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Lutecia took a step back, the Holocaust Cannon swishing past her face. A few of her hairs moved, but that was all.
"Apparently not," she said. She snapped her fingers, and the fire became a roaring conflagration; the flames' heat intensified and they became white-hot.
Unbeknownst to the other superbeings, another one observed the fight, concealed by her armour and the shadows of the night.
Subject 1138-a, sometimes known as The Black Orchid, crouched on a rooftop, looking down at the street.
Please, I beg you, do not disturb the balance, elder sister, she thought, praying that Lutecia won't kill the man.
"The Dark Side is a pathway to digestion problems some consider... unnatural." -Flanker 66
"Let's see how much control you have when I'm this close, though!" Jeff replied, continuing to give Lutecia no personal space and take another step forward, firing a burst of flame from both Cannons.
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Lutecia did two things. One was unexpected — she floated away from Jeff, leaping into the air. The other was expected — she snapped her fingers again and caused his flames to hurl back at him in the shape of a serpentine dragon (her sister could not help but woe her penchant for theatrics), joining the large fire already licking his feet.
"The Dark Side is a pathway to digestion problems some consider... unnatural." -Flanker 66
The five remaining thugs continued firing at the two Multiplayers, doing the best they could to avoid the ooze from their shots. One of them was not so lucky and got plastered hard with the adhesive, the initial shots burning his skin and causing him to scream in agony. The smell was... unpleasant.

And then Madarch decided to pop out with a machine gun. Not the real Madarch, but a convincing enough illusion to make the still living mooks decide it wasn't worth it and bail for their cars.

From inside the crate, Gum-Girl could hear the Thespian's distorted sigh. Thankfully for him, the truck was already well in motion when Madarch heard it leave - by the time the mushroom creature could make it from the docks to the front of the warehouse, the vehicle would already be a block or two away. Still, the crime lord couldn't help but feel disappointed at his men's cowardice. Better for them to flee though, I suppose; they shouldn't let themselves be held up longer than they need to.

On the radio, the Thespian addressed Multiplayer, his best shot at dealing with the annoying Mad Mr. Madarch. "The mushroom with the machine gun isn't real, Multiplayer. The creature is still in the vicinity though; do you want a fungus to get the better of you?"

The Thespian hung up the radio. Police sirens could be heard outside the metal container - real ones, this time. Ordering the driver to just drive naturally, he fell into silence while contemplating. Gum-Girl is in this crate. I could very well shoot her here and now and save myself the trouble later.

He pondered the thickness of the truck's storage area and how well it could filter out sound. Would the police sirens be able to hear the gunfire through the metal walls? He doubted it... but still. She probably has some escape plan in mind - if Gum-Girl has heard the rumors about me, she should have an idea of what I'm capable of. And if so, I wouldn't want her to start a fight with me in such an enclosed space, if she does find some way to avoid being filled with holes.

...I'll wait until we reach our hideout and unload. Better to lose one corner of the street than risk a super getting the jump on me where I can't run.

The woman didn't take notice of Jordan running alongside; her mind was focused on the fact that the man who helped her this far could be in danger.

A flash of dull silver swung at the detective and he prepared to dodge when the woman in the blue dress stood in front of him. The table saw bounced and wobbled against her arm as the Dollmaker drew back.

"For an ordinary man, you're really quite lucky, aren't you?"


Muse was bored. Sitting at her desk in the work garage that doubled as her second home, Aria Melody aka Muse was in her superheroine regalia (really just a labcoat and some protective goggles), messing around on her laptop. It was a slow night for her, as no one was really in the market for custom supertech, at least at the moment, so she was checking a few random RP boards online. Sure, she could've gone out and patrol the city like a normal superheroine, but she was feeling lazy.

Katella has signed on.

Aria shrugged and decided to send a message as Melodious Mistress.

Hey, what's up, Kat?

I'm thinking I'll sign up for this one RP...

Cool. Linksies?

Aaaaaand linked. Aria opened up the address and took a look.

Awesome. What are you signing up as?

Kitsune girl. The usual.

Aria frowned. Again?

Well it's just a fetish, alright? I'll stop wearing the ears and tail when it gets old.

RPs shouldn't be about putting your fetishes on display! It's about kicking ass and taking names!


Me? Well, I'd play a Swiss army robot girl...

...'s not a fetish for me!

"Hmm, and I thought you only had eyes for me."

