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The apartment itself was nothing special. Typical middle income stuff. Wood grain flooring, modest sitting room with a wood-and-glass coffee table and a pair of large books to match, full set of faux leather furniture, thank goodness for the lives of those poor cows. Staircase leading to the second floor. Hassan ran up the steps two at a time, reasoning that there was little point in stealth now, aside from removing evidence of his presence. He spent precious minutes pressing through doors to rooms that contained various paraphenalia. An office here, a bathroom there, a shelf full of books on military history and the biographies of famous statesmen. A guy's gotta keep up appearances, after all.

Master bedroom. Bingo. The corpse of a man lay splayed out on the queen-sized bed. Hassan checked around the room. No signs of a struggle, physical or otherwise. Bed sheets were crumpled, as if he had been tossing and turning, but that didn't prove anything. He moved closer, towards the body. It definitely had impressions of magic upon it, often left when it is used to do violence against another. He reached into his satchel for flashlight with one hand and a high-powered digital camera with the other. Shining the light, he inspected the man's corpse without touching it.

Two puncture wounds, one on the neck where the throat had been torn out and one on the head, between the eyes. No sign of damage to the rest of the clothing, no blood flow that would indicate that there were wounds on any other part of the body. Hey, he thought, I'm pretty good. Looks like the company's basic investigation course is paying off. But wait, no blood? Hassan looked again. The wounds were almost completely devoid of blood and what blood remained was off-color. The man's entire body was chalk-white. He swore he could see the brain through the wound in the head. Absolutely, positively magic, some kind of exsanguination or life-stealing. Now this case was getting interesting. Deciding that he would take this on pro bono, Hassan switched the camera on and snapped a series of photographs of the crime scene.

His ears twitched as the sound of sirens came into focus. Were they coming to investigate the murder already or were they just passing through on their way to another stake-out? It didn't matter; the situation had become too risky. It was time to go.

"Creepy", he muttered to himself, "this truly is a bloodcurdling mystery".

Packing up his things, he ran down to the door and got in the elevator. So long as no one saw him coming from the same floor that the victim lived on, he would be mostly exempt from suspicion. Resisting the urge to yell out YEEEEEAAAAAHHHH as he emerged from the elevator, he lowered his head and made for the front door. He pushed past a man he assumed was a police officer and muttered, "beg your pardon, sir" as he walked off, back down the block and towards his car.

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"Oh hey, a shapeshifter!" Alpha-3 said, attempting to hose down the Batman mockup. "Things just keep getting worse and worse." Alpha-2 ran over to the box and grabbed a second gun.

As the two remaining dockside Alphas held off several threats at once, Alpha-6 wound up and smashed open the door to the four-door Sedan he decided to steal. This Rick hopped into the car and immediately went to work on the alarm system, stabbing at it with a knife and otherwise silencing it, followed by a quick hotwiring. The Rick sped off for the docks, ready to go rescue Alpha-2 and Alpha-3.
"I don't even—" Jeff said in confusion, "You said you aren't a hero, Gold, right? And this Little Mustang here is obviously a superhero, of the most passive-agressive and dickish sort. So are we gonna do this then," He pointed to the girl, "me lighting you up only for you to disperse the fire, ending in me being forced to just close to melee and throatpunch you into submission?"
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"Look, Mr. Macho," said Lutecia, "I am trying to be accommodating here. Some people I know" — she was referring to her sister, but it was unlikely that either of the men knew she even existed — "would just cut you down. I'm not interested in needless violence. I just want this city to be safe, and people like you make it less so. But... since you seem resolved..."
She turned to Dollar and said: "Excuse me, do you mind holding this" — she indicated her bag — "for me while I trash him?"
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"For a girl that polite, of course I will," Dollar said, sticking out his cane for the bags to be placed upon. "But do be careful."
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Carefully, Lutecia placed the bag's handle on the cane. She rubbed her hands, and the semi-spherical gems on her gloves glinted.
"One last chance to back down, mister," she told Jeff. "And politeness wouldn't have hurt, either."
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Jeff held his hands up. "Woah woah woah, sister? Who's that? Am I gonna have to deal with another Punisher ripoff who likes to murder the fuck out of supervillains? That Zero prick from last month was already too much, had to feed him a few dozen pipebombs to shut him up."
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Grey Crow
Lutecia grabbed the bridge of her nose.
"What's the point of being public if no-one ever remembers you?" she complained to no-one in particular. Back to Jeff: "Now, seriously. I'm not going to kill you or anybody. As I said: Third degree burns. That'll put you out of commission for a while — can't do much if you're hospitalised, neh? Now, decide: back down or get burned."
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Jeff pointed to his own burns, running up the lower half of his face. "You say that as if being burned is new, or as if being burned will put me out of commission. Now you clearly don't want to shake, which is good because I was just going to light you up while we shook, but now let's finally do this."

