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Talk about Friendship is Witchcraft here.

I started to like this series when Fluttershy started to singing Hellfire (or whatever the song is). I started to love this series when the cast are hit by ABBA-lanche.

My favorite has to be Sweetie Bell being a robot and Pinkie Pie's attempt at reviving(?) her parents.

Anyhow, who else is watching?
2 Kerrah6th Aug 2012 12:14:14 AM from Helsinki, Finland
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My favourite youtube video series right now.

The songs are fantastic.
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3 MetaFour8th Aug 2012 06:09:17 AM from a cloud of dust and smoke
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I watched the series after getting into Friendship is Magic, then rewatched the whole thing after "Cherry Bomb" came out. The humor got me hooked on the show, but what really impressed me was the attention to detail for the weird alternate continuity they've got going on. For example, it wasn't until my second time through that I noticed that the hellbeast Fluttershy accidentally summoned in "Lunar Slander" was the same monster that destroyed town hall in "Cherry Bomb".

As for the music, Lenich's Russian Gypsy jazz cover of "Pinkie's Brew" is the first pony-related song that I've liked enough to download and add to my music library. I'm hoping that we'll eventually get an extended version of "Gypsy Bard".

And "Buy some apples!" is currently my favorite Unusual Euphemism.

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I rewatched some episodes. Pinkie not being a sane pony and Sweetie Bell not a robot is actually quite jarring. XD
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I'm just wondering; is there any episode or character which/who was actually better in FIW?

I certainly like this version's Pinkie Pie and Sweetie Bot Belle better. I found the latter very cute in the canon, but in this one? Unbearably so.
6 MetaFour14th Aug 2012 09:17:21 PM from a cloud of dust and smoke
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Most of the episodes are funnier than canon, but I don't know about better.

I think I agree that Sweetie Bot is more interesting than Sweetie Belle, but I think a big part of that is the character's environment rather than anything inherent to the character. Sweetie Belle is a nice, funny character in a nice, funny world; Sweetie Bot is one of the most humane characters in a Crapsaccharine World. But on the other hand, Sweetie Bot has the "robot with a Paper-Thin Disguise" thing going for her as well.
7 Kerrah17th Aug 2012 02:12:17 PM from Helsinki, Finland
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IMO, "Cute From the Hip" is much better than the FIM episode it's based on.
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Cute from Hip, Dragone Baby Gone, and you know, pretty much almost all them I liked better than canon. Mostly it's because of Pinkie and Sweetie Bot, I guess.

What episode do you suppose the next one would be? I would like to see FIW version of Canterlot Wedding.
9 Kerrah29th Aug 2012 05:21:05 AM from Helsinki, Finland
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In their livestream and convention panel, they said next episode will be about the Cutie Mark Crusaders Snooty, Snarky Evaders. So yay for more Sweetie Bot.

Incidentally, some of you probably haven't seen the mini-episode they showed at the convention. They'll upload a remastered version on their youtube channel at some point, so you might actually wanna wait for that. But in case you're impatient...
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10 MetaFour29th Aug 2012 09:10:45 PM from a cloud of dust and smoke
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Snooty Snark Evaders? Maybe Scootaloo will get some characterization. Heck, maybe Scootaloo will get more characterization than canon.

What I'd like to see from some future episodes:

  • The fallout from the events of "Cherry Bomb". It's previously been established that Fluttershy is very interested in replicating Pinkie's gypsy magic portal—now, Pinkie is stuck in the desert alone with FS' devoted cult follower Rarity. There needs to be some interesting result from that.
  • A Rainbow Dash-centered episode. The best way I can think to do this while staying true to Dash's lack of character depth is to make an entire episode of Dash trying to nap. She keeps getting woken up and finding new places to sleep—and based on the interruptions to her nap, it becomes apparent to the viewers that the other ponies are engaged in some epic fight to save Ponyville, just off-screen.
  • In the Q & A thread on Reddit, someone suggested "Flutter Shyland" as a punny title for a future episode, and Sherclop Pones really liked it. I got to wondering how that could work out, and this is what I came up with: Redub "Putting Your Hoof Down" to make Iron Will a psychologist claiming that Fluttershy is an escaped patient from a mental hospital. He starts to convince FS that her past adventures were all hallucinations ("You say you killed that dragon who lives on the mountain just outside Ponyville? I checked just yesterday and he looks pretty alive to me. Interesting...") but the rest of the Mane Six are convinced that he's trying to exploit FS, somehow. Iron Will dies, and the others blithely assume that the status quo has been restored, but Fluttershy is left floundering, unable to ever again trust her own mind.
11 theLibrarian30th Aug 2012 10:47:04 AM from his own little world
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I was actually thinking about an episode related to the Gala with the following alterations:

1) Instead of Twilight not being able to talk to Celestia, Celestia is ignoring her.

2) Applejack makes her apples extremely expensive and insults potential customers while trying to sell them.

3) Fluttershy keeps trying to summon Lord Smooze, but the garden animals keep foiling her.

4) Rarity thinks she's found a potential cult member, but Blueblood keeps insulting and deriding Smooze.

5) Rainbow Dash keeps trying to talk to the Wonderbolts but keeps talking to the wrong ponies due to her poor eyesight.

Can't think of anything for Pinkie since she's the only real "decent" character I can think of.
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12 MetaFour30th Aug 2012 07:16:08 PM from a cloud of dust and smoke
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One thing I like about the series that doesn't seem to get much comment is the weird Literal-Minded dubs. Fluttershy jumping to get the other ponies' attention is dubbed as "Hey! Look how high I can jump!" Background ponies just say whatever they happen to be doing at the moment ("Cloud!"). And if a main character is staring slack-jawed for any reason, they get dubbed as "Bluuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh".

For some reason, that stuff just cracks me up.
13 DeviantBraeburn6th Sep 2012 07:14:21 PM from Dysfunctional California
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Wow, Raincloud was something of a superhero? That is unfortunate.

I wonder what Molestia is doing now.
15 Kerrah7th Sep 2012 04:04:47 AM from Helsinki, Finland
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Drawing more Kingdom Hearts fanart.
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16 MetaFour7th Sep 2012 11:33:47 AM from a cloud of dust and smoke
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As Griffin pointed out in that convention panel: Now that the moon is gone, there will be no more solar eclipses, thus no more opportunities for the cult of Smooze to summon their master.

Unless Fluttershy figures out how to make that portal.
17 theLibrarian7th Sep 2012 05:12:46 PM from his own little world
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Two things:

1) Yay, failure for two of my least-favorite characters!

2) When did the moon go away? Was it during the short?
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18 MetaFour7th Sep 2012 10:35:43 PM from a cloud of dust and smoke
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Yes, it happened in the short. Twilight inherited from Molestia—along with the title of Princess—complete control over the moon.

Apparently, Twilight likes to break her toys when she's done playing with them.
19 theLibrarian7th Sep 2012 11:02:58 PM from his own little world
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-Facepalm- Idiot.
That is the face of a man who just ate a kitten. Raw.
20 GeekCodeRed8th Sep 2012 12:42:14 AM from City of the Damned , Relationship Status: I made a point to burn all of the photographs
What's the trope for skin contact magic?
Scootaloo is Rainbow Dash's daughter in this?
21 Kerrah8th Sep 2012 07:46:15 AM from Helsinki, Finland
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Yes. That was actually changed in between the convention and the official youtube release. In the convention version, she calls RD "big sister".
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Rainbow Dash becoming a mother? Here is hoping that Scootaloo turns out to be at least less miserable than Pinkie.

Speaking of whom, what do you suppose is going to happen with Pinkie's parents?
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