will be needed.
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