Jeff whipped his milkshake at Lutecia as he simultaneously released a gout of flame from the Holocaust Cannon on his left arm. As the Holocaust Cannon roared to life, he also made a short hop backwards.
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The Thespian was annoyed by the sudden burst of activity outside. Where did all the time go... I must've caught the eyes of a hateful god... or a lazy one. Let's see... I brought a dozen men with me... Multiplayer and Gum-Girl killed two. That leaves...

With a few clicks on his radio, the crime boss silenced communications with the Ricks and dead men. Shouting loud enough for his five men inside the warehouse could hear but not so much that it could be heard outside, he ordered, "We're limiting our haul this time; load two of the crates into the truck before three of you get into the back with me. The two taking the front, I want you to dump your guns into the back with us; we don't want any cops spotting you with your assault rifles. Ignore the sirens, they're the product of an illusion - however, the real cops have been called and are on their way, so move. If you work quickly, I'll give you a cut of the auction money from these guns."

As the men began to work, the Thespian stepped into the back of the truck while calling the men outside. "Don't be fooled by the fake Batman and the sound of sirens. All of those are falsehoods courtesy of an illusion maker - however, the cops were indeed called so distract the four enemies there - oh yes, Gum-Girl is here too - before making your own getaways, and do not follow me; split and head for any other of our hideouts. This operation is over."

First and second box were quickly loaded onto the back of the truck as three of the men sat down to join the Thespian, the fourth dropping his gun inside and stepping out while the fifth dropped his assault rifle as well, before running to open the warehouse door leading away from the docks. Then the crime lord called Rick's radio.

"Congratulations, Multiplayer, on your victory against the Thespian," the distorted voice said with bizarre enthusiasm. "Make good use of those guns you have; I hope they're an adequate prize for you. If not, I'll give you some advice - the shapeshifter is in fact not one at all, but an illusionist - the Batman you're firing at isn't real. Also, Gum-Girl is in the vicinity - have you heard of her? If not she's exactly as she sounds. The police sirens are a product of the illusionist's powers and the cops are not so closeby; however, they are coming, so I hope your getaway arrives soon. Have fun."

The back of the truck closed shut and the remaining two men entered the front, driver starting the ignition. Nice and efficient.

Meanwhile, the men outside heard the Thespian's radio commands and stopped firing at "Batman," looking around instead for who could be making the illusion. However, without the mushroom in their sights, they decided to focus on shooting at the Ricks instead.

The woman collided with Jordan without thinking, mind too wrapped up in her own frustrations. Falling to the floor, she stared at the ground, mix of emotions bringing her eyes to water.

Then she looked up at the person she ran into. A gentle and sympathetic expression on Jordan's face looked down at her and already she felt some of her hurt uplift. With a nod she wiped her eyes a bit before taking his hand, rising from the ground. "T-Thanks, but I'm alright..."

Then she froze. She remembered the detective still fighting against her creator. She had no idea what he could do, but...

Dammit, I'm an idiot for leaving James alone with him...!

"I'm sorry. I need to help someone." Quickly she turned around and began to run the way she came.