Making her presence known to the pair, a black garbed woman stepped out of the shadows, pair of pistols pointed straight at the catty villainess. If one was new to town, it would've been easy to mistake her for a villainess herself, but ninja-esque intruder was none other than the superheroine Sheathe.
Maria was quick to put her hand on the retreating teen's shoulder. She continued smelling the air around her, to get in the right mood for the soon-to-come task.

"I'm sure you've got time to stay for a while. Normal People don't just walk into this pigsty, especially at night. You've got nowhere better to be but here..."

She leaned in and took a long whiff of Rosette. She knew this girl was magic enough to keep her fed for days. She whispered loud enough to make it past the scarf but to be quiet. "Besides, it's not the shampoo that smells nice..."
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"Maaarwwwrrrawr!~" Darktail let out a happy sound at seeing Sheathe. "Sheathe! Just in time~ I had a feeling you'd drop in...Why don't you put those pistols down and help me get the knight nice and comfortable...We're gonna be here all night..." She climbs up on the knight, and rests on him.
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The Maid
Jordan didn't quite understand the scene they ran into. Two men fighting, one which seemed... off wielding a saw. The sad lady stepped between the the two men, shielding the most normal from the strange one with the saw.

Jordan moved out of instinct, with a burst of speed they stepped between the sad lady and the Dollmaker, running low to avoid the parried saw as they used their shoulder to push the strange man away.

After that Jordan stood up and spreads their arms wide, in between Doll and the Detective and the Dollmaker, trying to put an end to the fight while looking at the latter with resolute eyes.

This was dangerous. Incredibly dangerous. Rosette was scared out of her mind as she retreated further, struggling if necessary to get out of the woman's grasp as she quickly stepped back "I-I don't know who you are but g-get away! I-I'm going home now!"

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If I'm sure of something it's that I'm not sure of anything.
Now was the time for Maria's second most favorite thing in life: Acquiring Sustenance. Seeking and Consuming it were her third and first, respectively. And best of all, this was the kind that took work to get! She tried to hold the bloodlust in for a few more seconds as she pulled off the clothing covering her face. Beneath it was something that should not be where a human face was supposed to lay. Her mouth was much wider than normal, gaping and with a bit more teeth than a certain '60s era singing group. As she spoke, what looked like black smoke started to come out.

"No, you're not."

With vigor and haste, she pulled out a switchblade and tried to place it firmly in Rosette's stomach.

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"Look, Darktail," Stalwart said, still unmoving, "Why do you do this, hm? Let's talk about this, because there's no way you can seduce me." He turned his head towards Sheathe. "Hi there, Sheathe. Nice night, isn't it? You can take out Darktail if you want, but the Eye is safe. It's stored somewhere in here," he slapped his shield to his chest, eliciting a hollow ringing. "and unless she can somehow take this armor off—not likely—we'll be fine. So why don't we just have a chat, spend the night trying to outlast eachother? I prefer to get to know a lady first before I take her home, Darktail." Stalwart reached through the Discussion Questions in his head that he would always ask during tours. Tried to find one that applied to this situation. "Tell me, Darktail, why do you perpetrate crimes, seemingly for a living?"
Jeff handled the fire pretty well, all things considered. He leaned backwards and slid himself along the ground, propelled by the backs of his Holocaust Cannons. "Cheap as hell! This is bullshit, fucking sperglord scrub bitch!" Still laying on the ground, he reached into his coat and whipped a pair of firebombs at a nearby building, starting a minor fire racing up the side of the building. Then he levered himself up and made a break for it.
A few blocks away, the backalley Multiplayer had expanded into three, and was picked up by the Multiplayer Alpha-6. So, now we have, in the car, Alpha-6, Alpha-4, Alpha-4-Alpha, and Alpha-4-Beta, all in a car and about to reach the docks. Alpha-2 and Alpha-3 for their part also were running. Alpha-2, still dual-wielding the foam guns, grabbed a third and made a break for the road. Alpha-3 stayed behind, providing suppressing fire while Alpha-2 tried to run.

Alpha-5 also tried to provide further distraction; he had expanded into Alpha-5 and Alpha-5-Alpha, and together smashed open the window to the jewelry store. They moved int to systematically attempt to clean it up, knowing it would be a suicide mission with the real intention of keeping the Supers too thinly spread to offer combined resistance.
The Lion Tamer decided to take action, and cracked his whip at Professor Holocaust as he began to run up the building.
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Darktail swung over around Stalwart's shoulders, moving from behind him to in front of him. Her legs were wrapped around his neck, and her crotch in his face.

