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1 Twentington1st Aug 2012 01:04:56 PM from Somewhere , Relationship Status: Desperate
This seems to be "I liked this song but it's only heard in one tiny spot in the game". Seems horribly subjective to me. Even the intro is all gushy. Cleanup or YMMV?
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I think the best solution would be to simply wipe the gush off of the description. The description should read more something like this: "A song that's relatively long and complex compared to the amount of screentime it gets, to the point where you'll never hear more than a small portion of it unless you just stand there and listen to it, go to the Sound Test, or buy/download the soundtrack."

All of that cruft about Awesome Music doesn't need to be there.
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Sounds like a plan. Does it also potentially apply to songs that are simply unused?
[up]Unused songs have their own trope.
5 AnotherDuck2nd Aug 2012 12:19:48 AM from Stockholm , Relationship Status: In season
No, the other one.
I would support the definition in #2. Whether a song is good or not has nothing to do with it being a trope. Songs that are written as far longer than they need is a trope. It's sort of like how those Scenery Porn tropes should be, IMNSHO. It's an excessive amount of work for what's needed for quality reasons alone.
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Title makes me think of Complaining. Needs a title that indicates Tropes Are Not Bad.
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8 AlexSora8913th Sep 2012 04:01:38 PM from Piedmont, Italy
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My suggestion is, make it YMMV. It's a case of slight gushing about a Cut Song, which should belong in YMMV.
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If it's nothing more than Cut Song with gushing, it has no value.
10 AnotherDuck14th Sep 2012 03:01:52 AM from Stockholm , Relationship Status: In season
No, the other one.
[up][up]It's not about Cut Songs, though. It's about songs that are only heard very little of, despite being written as full songs. I don't think opinion about whether the song is good or not is of any value to the trope, and that's the only thing that would qualify as YMMV.
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Get rid of this and rework the page to be about songs sung by drunk or high people.
Dragon Writer
No, that would be the "Wasted" Song, not a Wasted Song.

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Title that's not complaining: Long Song, Short Scene?

I do agree that an objective definition would be most effective. The examples for the gushing definition is best for Awesome Music.

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15 Pig_catapult24th Nov 2012 11:04:13 AM , Relationship Status: GAR for Archer
I can get behind Long Song, Short Scene.
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