James ducked under the swing of the dollmaker's saw, tackling his head against the creep's stomach and sending both of them toppling down.

A saw?! How the hell did he fit a saw in there?!

Quickly backing off, his arm was still stuck on the dollmaker's rope as he tried to tug himself away. Then the bizarre man swung at him again.

"Gah!" James swung his wrist to the side, blocking the saw with the rope, loosening the cords. With a yank, the bit of rope tore away and James could freely retreat, quickly getting it off his arm. The dollmaker then rose.
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Alpha-3 turned around and dove for cover while Alpha-2 crouched behind the weapons crate. Alpha-2 focused on hosing down Ial's mooks with blindly fired adhesive, while Alpha-3 fired rapidly behind him, looking for potential hiding spaces for the illusionist.

Meanwhile, Alpha-6 gunned it, racing past police cars on side streets and alleyways to attempt to beat the cops to the shootout.
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Some time later in his patrol, the somewhat high-pitched, female British voice of Jet's suit's computer piped up. Homicide. Officers and CSI on-scene. Preliminary analysis suggests consistency with current case file ARJ-57Q. Not a second later, he looked up the address and made his way over to building. He parked his car outside the apartment building - while the standard Hummer H2 could get nearly 11 miles per gallon, Jet's car was specially designed with his body and suit in mind, as it stored spare parts, housed equipment, contained a pair of fuel tanks, and had a white-and-black paint job with "RCPD" painted on, which brought that number close to 7 miles per gallon.

He made his way up to the apartment and met with one of the officers on-scene."Hey Jet, da fuck you doing here? Didn't you hear the guy's already dead?"

"That joke gets funnier with age, Mendoza," Jet replied, "Just tell me what we know about the stiff." The officer told him the victim's details, and showed him the body. After staring the scene over a bit, Jet spent the next few minutes looking around, not finding much. He was about to leave, with yet another unsolved murder from this serial killer - at least, he thought so, the rest of the department chalked it up to being some of the usual shit that goes down in Radio City, probably some metahuman gang war - when his optics picked up an anomaly with one of the cupboards. "Hello," he said to himself, bending down, opening the door. He couldn't figure out how to get to the back, so to the shock of the others in the room, he ripped it out of the wall. Whatever comments they had on his remodeling was forgotten as a few human scalps fell out. "Well, I can guess why someone wanted this bastard dead," he said.

After sorting that out, he leaned back against the open window. The scalps were new, but everything else was the same. The knife wounds - one on the throat, one between the eyes. The lack of connection to any other victim. How did it fit with the other homicides?

Unless the scalps weren't new. He'd have to go back to each victim's place - look around. Maybe the scalps were part of some rituals for a cult, each victim gathering them up for some reason - but that sounded crazy, even to him. Sounded like the plot for a ninety-nine cent book. Regardless, he had to check it out.

As he thought about the case further, he opened the window, staring up into the night sky.

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"Stop right there criminal!" Cried out the Lion Tamer, standing atop a nearby dumpster and pointing at Jeff. "You should have accepted the young lady's offer and surrendered! For the now you must endure the wrath of the one and only, The Unbeatable Lion Tamer!" He then pulled out his whip, and went into a combat pose, ready to strike out at the super villain. "Prepare to be tamed!"
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The Maid

Jordan really didn't like being mute at moments like this. They extended their hand for the lady to not dash out alone into the night. The kid looked down at the scattered groceries for a single second before standing up and dashing after the hurt looking lady as fast as they could... which turned up to be really, really fast indeed.

Rosette meanwhile heard someone moving in the junkyard she was practicing in, so with a start that almost made her jump in fight she dissolved her shadowy claws and turned to find... a woman eating a fork?

"A-Ah...? Hello?"

Like stealing from a baby thought Lycoris as she finished downloading the data from her target. A baby which right now was snoring loud and would stay that way even if a marching band made a parade in his room. Such a busy man needed some good rest every once in a while, and Lycoris was more than happy to facilitate that.