"The same reason I'm doing this. It's fun and easy. And you might as as well stop trying to psychoanalyze me, because it has never worked before and it won't now."

Hanging upside down on Sheathe, she looked at Sheathe and blew her a kiss and gave her a wink. Stalwart was seriously underestimating her ability to do nothing but laze around and act slinky. She was part cat, after all.
The sound of sirens came and went as the truck continued along its destination. The mobsters chattered amongst themselves about whatever came to mind, mostly about the mission ("That operation went surprisingly smoothly." "What the hell do you mean, smoothly?" "Where was Gum-Girl, anyway? Didn't the boss say she was around?"), while their strategic leader remained silent during the trip.

Finally, the truck came to a stop as the garage door closed behind it, inside yet another warehouse, far from the one at the docks. The engine's muttering ceased and the thugs opened up the back, Thespian stepping out into the vacant building before the thugs carried out the two boxes from the back.

"Well, it might not be as much as you wanted, but at least we got away without being caught, right boss?" one of the men asked nervously.

"Mmm." The tone of the Thespian's grunt betrayed his annoyance. "Get started in opening that crate," he said, referring to the weapons box. "As for the other-"

Without warning, the crime boss stole the assault rifle off one of his men and began to unload ammo into Gum-Girl's crate.

The dollmaker stumbled back from Jordan's push, allowing the mute see the wooden limbs hidden beneath the stranger's coat. He stared at the slender man's eyes with his distant, unfeeling own, judging his expression while giving no hint of this thoughts. Then, the saw blade disappeared into his brown rags - after all, it was three against one and he wasn't much of a fighter. Even as a madman, he recognized when his chances were low, especially since there seemed to be more to the slender person who pushed him away than it looked.

"...I can wait to collect what's rightfully mine," the puppet man mused. "I'll be visiting to claim my toy again very soon, detective. Pray you aren't there when I am."

Then in a swift blur of brown, the dollmaker disappeared into the shadow of the alleyways, the rattling of his severed hand ceasing, the street lamp no longer flickering. Once he was gone, the pair behind Jordan gave sighs of relief.

James was the first to talk. "Thanks, um...?" The detective didn't know the stranger's name. He also didn't know they were mute.

If Stalwart didn't know any better, he could've spotted what might've been a glint of disappointment in Sheathe's eye as she returned her guns to their holsters. There doesn't seem to be much point if there's no fight going to be had, she thought to herself.

"I guess you have things handled then. Should I leave, or stay in case she decides to do more than just hang off you?" she asked, somewhat ignoring Darktail's blown kisses. If she were a civilian, she would consider flirting back, but she had a reputation as a superheroine to maintain.

Shame. She sighed inwardly.
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In retrospect, perhaps setting fire to the building wasn't the smartest idea. Lutecia's eyes glowed purple.
"Using innocent people as a distraction?! DIE!" she shrieked, her voice like the sound of a flamethrower firing.
She threw her hands wide open, then clapped once. Immediately, all of the fire in the area was extinguished. Then it reappeared, a fire-blast with Jeff in its centre exploding with a low thump.
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Bam. The crate was loaded with bullets, and easily smashed to pieces. The crime boss and all his mooks aboard would see a little costumed girl filled with bullets. Her body lied on the ground, not moving.

"Awwwww...My baby's disappointed..Well, it isn't my fault Sir Lame-A-Lot here is 'unmovable'...You know I'm all about movement, babe..." She ran her hands down her body.
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A particularly cute specimen of a bunny rabbit, nimble as a rabbit could be hopped and danced around Jet's feet, trying to throw off his movement. That one was a surprisingly effective trick The Zookeeper had picked up on one of her rare escapades as a visceral defender of justice in Radio City. Chen broke off from the useless officer and was walking After Jet in a flash, her attempts to speak with him somewhat broken by her interludes to chat with the rabbit she had running interference. Her dress had dandelions and tall grasses poking past it's hemline, which rather irritated her calves, but she ignored it as an occupational hazard.

"Detective Kane? I've heard of you before, sir."

I don't think it's likely he'll kill you. You are pretty cute.

Even if he does, Earthmother-Of-Cloth, I accept it as the inevitable waning of life.

"What'cha doing around here? Something come up? Anything I can help with?" The questions came rapid fire, Chen could speak very quickly when she felt like it.

RPs shouldn't be about putting your fetishes on display! It's about kicking ass and taking names!

Uh-huh. And what would you play as, MM?

Me? Well, I'd play a Swiss army robot girl...

