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Anyone else on here a fan of these guys? I came across them a while back when someone recommended them to me, and they're pretty funny, typically update fast, and are generally entertaining.

As the title implies, they're all about playing Mario Party, from 1 to 9 (although some show up far more often than the others), and it's Serious Business all around - there's usually talk about tiers and the balance of the series at least once in every playthrough. And since this is Mario Party, there's rage. So, so much rage.

Someone made a trailer with some of their best moments, and if you'd like a good example of how the games can end up by the end, I recommend Deep Blooper Sea.
Added a Let's Play page for them. Sometimes they're too salty for my tastes, but they're still pretty funny at times, and I'm interested in seeing how their project to LP Every Mario Party turns out.
I kinda hope Holmes goes the entire season trailing behind Clel.
What do you get when you combine Mr. Doom and Jalorda?

Boo hiss.
Undersea Dream was released a few days ago.

That's the first time I've genuinely felt bad for Steeler. What the fuck was that?
Castaway Bay

Doom's Boo have to pay that child support.

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Mario Party TV
I just wanna say we are ridiculously flattered that you guys watch us and even made us a tropes page. Thanks guys.
Season 2 has begun! Who will be the grand champion?

...well, obviously Mr. Doom. But who will take second, and who will manage individual wins?
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