However, soon Sophie would find something she didn't expect to find on her mission as the door to the bedroom opened and a sleepy looking child walked inside "Daddy... I can't sle-"

The girl's eyes opened up wide as they saw the thief about to reach the window and make her escape. Apparently, tonight was daddy's custody time.

So much for a perfect crime...

In another time, Lycoris might have done differently... but tonight she just raced to the window of the skyscraper and then jumped outside to a free fall of hundreds of meters.

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Maria was just about to finish with her meager meal before this new person walked up. In an effort to hide the eldritch dinner party going on in her mouth, she pulled out the last little bit of fork and quickly put her scarf back on. For a few seconds, she just stared.

A mental nudge in the right direction reminded her of the importance of introductions. She thought about it for a moment, before letting out a quiet greeting. "...Hi. You're a bit young to be in this part of town." A bit awkward, yes, but it'll do. She inspected her a little bit, before realizing that she was still holding about an inch of ornate steel in her hand. She stuffed it in her jacket pocket, and came up with the best excuse for her actions. "Can you leave me alone? This isn't really worth your time."

But a quick sniff of the air revealed otherwise. A longer, deeper inhalation, and Maria could tell that there was a wonderful magical odor coming from this girl. Strong, yet not overbearing, and aromatic like fine coffee. She looked on from behind her ill-timed sunglasses with a newfound interest. "You smell very nice, tonight."

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Chen's dress was still active, and fish gracefully swam through what amounted for it's waters as she walked down the street. She didn't mind the occasional look from passerby; after all her abilities were hardly the strangest out there. It calmed Chen sometimes to just listen to the chatter from the ocean. Fish were oddly philosophical in their own way, possibly due to the vastness of the ocean or some other pseudosymbolic nonsense like that like that.

Their aphorisms were still ringing in her ears when she realized that she had taken a detour into the wealthier part of town. There was an apartment nearby with RCPD officers around it, which wasn't really an unusual sight in a city like this. Chen supposed that a quick look around wouldn't be a waste of time; she didn't really have any plans for that night anyway. She crossed the street, hat off and hugged to her chest. She approached the nearest officer.

"What's happening here, sir? If it ain't an issue of me asking, that is."

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Hassan watched the RCPD cavalcade move down the block. A cordon was quickly established, followed by homicide detectives and CSI types who would probably find nothing tying the murder to any one suspect, unless there was some kind of bloodletting killer running around. Murders or attempted murders were a regular occurrence, especially in the poorer parts of the Big Boom. Good people in general, the police, but some things are just above the pay grade of the average joe. He munched on the last slice of pizza. His brow furrowed. If the police had gotten themselves a pet analyst recently, he hadn't heard about it. Then again, he had only gotten into the criminal investigation side of life here in the past year or so when he started using company property to monitor police frequencies. Everyone did it; it wasn't hard.

Keying the ignition again, he made a u-turn and drove away from the crime scene, heading for home. It would not do to be poking around crime scenes too much and if they wanted his help in an official capacity, well, the police could just open up a phonebook.

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Lutecia looked at Jeff as though he was an idiot. She snapped her fingers, and the flames he fired vanished, appearing again beneath his feet.
"You might want to put some distance between you and him," she told Dollar. "My control isn't perfect."
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Gum-Girl was already in one of the boxes that was loaded into the truck. She couldn't see this, but she felt herself behind picked up and the whir of the engine, so she must of have been on the truck. Who was there with her? Just mooks? The Thespian himself? She would wait for the right time to strike.

"Maaaruow!" Darktail let out a sound at being discovered. She sensually held onto the roop upside-down, her legs wrapped around it and keeping her from falling. "I have a better idea...Why don't I take the Eye all for myself, I kick your ass, and I give you a little show as thanks!"