Well huh. Now I know what you look for in your 'free time'.'s not a fetish for me!

Who's the girl? Is she a superhero or a villain? Link me a photo?

Taya grinned to herself. She wasn't really sure who Melodious Mistress was in real life, and it was probably better for her that she didn't know. Keeping all her friends online made her illegal affairs much neater to hide away. She kind of wished that she had the option of webcaming with her chat buddies at times like this, however.

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Nailed It!
Jet stopped and reached down, picking up the rabbit that had been running around his feet, holding it in the grip of his cold, unfeeling hands as the civilian from earlier ran up, asking him questions.

"Everyone thinks they know me-" he said. "-must be my distinctive hair cut. This is police business, so unless you're a witness or turning yourself in, which I doubt, go home. This yours?" he asked, holding out the bunny. "Neighborhood's no place for a girl dressed like you and a rabbit, especially at this hour. So like I said, go home."
Cornelius still stood by the fire hydrant, watching the fight break out. It had been a close call with that building - he hoped no one had noticed him come this' close to kicking it - but the man with the flamethrowers seemed to be running away now, so he didn't think he'd have to break it open.

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Jeff stumbled forward, a good deal of his pants and the back of his coat bursting into flames. He tore off the flaming part of his coat and stopped to pat his pants out, then kept running. He threw even more firebombs onto a second building, depleting his supply.
Stalwart sighed. Decided to ignore Darktail. "Well, Sheathe, if you have something else to do then by all means you can leave. Just thought it'd be nice to have someone to talk to for tonight, since I'm either going to passively outlast Darktail or get irritated and end up breaking a few of her bones, and someone to talk to would definitely help me keep my patience with her."
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Lutecia floated after Jeff, clearly meaning to kill him, but after a few more metres, she staggered, mid-air, and fell to the ground. Fortunately for her she wasn't hovering in a great height; the fall did not harm her.
From her hiding place, the Black Orchid cursed silently. Her elder sister overdid it, again.
Something dark and largely human-shaped tore past Dollar, and suddenly there was an armoured woman crouching need Lutecia. The woman turned her head to Dollar.
"Please," she said, her voice quiet. "Do elder sister a favour and deliver that bag. She is unwell, and she needs to be in a safer place than this. Please, sir. The address's probably written on a note inside the bag."
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"Don't know how well that will work out..." Darktail stretches her body against Stalwart's armor. "I can't move you know, but the second you move, I'll be ready to slither around inside..."
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Nailed It!
"Sure thing, sugar," Cornelius told the new girl, "But Gold Dollar ain't in the heroing business. I do this, and you come down to Gold Dollar Avenue sometime soon, I got business to discuss. But first I have a fire to take care of. Might spread, if not."

With that, he slammed his foot into the side of the hydrant, water shooting straight out towards the building. Then he held the bags to his chest as he sat down, bouncing water from his back upwards towards the flames. "It'll be a minute."

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E pur si muove... and yet it moves.

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"That is acceptable," said the newcomer. Inside, she was seething, but she had no choice. She knew that she needed to return Elder Sister to her home to recuperate, and she knew that if the package wasn't delivered Elder Sister would insist on delivering it herself, worn-out or not. So she was trapped.
She nodded once to Dollar and vanished into the night, carrying Lutecia in her arms.
"The Dark Side is a pathway to digestion problems some consider... unnatural." -Flanker 66
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The Maid
A monster

Rosette's whole being was flooded with fear as she saw the abomination that was the woman in front of her. She was wrong, she was something that should not exist... and yet here she was...

And she hungered for Rosette.

Thankfully for Rosette, such primal emotions such as fear were things the spirit within her thrived on. Her own shadows started to envelop her, surrounding her right arm... becoming solid in the blink of an eye.

Now attached to the girl's shoulder was a massive gorilla arm... One she used to try and give a mighty backhand blow at her assailant in fear "GET AWAY!"

Once Jordan was satisfied in knowing that the... strange, to say it mildly, man was no longer around them they turned around to regard the man that had just spoken to them.

Jordan pointed at themselves as the Detective seemed to be asking for their name. Jordan then pointed to their own throat and moved his lips with no sound coming out... hoping the man would understand.
If I'm sure of something it's that I'm not sure of anything.
Maria was a bit surprised as...well...a giant gorilla hand slapped her a good 5 feet back! She didn't feel much pain from it, but it was enough to make her realize that a tactics change was necessary. Most imbued young adults that she met were easy. They were just scared kids who accidentally lit something on fire once, if they actually knew something at all. From the looks of it, this one was at least somewhat knowledgeable.