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Well, then! As Madarch spent so much time focusing on making a picture perfect recreation of Christian Bale in armored tights, it now became apparent that the sound of a getaway truck had escaped his notice. The vile villains were getting away! He released focus on the illusion, and the caped crusader, fire and police sirens disappeared. There still seemed to be a few of the latter out in the distance, approaching steadily. The Fungal Fury looked around the corner to see the opposition. A bunch of men with guns, tired of having to shoot a fictional super. Madarch stepped out, and whistled in their general direction. In his tentacle-formed hands seemed to be a rather large machine gun. With glee, he shouted, "Hello, my boys! I am a distractioooooo-" as he let loose a hail of not-exactly-real bullets. The actual illusionist was quickly making his way to the front of the warehouse, ducking and weaving behind crates as he advanced.

As the three superpeoples* locked in a standoff conversed, people not paying attention could notice the small crowd of birds that had formed. As the Liontamer entered, the group seemed to have grown. Pigeons, Ravens, Seagulls, a couple hawks and a stray flamingo from the Municipal Zoo lined the roofs. A few were chattering amongst themselves, but most were silent. Looking down at them.

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"If you insist," Cornelius replied, taking a few steps back towards the fire hydrant he had been walking to earlier.

"You might want to duck, Mr.... Tamer?" he said to the moustachioed man on the dumpster, "wouldn't want to get burned in the crossfire and ruin that nice suit of yours, now would you?"
Jet walked out of the apartment, down the stairs, and out the front door towards his car. Some civilian was pestering the uniform standing outside the door, but hopefully he could get back to his car before she noticed him.
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Jeff stared at the flames under him, then calmly stepped forward, back towards Lutecia.

"You think I give a fuck if you set a fire under me?!" Jeff emphatically asked, taking a swing at her head with the left Holocaust cannon, priming the one in his right hand.
Stalwart sighed. "You know, I was seriously considering just, you know, taking you to dinner or something, having a little conversation, you know? Turns out that's not going to work." Stalwart then flipped up his visor and reached in, rummaging around inside himself. Seconds later, he had a key in his hand. "The Curator was nice enough to give me one of his spares. I don't need to beat you, I just need to keep the gem away from you!"

He thrust the key into the display case's lock, disabling the alarms on it, and in one smooth motion tossed the gem into his armor. "We can stop this, right now, and no harm will come to you." he continued, slamming his visor shut. He took a few steps back. "Or you can honestly attempt to get at the gem, while I take..." he set his left foot backwards and his right forwards, bracing his shield and pike towards Darktail. "Not one step back!"

Stalwart rooted himself into the ground, his armor seemingly solidifying itself further. Stalwart's signature move had been engaged.
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"Hmph." Darktail casually swung on the rope, still upside down. Your tricks and threats don't scare me, sugar...So you've got the gem now right? Hmmm...I wonder what time it is. Do you really think you can beat me in a test of will. I loooove the nightlife...Or..."

She flipped and stood right in front of him. "How stalwart are you really, Stalwart...We could get that of you. I sure would like to get something off."

Darktail knew he couldn't be moved back when he did this stupid spell or whatever, but Darktail had was no spell. She casually purred and curled up around his armor, snuggling against him. "You might get hot in that armor...I know I am..." She glanced at the clock. "We can go...all...night...long."

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The Lion Tamer looked towards Cornelius, "Don't worry about me, a little fire won't scare me away." He then refocused his attention on Holocaust and the girl. He decided to wait and see what this super heroine had up her sleeve.
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"Yeah, we can." Stalwart said, completely unmoved. "I don't get bored. This is going to be a long night."

He stayed silent for a moment. They needed conversation. He added, "Why? Why do you do what you do?"

The CD stopped skipping and proceeded onto the next track.
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The Maid
"E-Ehh?" Rosette retreated a few steps in confusion over the strange lady's words. First she didn't seem very interested in her and now she said something about her smell... she had been training in the dumpster but she had not gotten that dirty.

She wondered if the lady was one of those crazy people that your parents warn you about as you grow up... It definitely seemed the case in this situation.

"I-I see, must be my shampoo. A-And you're right, I shouldn't be out this late. I better go now"
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