She got back on her feet and stared the girl down. With a very loud shriek, Maria jumped straight over her and onto the wall of the building. She then started to climb up, as there's no way she could take this one head on...

Madarch made it to where he heard the truck originally, only to find they had made their escape! The RPD were just about to make it, but he needed to deal with the remaining side of the original argument. Climbing up to a better vantage point, he could see a single man with a gun. The Fantastic Fungus realized that, overall, wasn't going very well. Quite a few men had managed to escape from his grasp! This last one wasn't going to escape interrogation by the authorities!

To provide cover, Madarch conjured up the illusory equivalent of a flashbang explosion right infront of the man, hoping to blind him. He then jumped off the roof, as to land on the man and subdue him with his tentacles.

With the firebombs exploding, most of the birds on that side of the street were skittish enough to fly away. Some weren't so lucky, and burnt along with the fire. As Holocaust fled from the scene and the dark-armored woman leaped from the roof to aid her sister, the rest realized the fight was over. They all scattered about in their separate flocks and individuals. One such flock flew eastward, and into the lit window of a certain man. As they started to gather and change form into one being, the blob of feathers and beaks became Frank Jones the III.

As Frank put his clothes on once more,* he stumbled over to his writing desk. Two new supers he's gotta write a report on. He already sent some of his smarter friends to keep track of the pair, but he felt worried by how they couldn't notice someone dressed that blatantly out in the open. He decided to wait on the report until he could get some intel on them. Besides, if he didn't sleep now he would wake up with a bad back for work tomorrow. He turned the television and lights off as he lay to bed...

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The Maid
Seeing the thing running into the roofs... well it didn't reassure Rosette much. She was still scared and that panic wouldn't fade until she reached her home, locked the door and then hid under the sheets of her bed for a good while.

The girl in the white hoodie then started running, as fast as her legs would carry her, out of the dumpster and into the streets.
If I'm sure of something it's that I'm not sure of anything.
The mobsters stood there dumbfounded and, honestly, a little shocked at their boss shooting what appeared to be a little girl hiding in the box. Then he handed the assault rifle back to the mook.

"Quit standing around doing nothing. You three, keep firing at the body; you never know in this town what a super can survive."

Especially for a fellow "actress" making her first appearance.

"As for you two, finish opening that crate, and do a test run of our new guns on that 'corpse.'" The Thespian turned away. "what are you waiting for? Now."

The mooks jumped from the Thespian's demand and immediately started to unload more bullets into Gum-Girl, a pair hastily opening the crate with a crowbar as their leader headed to leave. While firing, one mook, while finding the job of shooting a little corpse's very unsavory, couldn't help but wonder why her body wasn't bleeding...

This only made the mob boss hasten his steps to the exit.

Who's the girl? Is she a superhero or a villain? Link me a photo?

Dunno yet. I'll hash things out as I write the profile...

And I'm not the kind of RPer who looks up images of other characters to try and fit my own! I got my own mental image I work with!

But I'll tell you what; if I get into this game enough, I might design a cosplay outfit for her and upload a pic of me in it. Sound good?

Aria looked up and around her garage. The place was littered with odds and ends that could be used towards making various devices. No costuming materials though - ordinary ones, anyway.

...though that might take a while.

James blinked in confusion at Jordan's gestures before finally getting it. "Ah, you're mute? I'm, um, sorry to hear that. Uh, here."

Fishing in his thick trenchcoat, the detective produced a small notepad and a pencil and handed both to Jordan. "That might help. I guess we'll start with introductions first. I'm James Wells, a private investigator. And this is my client-"

"Doll," the woman cut him off.


"I'm Doll," she said, turning to give James a small smile before looking at Jordan and offering her hand. "It's nice to meet you."

A brown blur of wood and rags weaved through the alleyways of Radio City before arriving at the decrepit streets of Old Town. Here was a place where all the bright, excited energy of the city forgot to make its mark. The buildings were falling apart. The streets were crumbling. The lamps flickered on and off, if they even worked at all. It was this rundown, condemned and abandoned place that the dollmaker called home.

The puppet man could hear the shrieks of the local spirit known as the Ghetto Ghost. To some, it was a sound of horror. To him, it was like the chirping of the birds.

This time Sheathe sighed visibly and leaned against a wall, crossing her arms. "Aside from patrolling, I had no other plans for tonight. I guess it's fine."

Would rather go out clubbing with Jessica, but I haven't seen much of her lately...

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